Surf Painter Steven Valiere on Youth Surfing Culture – KVIC-TV, [Art]

Surf Painter Steven Valiere on Youth Surfing Culture – KVIC-TV, [Art]

My name is Steve. I surf and paint. Live to
surf, surf to paint, paint to surf. As as kid I was 20 years old, living in Australia,
and I did whatever it took to buy another bar of wax. I was painting boards and decals,
and this is kinda how my decals were. They were colored pencil and india ink on rice
paper, and we’d glass them on the board. A friend of mine sent me some canvases from
the mainland and I though I’d just paint a big decal. Somebody wanted to buy one, so
I sold it for 30 bucks and went and bought another canvas, I was so stoked. I’d say
one of the things that shaped my life the most was living in villages 1.5 or 2 degrees
off the equator of Papua New Guinea with a friend of mine surfing. These characters are
in the New Guinea vibe with their loin clothes on, but of course they have modern thrusters
and swallow tails and squash tails, but no ones’s around. These days the kids start
off from the beginning, their parents support them. When I started surfing – if you were
a surfer you were a bum. There was little hope for you in society. Kids get support
from their parents, it’s like little league. You’ve got soccer moms on the beach at the
surf contests yelling and screaming. They’re ripping, so I”m inspired by those guys – the
way they surf has inspired me, and I think I put the top surfers in the world on my paintings,
and I pretend it’s me, throw some long green hair and tattoos on a tiny little surfboard
and make it look nostalgic. 20 years people will look back and say remember when? Remember
when we just got on a board and sailed to a perfect surf spot? Most of my paintings
are in Kapaa, the Aloha Images art gallery in Kapaa across the street from Mermaid’s.
There’s another gallery in the Dragon Building that has some of my larger pieces in there.
At Poipu Fine Art. There’s paintings in California, Australia, France, and Japan has
a bunch. On October 9th at Kilohana, there is going to be a benefit to help get some
jet skis for lifeguards, so I’ll do a live painting during a live music set and it will
be auctioned off that night for the benefit. On October 22 I’m going to put on a show
and exhibition in Kapaa at the Aloha Images Gallery in the Dragon Building. You can find
me online at, check it out. Thank you very much. If I had the
money and I had an art collector, I would buy all of these paintings.

3 thoughts on “Surf Painter Steven Valiere on Youth Surfing Culture – KVIC-TV, [Art]

  1. The best!

  2. I have a piece, I had to have one! I look at it and enjoy it often…

  3. Super Cool Video, Love It

    My daughter (5 years old) and I tandem surf all the time. I actually just uploaded a current clip to my channel, check it out when you have a chance.


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