SLENDER MAN | Draw My Life

SLENDER MAN | Draw My Life

Slenderman is a human-shaped monster. He is very tall, more than 2 meters tall,
and his face is white and featureless. He wears a dark suit and a tie. Nobody knows whether this is his actual skin
adopting that shape, or just the clothes he uses to mix up with people. His hands do look human, but his fingers are
longer and bonier than usual. On top of all this, he also has tentacles,
which can reach as far as he desires. Nobody can see him if he doesn’t want to
be seen. He can even decide who sees him and who doesn’t,
at the same time. People say in the beginning, his behavior
was very aggressive. He followed his victims, incÉssantly, until
he impaled them on trees and made their organs disappear. But his actions have changed a lot as time
went by. Now, Slenderman observes in the shadows, and
hounds carefully without any kind of interaction, taking the victim’s soul little by little. Those stalked by him start to become forgetful
and unstable. They soon realize they don’t have a social
life anymore, and they are isolated from the world around them. It gets harder for them to go out and a lot
of them end up losing their jobs. He has the capacity of driving his victims
crazy, and when they don’t have anything else to offer, they disappear and nobody sees
them ever again. Slenderman stalks both children and adults. When the victims are kids, he usually gets
close to them, nicely, in the beginning, and tries to win their trust. Right after, he makes them disappear when
they go into the woods alone or when they try to go back home. Actually, the character was born for a contest
on the SomethingAwful forums, in 2009. Participants had to upload a retouched picture,
a scary one. One of the users uploaded a picture with children
playing in the park, and, in the background, hidden in the shadows, you could also see
the figure of this strange and pale creature. The picture surprised everyone so much, that
it ended up becoming something bigger. People started uploading pictures on the Internet
with his gloomy image, and a lot of them started giving him special abilities and making up
more details about him. Obviously, his story is similar to other stories
from the past, such as the German legend of The Grossman, a super tall and terrifying
humanoid who lived in the woods and took children who misbehaved. The story of the Bogeyman is also similar
to Slenderman’s. This creepypasta actually went too far when,
in 2014, two girls from Wisconsin stabbed 19 times another girl with a knife, because,
according to them, they had to prove something to Slenderman. After the murder, they were planning on escaping
and finding shelter at the mansion of the Devil in the woods. Luckily enough, the stabbed girl did not die. Slenderman’s fame grew so much that different
webpages about him were created, such as Marble Hornets or Everyman Hybrid. In 2012, the videogame “Slender: The Eight
Pages” was released, and only a year after, the game “Slender: The Arrival” came out. In both of them, the players had to gather
different notes while Slenderman was following them, to avoid dying. In 2016, HBO released a documentary about
the two girls that attacked their friend, Beware the Slenderman. He has become so famous that the movie “Slender
Man”, based on him, is expected to be released in 2018. Without a doubt, the legend of Slenderman
is one of the most terrifying ones on the network, and it never stopped growing. But, remember, dont believe everything you
read or see on the Internet. The creepypastas are made up stories and nobody
should take them too seriously.

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  3. I’m one of slendermans proxies

  4. Enderman

  5. I love slender man

  6. slederman is fake in the philippines

  7. Fan Slenderman

  8. I think creepy pastas are really

  9. Please make a video on the slenderman stabbing…

  10. Me:Sir What's Your real name?
    Me:Who is your Wife?
    Me:Who's Your Child?
    Me:Who are your Parents?

    Slenderman:They Don't Exist Child.

  11. Some are irl like Toby and Tim but lots are fake

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  13. I watch that video

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  15. 2009 I was 1 year old oh god….

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  17. Slender man is nothing

    Compared to la chancla or belt

  18. the sound of the jumpscare actuals made me jumpKC because of how dark my room is

  19. I know the thing that happens in 2014! Me and my mom were watching a crime show and that came up and then my mom told me the whooole story about how she new about it and I did not until 2019 lol

  20. What about Slendrina

  21. question who is taller? Hachishakusama or Slender man IDK MY MATHS SO IDK IF 2 METER IS TALLER OR 8 FEET OK?


