self care and drawing ~ Frannerd

self care and drawing ~ Frannerd

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hi guys I just came back from a walk yet another walk at the park because I needed to clear my head and I just realized this the first time that we talked I mean you and me on this video so welcome to your new vlog I just want to say guys thank you so so much for all your lovely comments and support on last week’s video I know there’s also a fair share of dislikes on the video which is totally valid I mean probably all of those dislikes is because the video is too long and yet that’s something that I need to work on my look being more eloquent basically I am I love sharing this stuff with you guys even though there’s a lot of people here on the internet who don’t like that type of video they only like to watch like happy and motivating videos which believe me I am totally on that street I love to watch happy calm and relaxing videos and sometime when people complain is like too much so I totally get if that it’s not your jam but I do love and enjoy sharing the ugly side as well guys because this is part of me I I loved being vulnerable with you guys because this is part of who I am and even though most of the time things are okay and it’s me drawing and doing nothing I mean not nothing but just like me sitting on my desk enjoying and sharing stuff with you there’s also a part which is uncomfortable and full of mistakes because um human and I I do mistakes so regarding open myself up and doing like vulnerable things I am reading right now a book Cole choose wonder over worry but amber Rae and there’s a part in which this is a very short paragraph so don’t worry I’m not going to read the whole thing but she says this process of revelation of turning myself inside out is terrifying and invigorating and mortifying and accelerating it evokes my deep-seated fears of rejection and it strikes the chord of my darkest worry that I might not be worthy of love and connection this is me guys every time I open myself up to you I am at the birth of Tears and so anxious but every time I read your comments saying thank you so much friend for doing this or like to share this because I am going through hell in the same circumstances the same things I’m like okay it helped one person or one person felt less lonely and that’s why I create content that is so honest and sometimes so awkward and uncomfortable I’m always going to put the truth up forth even if that puts a couple of people uncomfortable I would rather be honest with you guys because I think that’s the content that you want to watch on YouTube if you want happy content that’s all we find I also put happy content as well but yeah guys thank you so much for your support and being so lovely to me now I am going to do fun stuff right now I need to do a couple of studies drawing studies and do you want to keep me company [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] hi guys wait a second let me be more presentable okay there you go sexy unwashed hair so to spend most of the morning doing some rough sketches for the graphic novel that I’m now working on which is set in Hastings I mean we feel is set in Hastings but I used at photographs and my own phone photographs that I took while we were living there and it’s been really fun to use them as a reference because of course my memory sucks and I can’t draw this thing for memory I need help guys in the landscape Department is so hard to draw landscapes and scenery in general especially with things that have patterns I’m really bad at drawing for example breaks for example pebble beaches every every now and then when there’s lots of things repeating itself like leaves or branches or like any nature stuff that there’s a bazillion of them and I can’t draw each and every single one of them I have no idea how to draw that I’m also really about a drawing clouds I just realized that anyway things that I need to work on the future of course thank you so much for keeping me company and again the guys thank you so much for all your comments on the last video and thank you so much to my patrons because they allow me to spend the morning doing research and making sketches and buy this awesome art supplies Thank You patrons I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday and we can ahead and I’ll see you next week bye bye guys bye bye see arica who is really sweet look at that look at that she’s very annoyed because the light is so bright but now we’re going to turn it off baby so you can have a good night’s sleep I mean it’s 11:00 in the morning but good nights here we go

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  1. Eres la mejor porque muestras como son las cosas en realidad, yo en lo personal a veces cuando veo a otros artistas prácticamente diciendo que todo es perfecto en serio que hasta me siento mal, porque digo entonces yo soy un fracaso. Pero veo tus vídeos y digo nada es perfecto, solo ellos no quieren mostrar el lado malo, sus errores, etc. Te quiero muchísimo me has levantado el ánimo 💙

  2. I would love to see a video of you showing exactly how you interpret reference images into your style!

  3. I Love loooong videos, son más bacanes!!

  4. Oooo, I love those drawings you're doing of Hastings, can't wait to see more.

  5. 🇨🇱❤️

  6. to be honest Fran, you’re so honest and that’s why I love love love love love your videos and your works! Thanks for sharing your feelings with us, I will keep accompanying you drawing!

