Sailing to the top of Australia – Sailing Australia Ep.55

Sailing to the top of Australia – Sailing Australia Ep.55

We’re continuing our journey up to the
northern most tip of Australia, exploring the beautiful waters of the Great
Barrier Reef. This is Lizard Island, it’s inside the
Great Barrier Reef, about 50 miles north of Cooktown. We’re following in
Captain Cook’s footsteps, this is where he came looking for a gap to get out
through the Great Barrier Reef and back out to sea. He climbed up this hill and
had a look out from the top of here and that’s where he saw the passage that would
enable him to escape the Great Barrier Reef. Look over there. Well it is lizard island. The grasshoppers here are huge they’re
at least two or two and a half inches long. Amazing view from up here, you can see
the passage that Cook and his men left from and we’d love to get out to the
Great Barrier Reef or the outer reef out there but it’s blowing 25 knots now so
it’s not going to be particular comfortable to be either on a mooring or
anchored out there. With the boisterous trade winds
preventing us from exploring the outer reef we decided to take a look at the
reef by Florence. Lizard Island is not far from the outer reef and under the
water we found a vibrant colourful landscape, so good that we explored until
we were shivering and then returned again and again during our stay here. Lizard island is a good compromise
between the exposed outer reef where it’s uncomfortable to anchor and the
mainland shore were we can’t usually swim because of crocodiles. Here we have a
comfortable Anchorage and safe swimming yet are still close enough to the outer
reef to see some amazing reef life. These green sea turtles eat sea grass
and algae from the reef. This is a young turtle, you can tell how healthy they are by how fat their necks are, the fatter the better. These giant clams can live to over 100
years old and can weigh 200 kilos. There are so many of them here that we lost
count. It’s great to see such a healthy section of the reef. It’s been really great to spend time on
such a healthy reef with so much healthy coral and such giant clams. From the few
bits of the Great Barrier Reef that we have seen its health does seem really
patchy. Lizard island hosts a research station for the Great Barrier Reef where
they’re working to understand more about the reef and how we can protect it for
the future. We hope that the reef will be protected and we’ll be able to
revisit it some point in the future and it’ll be as good or if not better than
it is now. Thanks to our patrons donations we’ve recently been able to
upgrade our old underwater camera to the latest GoPro and we’ve just been looking
through the footage from here at Lizard Island on the reef which you’ve just seen
and even on our small 14-inch laptop screen it looks so much better than what
we had before. We’d be really interested to know how much better it looks if
those of you who are watching on a large screen at home. Yeah we’re really excited
about using this camera more in the future so thank you very much to our
patrons. So Captain Cook found the pass that enabled him to go outside the Great
Barrier Reef we’re not going that way we’re gonna carry on inside the Great
Barrier Reef all the way up to the top of Cape York where we will finally depart
from Australia and head to Indonesia. It’s the middle of the night we’ve just woken
up to set off to sail up the coast. It’s better to leave this anchorage in the
dark than arriving the next one in the dark so it means a one o’clock get up
and departure time Well that went pretty smoothly getting
the anchor up in the dark and getting out of the Anchorage without hitting any
of the other boats, we’ve got about 20 knots out here. Thankfully the water is pretty
sheltered inside the Great Barrier Reef and we are on our way. From Lizard Island to
Thursday Island is 370 miles of sailing sandwiched between the reef and the
coastline.There are enough places to stop that we can mostly just sail during
the day and then anchor at night to sleep, which is much more pleasant than
having to do night watches. It was pretty windy last night when we set
off so we only needed to put the headset up, in fact we had two reefs in
that and we were flying along in 26 knots of wind. It’s eased off, it’s
beautiful now we just unrolled the rest of the head sail and it’s fantastic
sailing. These are perfect sailing conditions. It’s amazing sailing up this coast, we’ve
got the normal trade wind conditions; puffy white clouds, blue skies, 15 to
20 knots of wind, but we haven’t got the waves that normally come with that
because we’re sheltered behind the Great Barrier Reef. So we’ve got perfect wind
and flat seas; it doesn’t get any better than this. The Great Barrier Reef up this section
of coast is split into tonnes of smaller reefs which we’ve got to avoid but it’s
really easy because the charts are so good around here and there’s even a
shipping lane which we’re following most of the time. We’re only probably seeing
about two ships a day so it’s no problem. Not like the English Channel. No definitely not like the English Channel. It seems strange to be sailing up to our
final destination in Australia, Thursday Island.
Yeah Australia has been the country that we’ve stayed in the longest of any of
our time since we left England. It’s hard to believe we’ve actually been here for
nearly nine months now. We’ve really enjoyed our time here. Here are just a
few of our highlights from our time in Australia. They really know how to do
beaches here. For us the star of the show has to be
the wildlife though, from duckbill platypus to the cassowary, the world’s
most dangerous bird. We cannot believe how much wildlife we saw just wandering
through beaches and bush. Sailing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge was
one of our bucket list items when we set off. It’s difficult to describe the
emotions we felt when we achieved it after two oceans and two and a half years of sailing. This is Cape York, the northernmost point
of mainland Australia, we have come a long way, since Sydney. We’ve not got that much further to
go in Australia now, we’re just going to head out to some islands in the Torres
Strait where we can check out and then it’s on to Indonesia. Well here we are, Thursday Island where
we finally check out of Australia. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone
in the Australia who’s been so welcoming and friendly towards us. We have never
had so many offers to lend us a car, take us out for dinner, or cook us dinner, let
us use the shower or their washing machine. Yeah when we’re in New Zealand
Kiwis warned us that Australians weren’t so friendly but they were definitely
wrong. Next time we head to Indonesia, a new
country, a new continent and new culture, we are very excited. This video comes
with special thanks to our star patrons. We want to say a huge thank you to
everyone who supports us, we hope you’re enjoying seeing the improvement of you
have enabled us to make to our videos by helping to fund our new video equipment.

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