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hello everyone thank you for tuning in
I’m going to give you guys a tour of our workshop today so let’s go welcome to
our workshop it’s a little messy right now because during the weekdays we don’t
have that many students so we take this time to do our own stuff like creating
new projects etc so why don’t we go to the first display cabinet here here in the top shelf we have a bunch of
coca-cola items. Lily likes to collect vintage coca-cola miniatures so yeah
they’re just on display here and down here we have a bunch of handmade
miniatures in the back we can see some keychains from 10 plus years ago I want
to say and the rest are miniature flowers let’s see I can reach in here so
you can kind of try to compare the size of my hand to how small these flowers
really are. I feel like a giant. It’s like that they’re really really tiny so Lily handmade each
and every one of these next shelf we have more handmade clay
items so in the back here are some exotic fruits here is a ping-pong table
a miniature dim sum table and a bunch of funny-looking things and in
the back we have our very first version of our ice cream parlour I will show you
the current version in a bit but this was 1.0 let’s go down a level so actually
this level and also the one below it aren’t handmade by us these are
accessories that go with some other handmade things that we do create
or that some of our students create because at the end of the day for
example when you’re making things out of clay there’s only so much that clay can
do as much as I do like that it’s very like flexible…for example if you want to have a ceramic bowl effect you
can’t really do that so that’s why we have these accessories to complement our students’ creations and our own creations as well well actually this table right here alright let me just focus…the food in here
is handmade but the table and the chairs etc are the accessories this is
the bottom cabinet let’s take a peek inside here never mind it’s too dark so I
think this along with a bunch of other stalls on the wall which I will show you
in a little bit I believe these are collectibles…I’m not too deep into
the space myself Lily would know more about it but I
think it’s vintage, antique throwback to the 50s and 60s kind
of thing okay let’s head back up what do we have we have a lot more
handmade items so most of these are actually handmade by Lily here we have a
rotating sushi boat and some other goodies I think you’re beginning to tell
which ones are handmade with clay and which ones aren’t so like all this wood
and furniture these are part of the accessories category a little year
of the rat thing there there okay this one is one of my personal favorites this
is a mahjong table let me zoom in for you guys each and every single tile
here was made by hand as well as and the bottom two here in here these
are the accessories that I was talking about before as well so we import them
so that they can complement our own and also our students creations to make it
even more realistic a lot of stuff here and then let’s turn around let’s go here
is one of my favorites this shelf houses all of what we call our mini projects
people can come in and create one of these in anywhere between one and a half
to three hours let’s zoom in and take a look at them some zodiac animals here here we have our sushi and dim sum sets
they are probably one of our most popular picks here some donuts some more food in the middle here we
have a bunch of cakes cakes were actually our very first mini project
because we created them for birthday parties and it was only recently we
expanded to try different things back on tower some wedding cakes as well
he’s very part of our Christmas special so that was this cabinet here now we are
going to tackle these ones let’s zoom in this first one has a bunch of pots and
also some handmade vegetables there we go some handmade vegetables super-small that’s a penny right there
and it’s a Chinese food okay as we move down we have more Chinese
food we have some dinner food here I think those look like ducks or chickens
and then here we have so much dim Sun so you might be wondering why do you have
so many plates so that’s because we like to experiment and make sure that we
figure a good method of how to create something before we teach our students
how to make it also we tend to make spares in case we do have some customers
that walk in and just want to buy something rather than make it so that’s
what we have all these samples okay it’s down here some more accessories and
let’s move on to the next one here we have what looks like a miniature
gigantic feast in Chinese food and then the thing in front of it I mean I think
it has to do with weddings a bunch of glassware and here we have lots of bread
honey Susan we need a putana the bread we have some more like pasted these in
the backyard and buns and I have a bunch of pretty drinks here in the front here
and then down here are just more accessories okay moving on to the third
one half inch of random goodies and the fact we have fish
what’s a goldfish here is more food these are like Chinese festive food and
then even more accessories look at all this glass okay there you last column
here we have some bigger cakes in the back smaller cakes in the front this is
like another festive level so to speak we have a bunch of ornaments here and
then we have this random Kim still empty okay
these are more accessories those green couches that you see there
those are actually handmade with clays same with the dumbbells more accessories
so that’s all of this good stuff now let’s move on to here this is probably
the favorite area actually let me start from the top first so up here are more
miniature coca-cola stuff and these ones here these are also part of the
miniature stalls that are like collector’s item but I was talking about
before okay moving down to the camp stuff okay here
is the ocean next we have our coffee shop and the Halloween store this is the
hot plate cuisine let me just prop it up and I’ll let you guys have a better look next up is the Japanese crepe story we
have some crepes here in the back and here is the flower shop this is
probably the hardest one out of all the camp projects that we have this is the
French pastry store next up is the Japanese sweets cart and last but not least we have our
bubble tea shop here we have the fruit and vegetable stand it was actually one
of our first projects when we started a couple years ago here is the Japanese sweets store next
up we have the forest here is the puppy store which is one of
the most popular ones among our younger audiences this is the teddy bear shop next is the ramen store which is one of
