Rock ‘n’ Roll Nail Art – Revamping The Ice Queen Nails

Kirsty: Hi everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to revamp the Ice Queen Nails or some people might call them Frozen Nails. So, Andrea has dyed her hair. Andrea: I had gloves on but don’t know what happened. Adam: Oh, no!
Andrea: I know. Adam: She got pink ice. Better than yellow snow. Kirsty: Well, it is…
Andrea: That is very true. Kirsty: Yeah! So, they are nice shade of pink, and I want you to see what they look like because obviously, other people may have these kind of issues, and also with the ice sort of effect underneath, this is what can happen. They can get a little bit grubby. So, you do really need to maintain, I mean, clean them. Do a bit of, you know, they’re lovely but they do need a lot of cleaning. Kirsty: I mean, they’re not… these aren’t too bad but I want to show you…
Andrea: The toothbrush. Kirsty: Not the one you use.
Andrea: Not mine. Kirsty: Not your toothbrush
Andrea: No, Damien’s Kirsty: Damien’s! Kirsty: Give it a…
Andrea: Yeah! Kirsty:…bit of dog poo. So, yeah, and obviously, your client may not actually want that next time they come back. So, when they come back, they might be like, “Well, don’t treally want that underneath there anymore, I want it different.” You know, you could just paint over the top, however, you’re still gonna have that underneath, so it’s gonna need to be cleaned and everything like that. So, I’m gonna show you how to maintain, well, not maintain, I’m gonna show you how to… Kirsty: …revamp it.
Adam: Get rid of. Kirsty: Get rid of it, basically. We’re just gonna get rid of it. I’ll show you how. Kirsty: Right! So, what we’re gonna do now, first of all, is take off the stones. So, old pair of cuticle nippers. These are actually from Home Bargains, I think. Like, so they’re proper not great. They’re not good but they’re good for this. Or if you’ve got an old pair that have gone blunt, you can use them. You’re just grabbing the sides of the stones and we’ll just keep flicking off. Alright! So, I’ve put my bit in and it’s actually not in all the way. I need it sticking out because I want it to be long. Are you just being a bit filthy? Andrea: Just the way you said it.
Kirsty: A little bit. Andrea: A little bit. Kirsty: So, you’ll need a thin bit. We have it going backwards then, it was a backwards rotation. I want it forward. We’re gonna scoop in. Don’t sit in one place for too long because you’ll get a numb bum. What I mean by “Don’t sit in one place too long” I mean, don’t hold that bit in one place for too long. I don’t want to just completely obliterate the nail. And you’ll be able to kind of feel those little craters. I mean, when you look at them, have a look at this one, they’re like…they’re remind me of potholes. And in Stoke-On-Trent, I tell you what, the potholes in Stoke-On-Trent are that bad. Kirsty: I mean, I saw…
Adam: Is that why it’s called the Potteries? Andrea: Yeah.
Kirsty: Yeah! The potholes in the road are terrible. The road conditions are terrible considering we pay tax, you know, for these roads, that the potholes are that big you can shout down on them and you get echoes. Andrea: Yeah!
Kirsty: Mmm! Andrea: And then in the summer, you can put your lilo on them. Kirsty: Yeah, in the summer, you can put your lilo on them because I tell you what… Andrea: There’s some of them that are horrendous.
Kirsty: They’re that big, honest. Kirsty: I feel like on my journey to anywhere in Stoke-On-Trent, I am dodging potholes. Kirsty: I mean, you’d lose a small child down it.
Andrea: Definitely. Kirsty: Yeah! So, I’m gonna keep going until I get it nice and smooth. Make sure you move around. So, like I say, don’t sit in one place for too long. Keep checking. You’ll need to look down the barrel as well so you know you’re not making it thin because you’re not trying to make it thin, you’re just smoothing, and already we’re looking pretty good. Gonna give them a little bit of a clean with Acetone. Gonna fold that over and rub, and that’ll smooth the bottom even more because the Acetone will slightly melt the acrylic for a brief second. Then what we’ll do, if we’re going to keep this transparent, we would then topcoat underneath that as well, to make it beautifully shiny again. Right! So, now, we are going to wazz over with electric file. Adam: Wazz?
Andrea: I know. Kirsty: Wazz. Wazz over.
Adam: You know what wazz means? Kirsty: A wazz? You can have a wazz in the bathroom.
Adam: If you’re gonna go for a wazz… Kirsty: Yeah!
Andrea: Yeah! Adam: …means you’re gonna wee all over Andrea.
Kirsty: No! Kirsty: Maybe if she was stung by a jelly fish.
Andrea: You would. Kirsty: Yeah, I would.
Adam: Or if you were Fay and dropped half her nail in the toilet… Kirsty: Oh, yeah!
Adam: and that had to put her hand in a bit of wazz. Kirsty: She had to put her hand in a bit of wazz.
Adam: It was her own wazz. Kirsty: It’s her own wazz, yeah.
Andrea: Oh! Kirsty: Can we see the difference here. Clear, pink. Andrea: Oh yeah! Well, just taking the top coat off. You can do this with a hand-file, you don’t have to, you know, use an electric file. Yeah, look, it’s back to pristine clear. Kirsty: Lets go down.
Andrea: Down the middle. Kirsty: Yeah, that was what I was thinking, if we come in the middle. Let’s sort of just do that. Even see on the Natural Beige, as it’s taking that staining off from Andrea’s hair. We can bring them back to life. Look at that. Kirsty: How clear that is, well, how white it is. It’s not pink anyway.
Andrea: Yeah! Andrea: I had gloves on when I did it, it was when I was rinsing it off. I don’t wear gloves when I’m rinsing it off. Kirsty: Even rubbing your hair trough your hands afterwards.
