Speedpaint #Drawing Entry [Ibis paint x android]

Speedpaint #Drawing Entry [Ibis paint x android]

Hello, guys! Here’s a short speedpaint that I did a month ago It’s my entry for the tablet giveaway Held by ArossGames here in youtube I drew him as Red from Pokemon which you will see in here If you’re curious how the competition went You can check it out in his channel the link is in the description He does vlogs and game streams so if you’re into those stuffs, check it out Well then, just a little introduction! XD Enjoy the rest of the speedpaint 🙂

4 thoughts on “Speedpaint #Drawing Entry [Ibis paint x android]

  1. This blows me away!!! Congratulations again!!!!

  2. that is so freaking cool!!!
    dont forget me when you become
    popular because of your fantastic,amazing,pro art!!!!

  3. SO AMAZING!! ★0★ Btw im a New Subscriber and you deserve it (/ ^w^)/ I luv your Arts too^^


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