School Lockdown – YouTuber ClearlyChloe’s Scary Story

School Lockdown – YouTuber ClearlyChloe’s Scary Story

When I was in sixth grade I had the new teacher
at school and she was just fresh out of grad school she was literally 22 years old. She was really nice because she kind of just had no idea what she was doing in the classroom
and the whole year it was just kind of like a roller coaster of up-and-down emotions. Sometimes
she gets so stressed out and just her crying in the middle of class and would be like “oh my god I’m just like so stressed, you guys are just awful!” And of course everyone in my
class kind of picked up on the fact that she had like no idea what she was doing so they
all just made it worse for her by like thinking they could do whatever they wanted and that
just made her cry more and everything just got so stressful and there was just no structure in the class. So one day we were in the classroom and we were studying ancient Greece and suddenly
I just saw her face go completely white. And she was looking at the clock so me and all
the other kids in the class just looked up at the clock too but instead of it saying
the time it said “BELL” and I later found out that BELL was the code word for a real lockdown
but I didn’t know that yet. So my classmates and I just watched as she scrambled to the
lock the door closed the blinds and then she instructed us to hide in the corner of the
room. And then she just says. “stay quite where the lockdown.” And she was in tears at this
point she was shaking and she was curled up in the corner behind her desk. This was the moment when I realized this wasn’t a lockdown drill. This was an actual lockdown and I was freaked out I just straight-up asked her, “Are we gonna die?” And she looked at me and as gravely as possible she said, “I don’t know.” And that literally just sent the whole class added
tears. Some kids were teasing trying to jump out the window. My teacher was screaming at
them if there’s someone in this building there could be more people outside waiting to get you. I was just freaked out the whole time I was literally just thinking about dying
it’s so morbid when I was I was thinking about like what I hadn’t done in my life yet and
what more I had to do and I was basically the thinking of my last second and then all
of a sudden there’s a knock on the door. And we all just like shot up we thought this would
be intruder. First of all why would the intruder knock on the door. We all just stay there and
we don’t know what to do even my teacher and then there’s another knock on the door and
my teacher gets up and she goes to the door. And, it’s another teacher it’s the teacher
next door but teacher next door asks what we’re doing and then my teacher like, “What? Isn’t
there a lockdown?” The teacher next store goes “no they were just fixing the clock and that
message came on.” So then we all kind of got up from the corner we were like, “wait there
was no lockdown?” And I looked into the hallway and then everything was just normal. Kids were
in class they were laughing they were walking up and down the hall doing their homework
there was literally no lockdown. The only class in lockdown was our class. Since that day
I’ve experienced a lot more lock downs they’re really upsetting and scary and I just wish
it wasn’t a reality of the world we live in.

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  4. This reminds me of my sister's old teacher, she quit cuz she couldn't handle the students

  5. 2:02

    that was a ar15

  6. My techer is 22 to and she knows what to do that techer needs chraning

  7. What a clickbait

  8. Something so similar happened to me in my school but it was real across our school a Amman got stabbed so we had to be on lock down so home alone people had there parents to pick them up this is true it was also on the news

  9. Who else came from Instagram becuase or cut off there so you had to find it here.

  10. I have one question why do u do homework at school

  11. Don’t make guns legal

  12. Lol

  13. A long time ago used to have a lockdown Liberty when outside of my school

  14. I had a lockdown in my school also in 6th grade, and tbh we all were calm and nobody cried.

  15. Eh

    ThIs GeRManY

  16. I had a real locked down once:
    Some guy that was a money collector got into the school I was at and had a gun on his hip and we went into lock down cause everyone thought it was a shooter I was the only calm person in the room I was in some of the girls were crying the guys were panicking a bit but didn’t show that so once we were out of the room we just carried on with our day and the next day they just told us this ‘A guy that collected money from the school came on an unscheduled time and he was fired for this’ I was calm the whole time I wasn’t panicked or anything I was calm and I just tried to calm my friend down that was crying

  17. Meh they all seem like drama queens. If it’s a lockdown then follow the procedures. Trust the system. Teachers need more training. This could of been avoided if the teacher hadn’t panicked. Maybe being in the military give me a different perspective but we had lockdowns several times at school. For everything from a person of interest to a guy carrying a gun. Never phased us much. (Btw my hs was in California and was in an affluent neighborhood)

  18. I remember in sixth grade when I had a lockdown and the announcement for the lockdown went over the loudspeaker and I was walking in the hallway after using the restroom I hear the announcement and I go and start running and I hide in the school's library there was nobody in there except the librarian and the loudspeaker in the library isn't very loud compared to the other loud speakers and the rest of the school and the librarian could not hear that well as it is so she didn't even hear what was on the loudspeaker so even she didn't know that there was a lockdown so I had to tell her and she just started racing and grabbing her keys to lock the doors and crap we just sat there for an hour and a half and then somebody tried to open the door they started tugging on on it when they left 5 minutes later the PA system came back on and said that there is a bomb threat at one of the schools in our district and they didn't know which one so after they told us the lockdown was over they said they were going to contact our parents to have them pick us up I was like relieved and scared for the rest of the day

  19. Why do I feel like this teacher just made the whole thing up just to get revenge on Everyone for making her stressed out.