  7. Fran, Hermosa! Gracias por mostrar tus vulnerabilidad de una manera tan bella. Por más vídeos de tu vida como "human" fantastic person 💚🎵

  8. Lo siento querida, me encantan tus videos y considero que eres muy logica y elocuente en ellos. No creo que debas tener complejos al respecto, aunque estoy de acuerdo en que mejorar siempre es positivo.Y creo muy edificante que tambien. REPITO, TAMBIEN, se muestre la parte muy DURA Y DESAGRADABLE de nuestro trabajo como creativas , ilustradoras, freelance…ES MUY DURO EL DIA A DIA y considero que si hay personas a las que no les apetece en absoluto ver esa parte MUY PRESENTE EN NUESTRO TRABAJO PUES…que deberian irse a ver videos de chistes o llenos de frivolidades. Acaso no vemos que si no mostramos tambien que se trata de un trabajo como cualquier otro JAMAS SEREMOS VALORADAS? BASTA DE TONTERIAS !!!!! La realidad es la que es y nuestro trabajo tambien es muy serio, y duro y muchas veces desagradable, pero es el trabajo que elegimos conscientes de todo ello y con todo ese peso en nuestra mochilas, seguimos adelante. Es lo que nos hace SER. Mucha fuerza. Me encantan tus videos, nunca los considero demasiado largos, ocupan lo que deben ocupar, de acuerdo a tus necesidades. Por lo que a mi respecta, sigue como hasta ahora. Eres genial…

  9. How can someone dislike your videos!? I feel that all your videos are inspiring. Specially the "bad" ones, because I know my fears are not only mine, everyone has them! And I feel more conforted by that. So thank you for be so honest. Do all kind of videos, we'll love them all! <3

  10. No es que seas vulnerable, es que eres una persona con tus días buenos y tus días malos y eso es algo que permite que tu audiencia se indentifique mucho más contigo. Gracias por tus vídeos y saludos 😉

  11. Can I hug you? ;^;

  12. Fran, i do wanna thank you, i have been a fan of yours for i think 2 years! and i love watching all your videos ,because even your so called "un happy" videos are still happy for me because you don't project bad feelings to us,i don't know how to explain it XD sorry ,but what i mean is that i learned a lot from you ♥ and it does make me feel less lonely ♥ so thank you ♥ you just helped one more artist hugs

  13. I'm filled with inspiration everytime I watch your videos, I just want to DRAW DRAW DRAW!
    I'm sure I can say for a lot of us, that we in fact appreciate seeing the "raw" truth and of your freelance career! And the length of your videos are never too long, it's so wonderful to see you open up, and show us your work.
    love you fran x

  14. Me encantan tus dibujos, los encuentro inspiradores, bonitos, de verdad me gustan mucho también me gustan tus vídeos y me encanta la honestidad y realidad que nos transmites. Un abrazo desde México 😘

  15. Watching your steady hands draw is so stress relieving and satisfying. 😊

  16. Aaaaaw your pictures on the fridge filled my heart with love 😭💕

  17. Ooooh I love your amplifier key holder! That is such a cute idea!! And more importantly, I wish your viewers would be less critical with you whenever you open yourself up in your videos. I feel anything that you complain about to us is extremely valid and also very useful for anyone that wants to be a professional illustrator. (also I get super stoked whenever I see you uploading a long video so you go gurl!)

  18. Gracias por ser tan honesta y abierta fran, lo aprecio muchísimo <3

  19. Is that Andy Pizza in the background? That was a great podcast. Anyways, I love everything that you do, Fran!

  20. Fran bby I always look forward to watching your new videos on my day off. Thank you so much for sharing life as it is, unpolished. We need the realness. We need more Fran energy. Franergy. ❤ your videos are not too long, i always wish they were longer. Hope you're doing better, we love you.

  21. Don't worry fran, the ugly part of life sucks, and you put a smile face in all your videos with the true. I lover your videos, keep been awesome girl! lots of love from Chile!

  22. so inspiring <3

  23. They should be long <3 !!!

  24. don't ever stop being vulnerable, fran! hearing your struggles means a lot when I go through similar things.

  25. Thank you Fran. I totally understand what you mean by putting the truth before comfort. When I’m not watching your content and feeling inspired to create by it, I’m telling stories. Personal narratives. I at time make the storytellers in my groups cringe with the content of my tales, but it’s my truth. If I tell my story and only reach and connect yo one listener, it’s an awesome feeling.
    Keep doing you, siempre palante. Have a rainbow week!

