SZA, Justin Timberlake – The Other Side (From Trolls World Tour)

SZA, Justin Timberlake – The Other Side (From Trolls World Tour)

77 thoughts on “SZA, Justin Timberlake – The Other Side (From Trolls World Tour)

  1. I’ve been a fan of SZA for a long time… as a singer, as a songwriter, as a performer, as an artist. When we started working on The Other Side, it was clear that her voice and vision were exactly what the song needed, and I’m HONORED to have collaborated with her on this. Hopefully more to come on some R&B SET THE MOOD RIGHT VIBE… I’m really proud of this one and the message it represents. Turn it up, share it, and go tell SZA she’s a 🦄💎

  2. Justin looks like someone who is using her for money profit…

  3. This video reminds me of if the janet Jackson video and his rock ypur body video had a baby


  5. Es el remake de Rock Your Body

  6. My grand baby will be singing this song 😍😍 Trolls


  8. Ladies and gentlemen my name is DJ Antoine and I am the recording DJ and you are tuning into the American Blazers check out this newest hot track featuring Justin Timberlake&SZA featuring the hit news track the other side and also check out my new American Blazers album coming soon features on their track as well until then I want to wish you all love and peace and American soul✌🎧💻🎵

  9. Wow love this cool hey u stop stressing about what don't have

  10. ❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Please play Showwaddywaddy songsq

  12. You make me happy Justin, love your music

  13. I like how the Trolls add right before the video spoiled the song

  14. SZA just looks too elite with that black and white outfit

  15. Foda❤️

  16. Nice track

  17. Still upset that Janet Jackson’s career was ruined because this guy showed her nipple but he was never “canceled” it’s bullshit 🙄

  18. Justin effect…….. "SPEED RAMPING"

  19. That's cool but i miss when the song included all your talented hits. I mean i'm pretty sure you know better than me about this point. But we know you don't have only straight tone voice. Show us some one of your special waves. I miss that. Please bring our real KING back. 👑 Because there are too many the fakes surrounded around.

  20. Sucks

  21. I feel good now, thank you! 😁

  22. I love it when she falls over ar 2:41! Not for any malicious reason – I just love the fact it was put in the video!! Anyway, beautiful girl, the king of smooth, great groove. What's not to like?!

  23. Make a news ones😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼

  24. Love good love this banger

  25. No moves like as hek

  26. I feel like they could gotten someone else too too her part

  27. Collaboration with Agnez mo please jt

  28. my boy got the shoes i wanttt

  29. Go Justin, go Justin… it…love the beat, and yes the grass isn't always Greener on the oootherside… ☮️


  31. One of the best songs of the year hands down, and one of the most motivational.

  32. He's trying to figure out how to get back in… he ain't got shit else to steal

  33. video's giving us early 2000s vibe.

  34. I miss this vibes.. 😊💕

  35. 🤗

  36. DISCO era is back!

  37. 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  38. Damn, SZA!!! Whew!

  39. 👏👏👏👏

  40. Lembra mto rock your body….

  41. Sooooo Justin is back to “being an R&B singer”?? 😂😂😂😂
    At this point I'll take anything SZA drops even if its not her own song 🙁

  42. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  43. 1:20 this mf really hit the renegade

  44. I love these two!

  45. Missy Elliot vibes

  46. Un bon son comme toujours

  47. 2020 is the new year of disco

  48. Janet Jackson Busta Rhymes vibe on this music video.

  49. I got justified feels with this song. Why did this MV remind me of Rock Your Body by JT

  50. solana and these looks!

  51. Okay. Well I’m over that. I’d much rather be in a headspace and heart space of going with the flow. Just know I love you. I am so missing you all the time. Can’t wait for the day you will be able to talk with me. I’m gonna try to be patient.

  52. Just when I thought they didn't make dance music anymore. Love the visuals. Reminds me a certain J.Jackson video from years ago.

  53. They actually included the clip of SZA tripping over. Makes me love the music video even more.

  54. SZA gives me Donna Summer vibes😭

  55. Welcome back 2006

  56. I thought Hype Williams directed this.

  57. Justin, please reach out to Jon B.

  58. Timberlake looks mkultra programmed lmao

  59. Justin Bieber wishes he had the swag that JT has. Not hattin tho. Lol

  60. Man if you’re one of the people who disliked this song you don’t hear fire when u see fire

  61. I bet it isn't greener on the other side… But it's tempting isn't it.

  62. Maaad 🦈🙉🙈🙊😊

  63. So Coooooool !!!!!

  64. Amazing song

  65. Neo-y2k vibes

  66. Nice homage to LaBelle with the outfit choice, Sza!

  67. Okay this entire video looks like a mixture of Missy Elliott – The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly), TLC – No Scrubs and Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody. Not sure how I'm feeling about it honestly 😒

  68. Kisses from the beautiful City Marrakesh City – Morocco

  69. Background made me think of what's its gonna be. Busta Rhymes n Janet Jackson.

  70. Love this song ❤️

  71. Amazing!!!

  72. Wenn justin anfängt zu skakern fangen die mädels an zu shakern

  73. Love the vibe! Makes me wanna move!

  74. JT …WTF!!!!!!! did you creatively devolve ?


  76. Well….the real and great music Is dead.

  77. Certified BOP!

  78. amazing

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