Simply Delicious Shower Thoughts with Cookie Monster

Simply Delicious Shower Thoughts with Cookie Monster

>>[MUSIC]>>Cookie Monster: Hm,
onion rings are vegetable donuts. Hm, your stomach thinks
all potatoes are mashed.>>[MUSIC]>>Cookie Monster: It’s weird that we
cook bacon and bake cookies, hm, weird.>>[MUSIC]>>Cookie Monster: Hm,
lobsters are mermaids to scorpions.>>[MUSIC]>>Cookie Monster: Cookie dough
is the sushi of desserts.>>[MUSIC]>>Cookie Monster: Hm, mm-hm, yeah.
Dum-di-dum, dum-di-duh. Lasagna is just spaghetti flavored cake. Whoa! Surely if tomato is fruit,
then that make ketchup a jam. What was the best thing
before sliced bread?>>[MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Simply Delicious Shower Thoughts with Cookie Monster

  1. What a culinary-based philosopher😏

  2. cookie monster is sweet isn't he ..

  3. Give me cookies !!

  4. I almost shit at the ketchup is a Jam thing

  5. So deep, man. Soooo deep

  6. Never before have I learned so much.

  7. Is this the High Museum in Atlanta? I think it might be. I recognize some of the stuff in there…

  8. why do i like this so much lol

  9. Ladies and gentlemen, our next great philosopher.

  10. Lobsters are mermaids to scorpions

  11. Yearbook quotes gold right here


  13. Cookiestotle.

  14. His wisdom is funny because it's true.

  15. After all these years, Cookie Monster is still the funniest Muppet ever.

  16. I don't get how cookie dough is the sushi of desserts, anyone care to explain?

  17. This really blew my mind.

  18. that was super funny!

  19. this is quality


  21. i love it!!

  22. O Cookie Monster. You're so cute.

  23. "Onion rings are vegetable donuts."
    Holy shit that's deep. I will never look at the universe the same way again…

  24. the freeze frame, fade out at the end killed me

  25. What WAS the best thing before sliced bread?

  26. I think Cookie is trippin' on something…

  27. That close up to his face revealed how his pupil jiggles when he speaks…

    I was happier when I didn't know…


  29. شامعثغخ

  30. Cookie would have loved Mitch Hedberg

  31. I need more of these in my life

  32. Very thought-provoking and intellectually sound. Good Cookie Monster!

  33. cookie monster woke af

  34. wo….like deep man.

  35. i love this

  36. So true

  37. wow. this dud really made me think

  38. He really is an intellectual.

  39. Tacos

  40. #Thecookiemonstermashup1
    chk them out.. IG krushkrush31

  41. My mind has been blown by my favorite sesame Street characters.

  42. Never laughed so hard😂

  43. They say most old people are wise people

    They are right

  44. What's the deal with the Call of Duty music? I feel like Soap is about to come on screen and start breefing me on something.

  45. Better than Philosoraptor.

  46. Life's questions, never being solved completely..

    Only theories are being made, believed to be facts..


    It's a one strange thing indeed..

    What sort of questions, lies tomorrow?

  47. I heard this on the radio and thought it was Yoda

  48. Cookie Monster for president 😁

  49. "It's weird that we cook bacon and bake cookies" head explodes

  50. #woke

  51. What WAS the best thing before sliced bread?!

  52. lol he doesn't make any sense, I must be sp stupid

  53. Actually you CAN bake bacon. It's just messy as all get out cleaning the grease out of a baking sheet.

  54. Watching this on spiritual level

  55. It’s weird that we bake cookies…

    I had precisely this thought this morning!

  56. I have officially converted to COOKIEISM… May the universe bless our new mesiah Sid OH COMMAND ME COOKIE LORD!

  57. “It weird I am monster that no eat people.”

  58. The best thing before sliced bread is Betty White.

  59. I watched this very shortly after watching a Woken Matt Hardy promo. Now I want to see an exchange between the two of them, possibly about how cookies are DELICIOUS! DELICIOUS! DELICIOUS!

  60. Cookie Monster is a GOD !

  61. this. is . deep.

  62. the lasagna really freakin blew my mind

  63. Asking the important question. Bravo, Cookie Monster.

  64. Wow…. deep….

  65. Cookie dough is sushi ….I lost it….

  66. omg i watched this a few years ago so glad i found it lol😂

  67. Cookie is truly deep in his thinking

  68. The last three really shocked me.


  70. More please

  71. Splendid simply delicious

  72. A quesadilla is just a pizza without the sauce.

  73. Letting this marinate rn

  74. I feel like this is undeniable proof that his cookies are weed edibles.

  75. This is thinking with ones stomach taken to a new level.

  76. I feel like COOKIE 🍪 MONSTER each and every time I take a shower…never fails.

  77. "What was the best thing before sliced bread?"
    Betty White, actually.

  78. What was the best thing before sliced bread, you ask? Betty White, Cookie Monster. Betty White.

  79. "what was the best thing before sliced bread?"

    Betty White.

  80. 1:03

    cookiemonster knows everything

  81. I'm an artist but find a lot of traditional and contemporary art boring, only stopping for the surrealism section, and I have got so bored and double bored with the stuffy serious art visitors, so I've made comments about which famous people look like the paintings and emulated their poses and faces! Or made up silly stories about the activities they are engaging with. I'm not very popular in the art world. I salute you Cookie Sir Monster of all Furryness for being another similar soul!

  82. Oh my God, this is funnier than I thought 😂

  83. cookie monster knows eeeeeeverything

  84. Cookie Monster has a point about ketchup though. Technically it is a jam since tomatoes are fruits, but it fits better in the sauce category.

  85. 1:03 My favorite part

  86. ….. What if march has 31 days and april 1st is literally a prank? 0_0…

  87. Cookie dough is the sushi of dessert

  88. Tonight's Aesthetic: Cookie Monster Philosophizing in an Art Museum.

  89. Cookie, I believe regular bread was the best thing before someone got the idea to slice it.

  90. They'll right history books about you Cookie monster.

  91. This is so deep really makes me think 🤔💭

  92. Great my museum tour. Lol!

  93. Truly an inspiration. I mean "we bake cookies but we cook bacon"!!! C'mon!

  94. Sudden Clarity Cookie Monster

  95. cookie monster and classic art. it dosen't get any better.

  96. How is cookie dough the sushi??????

  97. Anyone remember the last time Cookie Monster was at the Metropolitan Museum? The whole gang got locked in overnight, Big Bird met the ghost of an Egyptian prince, and Bob had to keep Cookie Monster from eating the pictures.

  98. Because Pinterest 😂

  99. Confucius did not say this, Socrates did not say this, William Shakespeare did not say this, Gandhi did not say this, Dr MLK did not say this, Cookie Fuking monster said this! And it is one of the meanings of life!

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