  23. I wanna be a creepypasta now whyyyy😣😣

  24. Slender gets children to be evil And join slender

  25. Wth I WAS BORN IN 2009

  26. Is stabbing a girl 19 times make slenderman believe that that's proof?? Answer is no, its not enough.., what I would have done is killed my family u.u, and yeah I feel like I'm seriously be watched by him ->- but I dont really care that much. Cause i been seeing figures, shadows and I've been hearing noises ever since I moved in my new house. My house is pretty close to the woods, I could probably summon him. But I wont cause it would be annoying to have an entity watching you when you dont know -_-

  27. I'm not really sure how to spawn Slenderman. But, I got it from NETFLIX
    The 1st thing you do is I think watching a video of something… I don't know I'm not really TOO sure

  28. But wth slenderman doesnt kill kids and childerns he only turn childerns into creepypasta like sally and lazari

  29. 2009 thats what i born in

  30. I was born in 2009…but I love slenderman..!!!

  31. I was born in 2009….but im fine

  32. Nice video but..

    Where is his flippin' backstory!?

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  34. Do a video of slendrina


  36. The jump scares though

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  38. Meh.Creepypastas are real coz everybidy believes.Scientists made that effect.

  39. I was born in the 2009

    Im i cursed

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  41. 🙂

  42. Hello, It's Slenderman And also i'm very nice to kids sometimes and i do not like adults so that's why i kill

  43. Do granny draw my life

  44. Well I’m gonna tell you a story how i saw Slender man

    One day I was having a picnic with my friends.Then were playing Hide n Seek I was hiding behind a tree when I looked behind me I saw a tall figure first i though that was my dad but no I looked at the figure again and it was gone! I told my friends “I saw a tall black figure “ my friends thought I was joking. Then a week later I was in class I was bored 😑 the I looked out the window and I saw the figure again! When I finally got home I started to get a weird feeling that someone was watching me when it was 03:00 am I waked up because I needed to use the bathroom. So then I used the bathroom and went back to bed then my phone was glitching and it was making weird noises first I had to get my dad and ask him what was going on with my phone and I remember that my friend told me about Slender man and at first I wasn’t freaking out. So the next week I told my friend that this was happening to me and she literally told me than she was seeing the black figure too. I was shocked and I had nothing to say about it. Now these days when I’m alone I always hear something outside my backyard.

    (This is a true story)

  45. Selnder man🎴 is not wont kill Babies and Child

  46. I was born in February the 2011.

  47. But good thing I live in Phoenix

  48. I love Slenderman cus he's cool but I think he will kill me

  49. glitching behind you
    HEY! Vsauce
    Slendy here…

  50. Ok I am not scared but confused now because when I was around 4 I saw a shadow of slender man in my room at night and I just smiled at the shadow :-:

  51. SLENDER MAN : *single*
    Hachishakusama : hey wanna be my husband?

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  58. At 1:34 my phone died

  59. Slender man does have a face under the blank white face he has eyes and razor sharp teeth to eat his victims

  60. Wait one time on my audio on my iPad it was glitchy and I heard a static I Would never forget

  61. Everyone: AHHH slenderman!!!!
    My friend: slenderman is my dad

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  70. Wow the internet really likes to spread fake stories

  71. I live in Wisconsin and the slender stabbing was horrible!

  72. Who said that creepypastas were fake??😕


  74. I have got near slederman and he was nice to me

  75. ilfds

  76. thanks for subsribe your video

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  78. Ha ha jokes on you slenderman im already insane

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  81. 654037

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  96. I know he just wanted to protect his daughter, his first kill is a child that like his daughter, then he kill it and take back his daughter cuz one of the bad aliens killed his daugher and only bones left.

  97. Me:im not scared of anybody

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