School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian

School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian

it's an exciting dynamic learning space and it goes well beyond the school library wall it's also a space that's in crisis I think the libraries became one of those programs where there was a little vagueness to what their role was you know something you need the librarian more now than you did ten years ago it's a growing profession it's not a profession that's that's going down at all because if we can keep on reading the successes there and we know that what does this mean when it walks into your school what does this mean when a kid doesn't want to look at anything but this how do you balance that against what you need in a physical format for reading should the name change should the job description change what does this space look like it has evolved from a dark place where you go and pull out books and look through cards to a place where it's full of the latest technology it's limitless any subject any kid is interested in we can find it this is the biggest classroom in every public school in this great country and why aren't we maximizing it I remember going to the card catalog and finding things and microfiche and everything and kids come in here and they find things at their fingertips in an instant no matter what the format or the device you are teaching kids how to navigate information do research have fun and care about learning to take different views to take facts to check out what's credible what's not credible that's so important today I bought right into that and just loved that just as much because I think that that's definitely a literacy that they have to learn as well that's our content area we teach how to learn consistently we see an impact a direct impact in settings where there's a school librarian and and in the proof you know is again in reading scores and we had that is documented there's someone working in that capacity in the school reading scores are higher kids do better and when you don't have to element if you had a reading teacher and a tech integrator and a school librarian and you had to make a difficult choice I'd still keep the school librarian because the school librarians going to combine all of those these people are completely integrated into the learning of kids across technologies and they are one of the great team builders of our schools when they have the freedom to do good work it's transformative that's why I think that the libraries in today's public school systems and all across the country should be the epicenter of real meaningful learning and for kids are having great experiences you can see this is the focal point when you walk in this building and you around that corner this is what you see and they are rushing to get in we want them to be excited about books this is the place where the library should be I think that the more access and visibility that we have the more chances that they'll come through the doors that spend some time we're no longer a storage place of books and materials we're a vibrant interactive place where kids can come they can create they are empowered to learn on their own we set no ceilings on what they can learn you you

9 thoughts on “School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian

  1. Interesting I am a Reading Specialist who has been teaching Digital Literacy and I am currently enrolled in a Master's Program to become a school Librarian and tomorrow I will be taking over the Library at the school I teach at. Thank you!

  2. I am gratitude to have this video!

  3. Magis !!! I hope through library, the little ones can give a significant contrubution to the world!
    I really want to have this plan in my country Timor-Leste.

  4. I would have liked to have seen a campus for other grade levels than elementary. See librarians in action in a middle school and high schools.

  5. Thank You nice video?

  6. I wish Wilkes-Barre School District understood the importance of libraries. The Board cut the librarians our of their budget. How sad for the students.

  7. Thank you Capstone for this tremendous vote of support for school librarians!
    We really do make a difference in the lives of children and their joy of learning and reading.

  8. Thank  you for this great video!

  9. So excited that our Henderson ISD supports libraries and the role of libraries in our school culture. 

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