Shipping & Receiving (Episode 1) | AT THE MUSEUM

Shipping & Receiving (Episode 1) | AT THE MUSEUM

35 thoughts on “Shipping & Receiving (Episode 1) | AT THE MUSEUM

  1. What an attention to detail, even those Kjaerholm daybeds are pieces of art !! Thanks MoMa for sharing this

  2. 0:29 OOF

  3. I want that "Oof" piece

  4. Preservers in action

  5. :29 OOOOOF

  6. Do you have a full woodworking shop for the building of custom crates to ship the artwork in?

  7. Thanks for sharing this! This is so inspirational and rewarding to see <3

  8. anyone know the name of the piece at 2:10, the one below the lady’s wristwatch?

  9. Subbed.

  10. Watching this series again because I loved it the first time. Would love to see another one as well.

  11. Regards JJ Pokrak compmaturist Compmaturism

  12. Love this series!! Are other museums doing anything similar? There is this, too.

  13. 1:00 modern art of god.

  14. Cool

  15. It's terryfing to work with such masterpieces. I'd get anxious.

  16. Mmmm the editing is a little bit confusing.

  17. Is that a special flashlight they keep using at 6:17? Does it use a different hue or wavelength of light? It’s an odd looking flashlight.

  18. This was a real treat to watch. Loved it.

  19. Great! Keep it up!

  20. my favorite museum

  21. These vids could be 10 times longer and I would love them more!

  22. This is very cool. Images of images and the people who manage and look after them. Love that there is no voice over narration and the scenes are allowed to speak for themselves. So to speak.

  23. Can anyone elaborate on the cleaning of the Kusama chair at 5:57? Looks like a mini lint roller, but somehow I feel that's incorrect.

  24. The Square is a sanctuary of trust and caring. Within it we all share equal rights and obligations.

  25. Is that the drummer of ApeShit?

  26. This is like a Frederick Wiseman documentary. Thank you for making these!

  27. It takes a huge amount of patience to clean and repair art works in the museum

  28. This is the best

  29. There will a be day i end up here  sooner or later

  30. How can I get a Job like this? Any 2018 summer internships?

  31. Very interesting to see the behind the scenes of installing art. I'm curious how old some of this footage is because my wife and I traveled all the way from NH down to MoMA for a day last year (2016), with the expectation of seeing Andy Warhol's Soup cans all together like I just saw in this video. We were very disappointed to find they were not on display then and now I see them being taken down again. Which means when we come to NYC again, for this Thanksgiving, we will still miss seeing them. What gives MoMA? I understand you have to keep things fresh, but timeless art should be displayed for more than a minute!

  32. Fascinating!

  33. super

  34. More please! behind the scene packing and conservation most of us don't get to see that.

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