As a creative, I honestly believe we live
in an age where we get just as much fulfilment out of seeing the creative process as much
as the final product itself. There’s that age old saying: “It’s not
about the destination, it’s the journey.” As a photographer, I love to share my creative
process. I actually get more excited when I share my
latest behind the scenes video vs sharing the final images. I use to have reservations about sharing my process. I only wanted to share the final image. No ‘before & after’, just the after. but when you share your creative process,
you’re opening yourself up to becoming more empathetic, inspiring and vulnerable. Brene Brown famously says “Vulnerability
is not a weakness, it’s a strength”. Pushing yourself to try something different
and sharing how you created that piece of work is incredibly engaging to watch. We don’t make art unless we really want to
communicate something. It’s like watching a movie; you wouldn’t
sit down to watch the last 15 minutes, you want to see the build-up and the process that
got you there. Well it’s the same with your photography. By simply sharing your process is not only
for me, creatively fulfilling, but has also played a huge part in my professional success. I’ve gained work with clients and brands
in the past based SOLEY because I’ve shared what I do and how I do it. Showing how I’ve photographed something
has been more successful for me than actually what I’ve photographed. but by doing this, you can show how you run your shoots, how you put a model at ease, the spaces that you use, the gear you use and what set ups you use. A final image can’t always show you these
great things. So let your audience know just how much effort
has gone into getting just that one shot. There are many different ways you can share
what you’re working on right now. You could post BTS videos,
time lapses, Pintrest boards, podcasts, storyboard sketches, BTS photos or even post Instagram
stories. It’s not only a great way to inspire other
photographers or creatives, but can also be used to pitch to potential clients and gain
paid work doing what you love. No one can explain it the way you can. Austin Kleon says “Share what you love,
and people who love the same things, will find you. So find something your passionate about, feel
creatively fulfilled and grow your community through sharing your creative process.

21 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS | Lumix S1R

  1. I love your work! Its amazing. Gretting fot Mexico

  2. Great vid again Tommy,I'm the Irishman from the Photography show.

  3. Dude, dude, DUDE!!!!!! These images are freaking EPIC!! Awesome job! You constantly inspire with every new video! Wow!

  4. I want to punch everyone in the face that refers to themselves as "a creative". You may be a creative person but no one is "a creative". Almost all people that do refer to themselves this way are not very creative at all. Doing the same thing everyone else has done or is doing and considering themselves special for it. You're not. Made it to the two second mark and bailed because I knew everything following that declaration was going to be of little to no value.

  5. Inspiring as always! Thanks for sharing your process, it helps seeing how you do the things you do.

  6. Welcome back Tommy🤗🤗 just wondering yesterday that last video 3 months ago.. Happy to see from you again.

  7. so good

  8. You are amazing an inspiration to us all Tommy and you've got the most beautiful BTS videos and the coolest videographer ! Go team !!!

  9. Simply amazing lighting feel. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👌🏿😏

  10. I like it .. i stopped posting just 1 image on social media & started to share 3 in a row, name the series & tell a story & the reaction from everyone is so much more.. & maybe its time to share a little more.. I do like to share my camera setting & set up & do on most platforms … stunning images & love the use of the optical snoot. I was actually looking at the pixapro one yesterday comaparing it to the Neewer one .. Ive just rented an ex dance studio so will be doing more studio work now I have my own space so want to create something exciting & different not just bog standard portraits .. hence the optical snoot..

  11. Fantastic as always mate :)!
    Had such a great time getting to know you and learn when I had my 1 to 1 last year!
    Your work genuinely inspires me to carry on with photography and I love these cinematic videos,
    I wish you and Emily all the best for the future and I've just got engaged so might be dropping you a message in the near future ;)!
    All the best,

    James (GoodSnapPhotography).

  12. Stunning!

  13. Amazing! Loved this and so inspired! Thanks man!!

  14. Superb mate!

  15. Amazing Tommy! great video

  16. Awesome, just awesome. It is an art work, only artists can do, and not everyone is an artists. Great, keep going and keep posting.

  17. Love it… Super inspiring dude =)

  18. Awesome Message there with Free Workshop on Lighting techniques 🙏🏻😆🖤

  19. This was great! Very inspiring creatively but also strategically. Amazing work!

  20. nice video

  21. I usually like your videos, but this one seems like pure product placement/advertising to me – without mentioning it, which I dislike. Or am I wrong?

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