SpongeBob SquarePants | Krabby Patty Museum | Nickelodeon UK

SpongeBob SquarePants | Krabby Patty Museum | Nickelodeon UK

27 thoughts on “SpongeBob SquarePants | Krabby Patty Museum | Nickelodeon UK

  1. Did anyone see the stand that sold the secret formula?

  2. ya your really good friend

  3. 1:15 When your mom finds your uneaten vegetables in the toilet that you forget to flush down

  4. Spongebob begging Can I please get rehired?

  5. 😍😎🙃🤓🤑😭😢

  6. What episode this is?

  7. 1:11 the Krabby patties are boxes in the freezer

  8. hey i have a patrick plush at 0:50 see the patrick plush sign and why is everything patrick style

    Patrick Oven
    Patrick Plush
    Patrick Statue or Robot

  9. Spongebob is my childhood

  10. 1:02 mr krabs just pressed patricks dick

  11. So no one’s going to say anything about the microwave door handle facing the wrong way at 1:25 ?

  12. Did anyone see the secret formula on 1:43, which is only 1.99. What if phlanton go to the Kristy Krab and steal it.

  13. 0:38 ow curses foiled again ow!

  14. Spongebob fired again? Wow

  15. 1:56 look at Squidward's face

  16. Wait, I thought Squidward didn’t want to work there…

  17. 1:05
    D I N G

  18. 1:37 of krabby patty formals for sale * plankton is the happyest thing on earth right now*

  19. I feel like this is a metaphor for how Nick sees modern Spongebob

  20. Squidward his job should be a janitor


  22. this taste nice

  23. 2:20:9 DING

  24. I thought squidward wanted to BE Fired

  25. I need to buy that "secret formula" so that I can make krabby patty !!! 1:04

  26. 🙂 =)

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