Swiss Open-Air Museum Ballenberg

Swiss Open-Air Museum Ballenberg

10 thoughts on “Swiss Open-Air Museum Ballenberg

  1. Un film merveilleux d'un lieu magique. J'ai larmes au yeux pourtant c'est pas la Suisse mon pays d'enfance. Ça me rappelle la vielle Pologne et livre suédoise "Les enfants de Bulerbyn " – Astrid Lindberg

  2. Beautiful place. 😍 thank you for this video. 💕

  3. Lovely, interesting, tranquil, well-organized place. Needs more promotion.

  4. What is that amazing tune the first three minutes of the video? I love it!

  5. Ja vol    Danke Veil Mal   that was a beautiful video

  6. Ich könnt schwören ich war als Kind mal da…
    Ich komm auf Besuch mit Sicherheit¨

  7. อยากไปใช้ชีวิตแบบนี้สักเดือน…

  8. We visited in September 2014 and were glad we did. A beautiful serene place. Many demonstrations took place; looms, caning, crochet. Access to all building is very open. Enjoyed watching cheese being made. All the employees were pleasant. Swiss Pass covered entrance fee. Bus from nearby Brienz was very convenient. Thanks for the video memories.

  9. Qué más se puede pedir….es una idea tan original . En Panamá tenemos nuestra versión "Mi Pueblito".

  10. Nice

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