Selbstausbau mit Badewanne und ausfahrbarer Terrasse – ein Camper der anderen Art

Selbstausbau mit Badewanne und ausfahrbarer Terrasse – ein Camper der anderen Art

You do so much unconsciously, which simply does not have to be. You should stop that. But you do it anyway because everyone does it or because you are used to it. We’ve grown into it and into the we have insurance mentality. That won’t work. Everyone’s got that by now. Hello Katja, hello people. I am Günter. This is our road yacht. It’s a self-construction and I’m going to show it to you. Here we are in the dining room. It’s actually called a messroom, because we’re on a road yacht. That’s why this is the galley, this is the companionway and this is the messroom. And the messroom is also the third bedroom. Shall I demonstrate? -Yes! The advantage is that it fits right in there. There’s a windshield wiper motor in there. This used to be a drawing table. And we used the foot of it because it was lying around and nobody needed it anymore. And these windshield wiper motors are also lying all over the scrap yards and they are still usable. You can make it discreet like this. This thing here is a spice rack when you eat. But if you want to sleep and have peace and quiet, you close all it up. I have professional connections to the bus, because I learned on the bus and traded with used gross vehicles. And with that profession you are constantly on the road and look at vehicles in need of repair. So this one also stood there as a scrap bus. That was a lot of car for not much money, but it was broken. But that was a challenge as a young car mechanic. A few hundred kilometres away was another bus, which matched this one perfectly and the idea was to make one bus out of two because they were both ten years old and too good to dispose of. And so the first two/three years were spent to make one bus out of two. To get it running again and make it a drivable vehicle again. Then it was an empty shell, but an attractive one because it was large and gave plenty of space. And I am a motor home enthusiast and I like to live on the road. We used to bring many vehicles to Africa, the Middle East and Near East. And so the plan was to realize the ideas I had in mind. It was mainly these roofs and all these special things. I always had a lot of visions. And since a lot of stuff is being thrown away or lying around, we tackled the project and made a road yacht out of this now drivable old bus. The name came later though. Of course it was not a concept that was clear from the beginning. That is why it took almost two decades to realize it. Because the further we built, the more even crazier ideas were added, which we also wanted to implement or had we to dismantle some of them to make it happen. And so almost 20 years went by until it had the shape it has now. And for the last 20 years, I’ve had it for 40 years… Almost 20 years of construction and now almost 20 years of operation. And then came solar, aluminum rims and other entertainment equipment. And so of course it still grows and by now we are restoring it for the second time. This whole block has been completely rebuilt, because the vehicle was stripped when I took it from the scrap yard 40 years ago for $1134,48. There are two things that are of importance here. One, I need to know what’s going on upstairs. In more modern buses there are intercoms and cameras we just do it like this. But I can see the top window here. And because the bus is four meters high and there are always bridges with 3.80/3.90 meters, I can see for myself if I can drive through there at walking pace. Actually, now that I’m retiring… I have several jobs like industrial assembly and stuff. I’m past retirement age and I’ll stop working now, but the bus is supposed to last a few more years. And the final scenario could be that it becomes a garden house and then I would be lucky to live in it for another ten years. This is the oven and the gad cooker. Here we have water. The boiler is underneath and holds 60 liters. This is a small dishwasher. The toaster’s in here. Everything needs its place somewhere. But it’s actually a dishwasher. Here is the cutlery, the cooker hood, the oven and the refrigerator. Down there are the dishes, there are the glass cabinets. We put them in here. There was unused space and then we built this. Here is the equipment of the housing technology. This is the battery computer and the solar computer. We have eight panels on the roof. We’re self-sufficient until we run out of water. In the past we always ran out of electricity and now at some point the water runs out. We have about 800 liters of fresh water and the same in grey water. We have different types of requests. Private events, birthdays, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties and we have repeated requests from film, radio and television. We’ve done a lot. That’s motivating. There are so many different spectrums, where you get to see how it works and you can also earn a little bit of money. And so we had music events in the backstage area. The bus has also been used as a stage. We already had DJ and a singer up here and the parking lot was the dance floor, like at the 2006 World Cup in Munich for example. The Sommermärchen. We were surrounded by 100,000 people on the Leopoldstrasse. We have a 500-liter waste holding tank. Not quite. It’s modeled after the installation forms, so it could be that it only holds 460 liters, but the holding tank holds between 450 and 500 litres. We have 400 liters for gray water, the tanks are down there, where the passageway used to be. In the back where the batteries used to be and lower than this level is the holding tank. And down there is the 500 liter fresh water tank. This is the main tank. And in the back I have an additional tank of 350 litres. If I go to a festival area where I know that I won’t get any water for the next 5 days, I fill up the tanks in the back as well. We have a nice parking space in Italy, where the bus has been stationary for a long time. Like a holiday home, if you will. And we have two apartments there, which we have built up over