my personal favorites here you can see some ramen in the back next up we have
the candy cart here we have another bubble tea store
it’s the same on just a different color and the macron store there’s a lot of
really pretty pastries in the back this is the cookie store which was also one
of our first ones that we promoted for camp this is the birthday party room up next we have the beach this is our
sushi restaurant one of our all-time favorites and most popular ones here and
we have the fast food restaurant had a little accident while filming
anyway this is our egg waffle cart in another Japanese sweets cart here we
have the cake shock next up is the candy store in the back
here we have some candy machines next is the donut shop this was probably
it’s also like in our first batch of summer camp projects this is the packing duck table and here
here we have the dim sum table so we simplified each of the dim sum dishes so
that it’s more kid-friendly here we have the Hong Kong bakery next
is the cat store here is the farm which is pretty popular again among our
younger kids now this is the ice cream shop 2.0 1.0 was the stand that I showed
you earlier and this is 2.0 this is the version that’s for summer camp and here
we have the hotpot restaurant I personally really like eating hotpot I
eat hotpot 440s in a row that’s why I have a giant pimple on my chin okay here
is the pizza store next up is our Hong Kong cafe and here is our cupcake store throughout
our history of running summer camp there has only been one student that actually
finished the cupcake store in time because there are so many little
intricate parts to it here we have a mail there pizza store it
looks a little different I think I know what it is I think a student made it and
he hasn’t picked it up yet so we started off with I think 5 or 6 camp projects in
the very beginning when we first started the workshop and over the years we’ve
just added one or two more projects every single year and now we have a
giant collection of projects that the kids can choose from when they come here
for day camp we offer both full-day and half-day so yeah it’s a really fun
activity for the kids too to make some of these little miniatures so it looks
like I might’ve missed these flowers here so these are also handmade by Lily they’re about like this big here we have
some very small orchid down here we actually have our miniature fish and
bubble tea keychains that we also have online as well and this is just our
in-store side up on this wall we have some more miniature items the are part
of our weekly class program so people can come in and just kind of buy class
credits and then using those credits they can create whatever they want so
here we have what looks like a greenhouse of different flowers for comparison my hand is this big let
me just close the door here there we go here we have a candy store of some sort and along here you’ll find a lot of
traditional Asian Street stop Street faded
Martinson and for context again hand is about this
big so this little bear was created by one of our students as a gift for us and
I just wanted to zoom in onto one of my favorites that’s the egg waffle stand so
it’s got bubble Awful’s normal-looking awful some sugar and peanut butter a
pendens milk some eggs here we have a little waffle maker I feel like I didn’t
do all this food justice so I’m gonna zoom up closer so all of the food items are created
with clay and there are some dishes and stuff that were also created with clay
majority of them are using the ceramic ones that were part of the accessories
that I shows you earlier I mean I wish I could introduce to you
all what each of these little one stands are but majority of them I’ll be honest
it’s it’s not from my generation so my mom Lily was the one who created all of
these so I think a lot of the times she enjoys creating things that were part of
her childhood or when she was young um just to kind of like preserve and show
the memories and just kind of share it with the world at this level have some
cake so actually notice these couple weeks
ago I created these when I was like 10 don’t know what they’re doing here I
haven’t seen them in ages and these are a bunch of stalls that I bought when I
was in Japan and we decided to spice them up it’s our only way creation um what’s this called yakitori actually
no it’s not I don’t know I carry Japanese but it’s like the fish with the
bean paste Chinese ramen but Japanese I’m finished
here’s a candy apple store ooh wedding cakes mr. Ali
another very very beautiful wedding cake so again for context my size I mean my
hand is this size and these are our zodiac friends hello so that concludes
this wall over here we already did this one this was the summer camp one I do
have one more here let me turn on the lights actually no I don’t need like
this is fine here is another flower shop something Christmassy here we have a
bunch of zodiac kind of animals not really so we already have 11 of them I
believe the last one left is the ox which will be created next year some more good and up here these are
actually life-sized creations they’re not as fun to make because they’re so
big it’s like a real strawberry but you know from time to time people do want to
create something bigger alright so that’s all of our stuff on display in
the front here you can see that we have some tables and chairs we can fit up to
I want to say 25 people here at once around so during the really really
packed weeks of summer camp are sometimes as bears like a really big
birthday party and we are able to accommodate that size let’s check out
what’s going on here yesterday we had a custom order to have these blue tangs in
the lung fish bag kind of like our existing goldfish kitchen so here we’re
just trying to experiment and see how we can create the fish here is a little
hamster oops sorry here is a little hamster one of our
students requested to make it yesterday so we taught her how to make one it so
cute so yeah that’s basically our studio we have some space in the back where we
keep a bunch of stuff but it’s pretty boring but here I want to show you some
bubble tea in progress I was also trying to expand and see if I
can make grass jelly you guys think it looks like it that brings us to the end of our studio
tour I hope you guys enjoyed it if you are in the Markham area please do come
by and visit us one day bye thank you for watching if you enjoyed this video
please give it a thumbs up for the YouTube algorithm subscribe to our
channel and I hope you have a wonderful day
I’ll see you in the next one bye

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