Sam the Great Artist and BROKEN CRAYONS

Sam the Great Artist and BROKEN CRAYONS

la-la-la-la… What a wonderful day today! I really want to draw something nice and bright! I'll take a drawing pad… And some crayons. Whaaaat? Unbelievable! Sam! What? Is this your doing? Hmm? Noooo! Who did it then? Uh…Fluffy did! Jumped right in the box! And it all got broken! Uh-huh…Just like that, huh? Hmph! You can draw with small pieces too, right? Small pieces won't do. Oh! I think, I've got it! Come, you'll help me! And if I do, will you give me crayons to draw? Of course! What are you going to draw? You'll see when I'm done! Hi, guys! M guess is many of you are familiar this problem – broken crayons? Today I'll try to give them a second life. Will they be as good as new? Something like that. But first…. Weeeeeee! So much fun! Yaaaay! We need to sort them by colors. Awww, not that fun anymore… ugh… ouf… um… this is hard work…. ugh… Let's see…. This one here… and these over there… This color – into that pile. Hey Sam, how's it going over there? Ewww… Hey, what is this? Don't tell me that you've tasted the crayon? Mmm..hmm… Oh, Sammy. I'll move your crayons over here. There! We're done sorting! Now we need to break them. Aaaaaah! Sam, what's scared you so much? It's not you I'm going to break. Besides, slimes don't break. I… I'm not scared. I just laid down to rest after work. Yeah, yeah, I get it. I'll take the crayons and put them in a plastic bag. There! Now I'll smash them. There! I need to brake them into really small pieces. Ooooh! I want to smash them tooooo! I'll take my own tool for this! Bam-bambam! Oh this is haaaard! Bam-bam-bam! Go, Susie, go! Go, Susie, go! Go, Susie, goooooooo! Wow! Looks great! It does? But you can't draw with them at all now… No, you can't. But… I'll take this mold. And put the broken crayons into it. Each color into its own cavity. Ohhhhhh! Ooh, ooh, ooh! Guys, I've just remembered something. Today crayons are made of paraffin wax with some coloring added. And the first crayons were made of bee wax. Haha! There! I'll add a little bit more. Aaand done! I'll put it into the oven. Guys, the oven is very hot, so be really careful and ask an adult to help you. They're melting! Oh! Bubbling even! Yep, they're supposed to do that! And done. We'll take them out and leave to cool. Is it ready yet? My inner artist desires to draw! Ready, ready! I just need to take them out of the mold. Alright, annnd…Agh! Come on, out you go! There! Ohhhh, look! Ah, so cute! And another one… Here we go! Woooowwww! Just two left. Wow, they're so bright! Here, look! Hurray! Crayons are saved! Hmm…I'll take this one! What for? I need it! Alright… These crayons are so colorful and bright! I just have to try them out right away! Oh man! It's so fun to draw with these crayons! Hey guys, if you liked this idea for saving broken crayons, give us a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to the channel to see Sam's new adventures. Hmmmm….. oh yeah… and here…. And a finishing touch…. Sam, so what are you drawing? Look! Oh wow! This is great!

32 thoughts on “Sam the Great Artist and BROKEN CRAYONS

  1. What other shapes could we use for melting crayons? Write in the comments below!


  3. I love the new bear crayons their cute πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ»πŸ»πŸ»πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

  4. sam your not rael

  5. Something that dipicts slime. I guess???

  6. Sam brock them??

  7. they are so creative

  8. I just love you too

  9. Sue you are good at drawing

  10. Cool

  11. Squishy pls. pls. pls.

  12. Sq

  13. I do so so mnch😲😝

  14. At 1:14 you can see some crayons are actually sraws

  15. Wow I looooove it!! and almost the end off the video I like your drawing Sue and Sam is such an expert and I like the way the crayons turn out so good 😯😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  16. I'm doing that at my school

  17. Sam you are cute but you not have heart you are slime

  18. Ho like sue see her real face reavil plss suebplss like it

  19. Cool guy.

  20. I like your art

  21. What about cats crayons

  22. I love itβ™‘πŸ€—πŸ˜ƒ

  23. I love it!

  24. I love your show

  25. I thont like sam

  26. You should by Lego molds

  27. I am your biggest fan and I have subscribed to your channel and may I be in your next video

  28. Jojocy and a long time to get it done

  29. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  30. Vvvv rev v f

  31. Beautiful hearts

  32. not cool not cool at all

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