  26. Fran I don't know why but I always love your videos and you seem such a nice person, your art is so calming and it makes me feel a bit better when I'm having bad mental health days so thanks <3 I hope you are happy now and I hope your days will be better <3

  27. Hi Fran! Thank you as always to share with us your daily life and your true yourself. I find inspiring and motiving the way you expose yourself even when you're not in your best shape because, exactly as you said in the video, it's important to stress the fact that even the artists we lova have good and bad days, that they are exactly as us and that there's nothing wrong to show yourself even when you're feel down. This is what I love of you, your genuineness. I could listen and watch to your videos every day because they make me feel courage even when I just want to bury myself under the sheets. I wish you the best, keep on rocking coz you're a wonderful person!

  28. I love your videos!

  29. Your videos always puts me in a good mood!😌 Thank you so much for sharing, Fran💛

  30. Excellent! Love your content and everything else!

  31. After watching your video I happened to bump into this one today. I think it states a lot of aspects I thought about before, but brings them into a new perspective. Maybe it helps you too. Hi from Hamburg 🙂

  32. Hi Fran! Thank you so much for a stunning picture, for being so honest, open and for being so brave to be sarcastic about yourself. Lots of love to you!

  33. Hi Fran! It's good to see you drawing…you just moved to a new city where you don't know a lot of people, it is normal that you're not completely on shape yet…And I'm sure the episode with the planner didn't help much either…I think your landscape improved A TON!! I suck with landscapes and seeing how much you evolved at it really makes me want to give it a try. If I can give you a tip about patterns, let me share a powerful advice I got from a teacher once: the tools tou're using MUST be good for the result you are searching for. A pencil is not a very good tool to build patterned stuff, unless you want to draw them in detail and I feel this is not really the "flow" of your drawings, they're loose, they're poetic and they need white space. I think you should try buying some sponges (the ones with large holes) or even an old toothbrush and play with gouache to find your textures.

    You can also doodle some patterns, scan them and build brushes in photoshop and use them to add the texture later on when you go to coloring phase. If you just draw a few bricks with a pencil and add the others as lineless texture, the whole thing will look less cluttered (I think this is why you have trouble drawing them with a pencil, it gets cluttered pretty easily if you start to really "draw" the texture).

    I got this advice from my teacher when I was trying to draw a very spontaneous, brush-like portrait using an automatic pencil. XD I changed to an old brush and nankin and the result was much better.

    Hope you keep drawing, I miss your materials videos…maybe you can do one experimenting with different materials and textures?
    Love <3

  34. Loved how you see yellow stars on the ground! Take care Fran!

  35. Your videos have brought be so much joy for YEARS! And honestly, people disliking for sharing the realities of your life or it being "too long"? I wonder where their heads are at! Nope, love hearing you talk about absolutely everything. You and Ed are amazing people. <3

  36. i love you and your content so much, I dont think there's anything you could post that I wouldnt enjoy watching

  37. I loved that video. and welcome much more of it! xxxxx

  38. Your videos are so relaxing to watch 😌you are so lovable and inspiring, Fran! I've been following you for two years now and you're still my favourite illustrator and biggest inspiration. What I love most is your courage not only to share your thoughts, struggles and drawings but also to speak in a second language! I always feel so inspired to draw after watching one of your videos. They brighten my day 🌸

  39. Fraaaan, you are a wonderful cotton candy cloud♥

  40. You rock beibi! 🙂

  41. Me gusta la Fran con problemas y la feliz, me cae bien la Fran siempre <3 es como tener una amiga que no conozco 🙂 gracias por tanta bonita honestidad, aunque para ti sea fea y lo pases mal, a la larga, el desahogarte termina haciéndote bien, yo acá voy a estar pa escucharte y somos muchos más :B

  42. I loved those sketches you were working on 🙂 excited for the graphic novel!

  43. Me encantó el vídeo

  44. Siempre me alucina como dibujas, con trazos lentos y suaves pero certeros. Que placer verte dibujar =)

  45. I really enjoyed this vid! I find cleaning comforting too. It is cathartic somehow

  46. whenever I have art block or feel uninspired I always play one of your videos in my studio at uni and make a cuppa tea and I feel so much better, thankyou!