the years. This is our retirement system. I’ve always paid into it. Actually, I put my money into this and I didn’t put it in the pension fund. Sorry, but I believed in this. At least then I’ll know who to blame when I’m old and have nothing. It opens like a trunk. It’s a very simple concept. I simply copied a trunk, but electric. Now I have to see if we’re standing by a tree. If you use this as a bedroom… I rather sleep with the roof barely open than with it wide open. And that is enough, even at the height of summer, to get rid of the oppressive feeling when light comes in here, you can see with one look what’s going on in the parking lot and you have a great air in here. But it also opens comepletely up so that you can stand and it’s like a veranda. We later added the railing to get to the 92 centimetre height. When you are travelling privately, you can do everything in such a car. Then it’s your problem if you fall off. In the past, it was almost impossible to change the rim sizes on a vehicle unless the manufacturer agreed to do so. But if the manufacturer no longer existed and everything was a bit improvised anyway… But since the TÜV has Knokurrenz, he has to talk to you like a normal person. In the old days, it was like crawling to a god. And today these are all people who need customers and so now you can talk reasonably with each other. And if you talk to each other, you’ll find a solution. If you want one, there is a solution. If you don’t want one, there isn’t. The middle elevating roof is already open. This is also a very simple technique. I put in four scissor jacks. I also used angular gears and a gear motor and these are more special things. But the rest is very simple. And it’s been running for 30 years. And it provides the headroom up here and the important fresh air, because that way the car always has a good climate. And that without air conditioning, because air conditioning systems when stationary are extremely complex and energy-intensive. Here we have the living room. And the spare beds. That’s the backup. There are two beds over there, hanging on the wall now. There are two beds in the back and two beds downstairs. These are seats from crash cars or discarded cars. I couldn’t find anything on the open market that matched. They can be moved. The backrest has a lever, which is also important. Because otherwise you’ll get tendinitis, if you’d have to wind it every night. It’s all about millimeters. This one has to be flipped all the way up first. Then you turn it around and it all fits by by a hair’s breadth. Then you fold that down and you pull the bed down and you’re done. We have full seating quality and full lying quality. That’s rare in RVs. And the same is happening here. And then we have two single beds and I have another part to put in here to make a double bed. We drove around Etna in Sicily. Through Nicolosi. This is a famous volcano that once erupted and then the lava flows through the village. We asked the there people if we could drive through the village. There are buses driving through allt he time, it’s fine. And then we drove through there and it took us an hour. We didn’t sit down there, we stood and I had my head in the hatch and watched out for the corners. You drive through alleys where there are small balconies at 3 meters or 3.50 meters. Dozens. There’s not a balcony left where the corners haven’t been crazed. It was a real village fair when we drove through there. They were all on the road: A little farther! It’ll be fine! And after an hour we were there and everyone applauded. I love Italy. The people there are relaxed. On the other hand, I have to say that I have been waiting for thirty years to be able to install a fuel cell here. Germany failed completely in that regard and I firmly believed in it in the 80s. I know a little bit about the technique and it was clear that it had to go there. You cannot put a hundred thousand trucks on the road and not think about how to go on. And now the time has come. Now we’re talking about hydrogen again. We did that in the 80s as well. And there’s an old Henschel in there. It’s not much different from what’s being built today. And I really believed we were moving in that direction. And that’s why I left old Henschel inside. I thought that in the 90s at the latest the industry would offer me a fuel cell. I thought they would come to me and say: Your car is great, we’ll put his in and drive around the world. Emission-free. That would be something. But no one came, not until this day. We still drive with substantially clean trucks, but they are twice as heavy and twice as fast and have twice as much power. All in all, it opens up about one and a half meters. If you use it as a bedroom, it is very attractive if you only open it up ten centimetres. Modesty is a virtue. I try to make sure that I exploit objects to the fullest. If we want or need to live as crazy as we do, at least when you build a car like this, we shouldn’t do it with just anything. Everything must be utilized to the best of its ability and it doesn’t matter if there is a wrinkle somewhere. It’s just not right for us to keep buying everything new. And that we buy the last of the crap. I’m totally turning into a consumerist objector, which is also wrong. I’m consuming, I bought an e-bike. It was new and had a battery. Not great. But because of that I only drive half as much with my car. I don’t drive with the car whenever I can go with my bike. And then I think… But there are no easy solutions. But everybody should just figure out what they’re doing. You don’t need to be living like the poor. I don’t want to live like that either. And I don’t want to eat dry bread every day either. That’s logical. But you still have to consider what you do. And you just have to start with what comes easy. You do so much unconsciously, which simply does not have to be. You should stop that. But you do it anyway because everyone does it or because you are used to it. We’ve grown into it and into the we have insurance mentality. That won’t work. Everyone’s got that by now.

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