Ryan Bingham on Walker: Artist Spotlight | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

Ryan Bingham on Walker: Artist Spotlight | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

Once the mountains get into
your blood, it changes you forever. The main things I think of
when I think of Montana and the Northwest up here is to the forest and mountains,
the wildlife. You have a lot of room
up here to breathe. A lot of room for imagination. My name is Ryan Bingham and I play Walker
on Yellowstone. Originally when I was approached
about the show, it was mainly about the music. Good for sound.
I had met Taylor. We’d hit it off and kind of became
friends and Taylor found out that I come from
a ranching family in New Mexico and grew up riding horses
and things like that. We got to talking
and he’s just like, “Man, I want you to come in
and read for something.” Read for a part, and a couple
of days later Taylor called me on the phone
and he’s like, “Man,” he’s like, “I don’t know what
I’m going to do, but I’m going to write
you a part.” What’s your name? Walker. Basically he said, “We’ll just take it
a little bit at a time. I’ll write you in
as the show goes.” He goes, “If you do good then
we’ll keep you in there.” He goes, “If you suck,
we’ll just kill you off.” (singing) When I’m reading the scene,
I really want to make sure that I know what he’s going for,
what he’s trying to achieve. Sometimes he’ll be like,
“Man, what do you think about playing this song
for this scene?” I’m like,
“Yeah, that’ll work.” Then there’s been a couple
of times they’re like, right as we’re about to do it
or we’ll do it one time. I’ll think of another song
like maybe an older one that I hadn’t played
in a long time and he’s gone,
“Oh, that’s it.” Sometimes it can be
a bit difficult because the songs
are so personal to me. To take that stuff
and put it into a TV show and into the hands
of this character puts me in a vulnerable state
as well because I have to have a certain
amount of trust in the show and with Taylor’s writing and all of that to just put
all that stuff on the table. I always think of writing songs
and performing. It’s like having a
conversation with someone and I don’t expect them
to believe anything that I don’t believe myself.
I’m Just playing an acoustic guitar,
I’ll find myself in my mind just going back to those places
I wrote the song about. I need a tune up real quick.
We are in Whitefish, Montana for the Under
the Big Sky Festival. You always have to play
to the room and the room here is outside
and on the side of a mountain. We usually make a set list but all depends on those
first few minutes on stage of
what’s going to happen. Pre-show ritual usually involves
a shot of whiskey at some point. I’ve got a real good crew
with me. I got a great band and they’re
a lot of fun to be around. There’s always
backstage shenanigans and things like that.
We’re always getting into. Let’s go, boys. Playing live, there’s a lot of energy
that’s created by the band and then also when we have
15,000 people out there, that’s a lot of energy
coming at you. There’s a lot of love
in the room. (singing) I don’t take it for granted
one day that I get to play the guitar and play these songs
for a living. I feel very lucky. There’s good nights
and bad nights out there, like in anything, but when
those nights are special, there is something that you just
can’t really get anywhere else.

34 thoughts on “Ryan Bingham on Walker: Artist Spotlight | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

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