  47. Ed's photographs and your drawings are beautiful! Full of life 🙂

  48. Hola, vengo a decirte que GRACIAS por mostrarte real. El mundo tiene cosas buenas y malas, y a veces las redes y su contenido feliz por doquier nos condiciona a ser demasiado autoexigentes por ser referencias muy… exageradamente felices.
    Siempre hay problemas, y lo valioso es mostrar capacidad de superarlos. Resiliencia básicamente. Así que bueno, gracias nuevamente ♡

  49. Never really comment much on the net but I just want to say that YOU HAD BEEN MY INSPIRATION FOR THE PAST COUPLE OF WEEKS. I've been following you on IG for a while but it was only a few weeks ago that I started looking carefully at your art and started watching your video and I WANT TO SAY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART "THANK YOU SO MUCH". I was in a slump and in a dark place and before I knew it, I was watching your videos one after the other (I'm planning to go through all of them and your blog hopefully by the end of this year) and it was what I really needed. YOU SAVED ME from whatever dark and twisted place I was as a person and most especially as an artist. Your last video made me feel much closer to you and made me realize the struggles and the reality of what it's like being an artist. Though some people didn't like it, I LOVED IT. It must have been hard to open up that issue and it gave a lot of people encouragement. Things aren't always happy and sunny and for you to show that to us make you more human (relatable) and makes us feel not alone (because even someone we look up to feels things like this too) showing us that behind every success, every triumph, there's a lot more going on that meets the eye. Not everyone will be brave enough to express their true feelings and just keep the facade that things are great when it isn't. So again, I can't thank you enough. Please keep being you, I am here together with all your fans supporting you. Will continue to pray that whatever you are going through you'll be able to pass through it with flying colors <3 ~Shie

  50. I took a break from listening to Creative Pep Talk to watch this and suddenly hear Andy's voice lol

  51. Hola Fran! Descubrí tu Twitter hará un mes o así y me encantaron tus ilustraciones. Un día encontré uno de tus vídeos sin saber que eras la misma chica de Twitter jajaja Y me enganché a ver un par de vídeos tuyos mientras desayuno (Es como ver el telediario) Quería decirte que muchas gracias por ofrecer tu día a día con tus momentos positivos y negativos, y que, algo super importante, me has inspirado muchísimo estas últimas semanas y estoy comenzando a dibujar bastante de nuevo. Sigue así y mucho love de parte de una española <3

  52. sitting here and sketching with you is the best!

  53. love you fran…for being real with your struggle..and your sketches is fantastic!

  54. Dear Fran,
    I feel like you don't have to excuse yourself for making "long" videos. For me 20 minutes isn't long, but I guess if people don't like it then they can just not watch it. Also I agree with you that it's important to share these more negative parts of your work, so please keep doing it!
    And your sketches of places are very lovely.

  55. Your gray kitty is so cute! He looks just like mine haha <3

  56. omg the beginning of this was SO NICE I couldn't look away.. Loved the whole thing of course <3

  57. I love you fran!!! ❤️❤️ I love to watch your videos, regardless of the length or content, because everything you create is always helpful and uplifting and I‘m always super motivated and inspired to draw and work after watching your videos!
    That‘s why I only watch them when I really need inspiration and motivation rn. I just keep them for a special uplift on my day. I can‘t just watch them while eating or stuff, I really need my full attention when watching your videos!
    Thank you so much, Fran 😭❤️ and fanart incoming

  58. Wow! I've never seen you draw with graphite pencil before! Your style with it is so different! I love your line weight variations and your delicate, shakeyness, it gives it some real personality! Is there some reason you changed from your usual red or blue for this?

  59. This I'd a great idea! Thank you Fran!

  60. I love watching long videos from you!!😃🙏🏼

  61. I like drawing.

    And think we should not have samples or jobs in a single style.

    Even though I'm drawing on Perspective,

    At times see friends or others who draw graphic work in a different way.

    I want to study people who draw themselves.

    Hope you have more happiness and confidence.^^

  62. Fran you are so dedicated, you always inspire me a lot. In good and bad moments 😉
    By the way, loved to hear andyJpizza on the background 🙂

  63. I love the ugly side as you call it. It feels more real. I love feeling that the people, especially artists, that I like are human just like me and have the same art and motivation problems that I do. You feel so personable. You're just so REAL and I love it!

  64. It takes courage to be vulnerable (specially on social media), but doing it it's what makes you YOU. You always amaze us with beautiful content but we also love when you dare to show us that shit happens and we are not alone. At the end, we all cry, we all struggle and we all figure it out. You do help others by doing it. You encourage us to keep going, so I gotta thank you! ❤ BTW, I just loved the small peek on your new graphic novel, can't wait to see how the final product looks!!

  65. Fran!! I appreciate all that you are and all that you do! you are such an inspiration!! thank you for being amazing!!

