Sennelier Artists’ Oil Paints

Sennelier Artists’ Oil Paints

(♪♪♪) I want to show you
some beautiful vibrant oil paint that have a quality like
none other I’ve ever used. The Sennelier Company
started in 1887, and has been handed down
from father to son for the last three generations. The Senneliers are all
chemists who have learned to listen to artists and their
needs for exceptional quality. The founder, Gustave Sennelier
began by hand making the original paints for
Cezanne and Monet. He quickly became
the paint maker for the French Impressionists
of the 19th century. He found that Sapphire oil
was a better choice than the more
traditional used linseed oil because it never yellows. You can see the Impressionist
paintings in museums, the colour still remains
luminous and vibrant today. Poppy seed oil is used for
the whites and the blues because of
its clarity, consistency, and keeps these colours
crisp and cool. Sennelier has many colours
exclusive to their brand. One of them is well known
is the Chinese Orange, which can be seen in many
Impressionist paintings. The Neutral Tint was developed
at the request of Cezanne. It is a warm purple black. It is easily blended towards
cool colours for shadows, and warm colours
for skin tones. The Sennelier family continues
to listen to artists and their needs. They have added 50 new
luminous colours to their 95 historical colours. The full range of 144 shades
consists of a wide array of mono pigmented paints. Sennelier has an entire
line of mediums for their oil paints, including the classic mediums
such as the Vernis, the Turner,
and the Maroger, but I would like to
talk to you today about our newest drying agent,
Gel and Dry. This alkyd medium
speeds up the drying time of your oil paint, and will dry with
a satin finish instead of matte. The Gel and Dry has
a very long shelf life and is sold in a tube, perfect for
the Plein Air painter. Our other unique
drying agent is the Universal Medium. What is great about
this medium is the paint not only
dries with a satin finish, it helps bring out
the brush strokes after the paint
has dried. If you can look on here,
this is a painting I did on location in Ireland,
Plein Air style. You can see where these
nice brush strokes and impasto techniques here I used
the Universal Medium, and all over the painting
I used the Gel and Dry, so I can get to
my successive layers rather quickly. For more information about
the Sennelier Oil Paints and Mediums,
check out the Blick website. Thank you. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast

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  1. Chinese orange was Vermilion!, not cadmium red like today.

  2. Was that your "painting"??? OMG!

  3. Blick, posting commercials on YouTube is not the way to leverage social media.

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