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  21. Lol the teachers face at 0:55

  22. That poor teacher :/

  23. Why are u even a teacher?

  24. She should just quit a teacher

  25. Kat

  26. That happened to my school

  27. Teacher: having a mental breakdown

    Kids: Make it worse

    Me: Wait that's illegal

  28. Girl:are we gonna die

    Teacher:i dont know


  29. My story animated be like : I lived on the moon for 10 years

  30. Zack= no homework

    Ummm my name is zack

  31. I used to have a teacher like her

  32. My teacher just graduated from college and she is 22 and she is hyper

  33. I had that situation with snake ;’( in school I got bitten

  34. Saved = Early dismissal.
    By = Pizza for lunch.
    The = Fake lockdown
    Bell = Real lockdown.
    Zack = No homework.
    Slater = All day gym.

  35. Lock downs are no scary

  36. Ummm whats wrong with the teacher

    Reads book upside down
    Reads math book while in geography class
    Points at america and says germany

  37. When the teacher went white, she looked like flashback Mary 😂😂

  38. I had one in kindergarten and I was a very smart kid in school and I was never prepared I was very scared and freaking out

  39. Me: wHat'S a lOcKd0wN ?

  40. What the hell is going on why

  41. 1:23 when i have english

  42. 1:23 when i have english


  44. Y’all having actual problems and school shooting which are horrible

    But me no

    All that happened is a pig and his dog friend just were having a nice stroll though the school

  45. Ah yes. Teaching that the USA is Germany in Math class.

  46. Is anyone else concered that they dont have a bell to tell them if theres a lockdown just saying if it was real

  47. We have this teacher with cancer that WILL die sadly 😨 but the point is that we had one teacher, she left, now the principal is our teacher until the end of November and then we will have a new teacher

  48. Is this real????????????

  49. i had a lock down on my first day of a new school

  50. One time the speaker came on and said we were in a lock down and we kept working

  51. Story booth: real stories
    Other channels: mYhUsbAnDmArRiEdmYbRoThEr

  52. Why Daphne at anytime video

  53. I had a lockdown drill today so I just quietly sang Pumped Up Kicks.

  54. Wow

  55. ClearlyChloe I’ve never been in that lockdown but I would never want to be in there with that teacher!

  56. Why did you say next score

  57. Who noticed that on Code Words the codes are lined up as “Saved By The Bell”

  58. 😂😂😂😂😂 i thought it was true

  59. My stuff got a school lockdwon

  60. But nobody died I was like I’m to young to die

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  62. My teacher is 25…

  63. We have lockdowns all the time it is normal.

  64. We always have real lockdowns

  65. My school would just monitor the person who got in on the speaker and we would evacuate if they weren’t anywhere near us otherwise we would block the doors with stuff in front of them. That wont work though cause all the doors swing outward so my plan is to go through the ceiling tiles and hide there.

  66. my name is Chloe😜😜👻

  67. I had. Lockdown twice one for a stupid reason a BUG got into the office…? And there was a lockdown and another was a drunk guy

  68. I would like to share a story this one time there was a lockdown and it was after class on a Friday and it was a guy with a gun a knife I dont know and it was scary I hated it it was in 4th grade and parents were there my teacher ms Kim said no phones just stay quiet and stay under your desk and she locked the door closed the blinds and everything on a normal lockdown then I texted my mom that there was a lockdown and i was scared to death i was like omg ima die here oh my gosh and I was crying but then my principal said that he called the police they handled it and everything is ok so that's my story hope u enjoyed

  69. If there’s a real lockdown at my school, it’s the national anthem cause why not?

  70. Hey can I tell a story that happend 3 months ago?:)

  71. At the end there's no lock down and they thought that was a long now but I'm so embarrassed

  72. She just made the situation worse 😂

  73. 1:15
    …And we're going for a ride

  74. For real I had a REAL school lockdown

  75. My first lockdown was for the dumbest reason…the gym teacher did not show up

  76. We had lockdown one day one of my friends that lived downstairs of my house had a lockdown because some man that had rugged clothing and a literal switchblade from what she told me plus I was a first grader and I didn’t even know what happened

  77. lol

  78. oUT

  79. 'the seacher next gore goes' 2:39

  80. L

  81. Look I know it's 2019 but last year I did had a real lockdown too my classroom used to grab scissors and pencils I didn't freak out maybe a little

  82. When you ask the teacher if your going to Die that is the domest question to ask

  83. That was my teacher in 2nd grade

  84. Last year I had a new teacher but she never reacted like this

  85. 3:07 *the country you live in. Legit no other countries except for America has a school shooting every month

  86. Knock know

    Teacher:who’s there?

    Intruder:the intruder!

    Teacher:the intruder who?


  87. Saved

  88. 0:15 USA=Germany

  89. LOL, I think the teacher should be fired for crying all the time.

  90. This poor teacher

  91. First off teachers are never allowed to open the door.No matter right

  92. was the teachers name Lazaro?

  93. same story here

  94. Tip for schools: remove windows make doors bullet proof and the teacher has a gun BANG BANG BANG

  95. What happens if that wasnt a teacher and a actually an intruder

  96. Lol cant stop watching this video

  97. School is getting shot up
    Me:oh shit I didn’t get to teir 100 on the battle pass

  98. Did anyone hear her say the teacher next score lol like if u heard it😂😂😂

  99. Did you see the word saved by the bell

  100. I feel bad for you Americans 🤧🇦🇺

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