  66. I'm having the same issue regarding landscapes, I think you did great with sketches though 🙂

  67. You are so pure of heart. It makes me happy that there are people like you out there in the world.

  68. I love your work Fran. I have two of your books i hope there are more to come!

  69. Do you Fran!! It’s all relevant and I like it ALL!

  70. Love, love, love this video💖💖💖💖thanx for sharing

  71. Yay, I also like to eat all my meals in bowls!! Love you girl!

  72. 12:34 cereal is me

  73. Loved this. What was that wonderful piano music while you were drawing towards the end of the video? It sounds like just my kind of thing! x

  74. es tu canal y tienes derecho de expresar como te sientes si así lo deseas y si eso te hace sentirte realmente aliviada,. Disfruto siempre muchisimo de todo tu contenido, y me encanta cuando tus videos son largos! me puedo pasar el dia entero viendolos, de verdad. Animo !

  75. por cierto me gustaria saber si dibujas todos los dias? y de ser así, cuanto dibujas? y que dibujas cuando te apetece pero estas 0% inspirada?

  76. Thank you for being vulnerable in front of us, I know that's not easy.

  77. Your lunch is boring😁

  78. i really loved your last video, because even though im not going through the same stuff, i can still relate to the sentiment. it's kind of nice almost to see you not always happy, like more human :]

  79. also i love to put on your long talky videos while i do other things, so don't feel you have to shorten your ramblings!

  80. i subscribed like after4 secs 'cause like c'mon, she's cleaning her bathroom she must be a decent human being.

  81. don't worry fran, we all do mistakes. <3

  82. I love the way you keep pushing yourself to learn. I also have trouble drawing things that repeat. It helps to do the details in the foreground and simpler shapes toward the background.

  83. NEW GRAPHIC NOVEL FROM HASTINGS!? Gah, I feel like I have some "catching up" to do with you Fran, but I couldn't resist this one first & YAY I'm so looking forward to this project. I love that it's using lots of Ed's photos too, how amazing and precious. 💕

  84. Querida Frann <3 ver este tipo de videos con ese jazz suave de fondo me recuerda a las caricaturas que veía de niña que tenían ese tipo de música y me relaja mucho y me hace sentir bien un abrazo 🙂

  85. holla fran, i really love to join in your patreon oneday if i am on a budget.. but what is patreon really are, still question for me. by the way i am so excited to sell my art.

  86. i love all of your content <3 the dislikes are not worth your time. so many of us are here to watch anything and everything you want to share

  87. aahhhhh those sketches at the start were so calming to look at! just the colours and the style are so nice to look at <3

  88. Tell studying Ed to get enough rest and especially sleep while he crams – helps the brain retain what he's learned!

  89. No estoy donde quiero estar, y el tan solo ver tus vídeos me hace sentir muy feliz de imaginar a dónde podría llegar, no me siento tan sola cuando veo sobre tu vida

  90. Fran, love the honest content and the happy good times. Just be yourself. I love putting your videos on when I'm in my studio and really enjoyed when there is real time background noise. It's nice hearing the pencils or markers and hamburgessa meowing. It feels just like you say "keep me company"
    So I've heard you say that you're bad at backgrounds. I'd like to encourage you to show yourself the same compassion you would show another illustrator. I think your backgrounds suit your lovely whimsical style. Don't be too hard on yourself as you practice.💖 Beatrix Potter hated her landscape and backgrounds too…she was self taught and created the most sold children's books ever! There's a movie about her and a book "the art of Beatrix Potter: sketches paintings and illustrations" Both are really encouraging for those who are self taught. Sending you love and hope you always feel free to be yourself!

  91. It's hard to learn your style with new subject matter!!

  92. I love your videos. You are great company.

  93. La cocina y el orden la delata, se nota que es chilena uwu

  94. You know, I haven’t been able to comment due to my anxiety, but I really have enjoyed learning about your life and having like an invisible friend to look forward to spending time with, if that makes sense… I’m sure it doesn’t… that’s why I don’t really comment

  95. Ahhhhh thank you very very muuuuch for this video. You motivated me to clean my bathroom ❤️😍🌈✨🌿🌸

  96. Dislikes en cuál video? El anterior? Me metí a puro sapear esperando onda, MIL, y habían sólo 55 jajajaja <3 Vo dale fran, tu contenido es muy real!

  97. YES! I agree. Truth is more important than comfort. Thank you for being open. I know it can feel awkward, but I'm glad you do it. You're beautiful. <3

  98. Qué buena pinta tiene siempre lo que cocinas ♡

  99. Late to see this, however, vulnerable and honest is the only thing I want…plus art. Thank you. Refreshing. Phony lives of candle lit pies people have baked but they are in truth VERY SAD and MAD and on medication is not what I want to see. Thank you again!

  100. You're so brave putting your coffee cup next to your computer! lol

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