Andrea: Yeah! Kirsty: …and drying it, it’ll transfer still.
Andrea: Yeah! Kirsty: Gonna push the cuticles back, and then, I’ll use the electric-file just on the natural nail to take away any non-living tissue. I don’t want to use the electric-file around Andrea’s skin here because Kirsty: …she has skin as delicate as butterflies or moth. It’s just gonna go puff, yeah.
Andrea: Oh, I’m a little moth. Kirsty: I’m joking. So, I’m just gonna go around like this, so I know that there is none of that cuticle Kirsty: attached.
Andrea: I like this anyway. Kirsty: Huh?
Andrea: I like this anyway. Kirsty: You like this bit.
Andrea: Yeah! Kirsty: I’m just gonna use a 180-grit file to blend in that acrylic and prep the natural nail all at the same time. Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. I know we’re not wiping off gel residue, but we’re cleaning round and this is the perfect product for it. I’ve got High-Speed Liquid in my Dampen Dish because I’m gonna work so goddamn fast. So, when I’m doing fill, I’m not using big beads. So, I need little beads, so I won’t be spending too long, so I can fill with high-speed. Gonna dehydrate the natural nail. Alright! So, I’m gonna go in with the bead. Notice how I have adjusted the pot position. So, when I’m using the tall pots, I do like to pop them into the lid and then angle it forward like that, so I can reach in a lot easier. It stops me from sort of, if it’s upright, I’m tempted to do this and that way, I’m not gonna get the right size bead. It’s all about the angles, baby. It’s all about the angles. So, we’re gonna change up the design. I will just generally fill with Natural Beige, unless it was a really… if it’s a really dark colour, then I’ll just go back in with that dark colour. Right! So, we’ve got those filled with product. All re-balanced, apex is laid in the back third, we’re all cooking on gas. So, we’re gonna file now. Obviously, I’m gonna go to the first nail that I did because that will be set first. Sidewalls, get them nice and straight, and then we’re gonna skip around the cuticle. Make sure when you’re filing, you address any repositioning. So, if this nail had started to grow downwards, which lots of nails do tend to drop down, then this is where you’re going to start to rebalance the shape, and you’re gonna take some of that side away. So, everything’s still nice and straight coming out of the natural nail fold. So, I’m just gonna buff over. I’m gonna wipe over with Acetone just because I wanna slightly smooth this out a little bit more. The more you rub, the smoother it will get. I don’t wanna over-rub because I do want some of this light demarcations there, so we can apply gel polish and all that shebang. Right! So, what I’m gonna do now is, we’re gonna use Serious Black because I love the black. I love the Serious Black. Thin layers, thin. Gonna take little brush and sweep round that cuticle to get it nice and crisp. You’re best doing this on the first layer and not the second layer. Reason for that is, when you come to this second layer, you want it to be that close. So, we do this on all of the nails. So, I’m just going in with a second coat now. You’ll see that your cuticle area is already done, you don’t have to worry about that. Right! Now, it’s time. Andrea: When it’s that shiny it still looks wet.
Kirsty: I know. Kirsty: Very shiny
Adam: Is it sticky? Andrea: Yeah
Kirsty: Yeah! They’ll be sticky. Andrea: Yeah!
Kirsty: It’s that shiny it looks wet. Kirsty: So, I’m gonna topcoat these now with the Urban Graffiti Topcoat. This is a Tack-free top coat and that’s what you need, especially for this next stage. Pop me that in. This is just an old makeup sponge I’ve obliterated this week. I have like a little smidge of it left. Andrea: A little smidgen. Kirsty: Right! So, we’ve got the Chromes and we’re gonna rub. So, we go on and then, you can sort of dust it on with the sponge and then give it rub. Burnish that chrome in to that nail. Kirsty: It’s like magic, ain’t it?
Andrea: It is, yeah. Kirsty: Got some alloys on my car, I could do but it would take me too long.
Andrea: I was gonna say, take ages with your little sponge. Kirsty: With my little sponge. Andrea: Be there for weeks.
Adam: Didn’t you say that there is actually some chrome that actually gets used for? Kirsty: There is, this chrome that’s made for the car industry. Andrea: Mmm!
Kirsty: Yes! Kirsty: Let’s just dust the excess off with my fan brush. Right! Top coat. Look at that! Jesus! But we’re not finish there, yeah, we have some cling film. Oh, bit of gel on that. And, you see, I have…where’s that all the bit of plastic that I had? Adam: This.
Kirsty: No! Adam: No.
Kirsty: No! Adam: She has some other plastic, people, but it’s too thick. Kirsty: Oh, it’s here. I feel like it is too thick. So, Andrea kind of went to the dungeon. Went to her kitchen and got me some clean film because I was like, “You know what, I think it needs to be softer.” So, I’ve got clean film, yep. Kirsty: Household.
Andrea: Household. Kirsty: Household things.
Andrea: Morrison’s finest. Kirsty: Morrison’s finest.
Andrea: Yeah! Kirsty: So, we’re just gonna crinkle this up. Now, this will go flat again. It’s not one of them that you can crinkle up and it’ll stay like that and obviously that will like that, but you wanna crinkly-crinkly. Don’t completely close it over. We’re gonna crinkle. Let me just spread it out like that, just start again. That’s it. And then, we’re gonna put it on the nail, we’re gonna let it touch all the nail. Can you see the crinkly business already? That is the correct word, to use crinkly business. Dotting Tool, you can slide that around, you’ll add more crinkliness. Pop me that in the lamp. Not gonna lie, I’m a little bit excited. Right! Now, we hope and we pray. That this _ come off. Oh, it is. It’s just coming off in sections. Yes, it’s coming off. Right! I want to add more Chrome. More Chrome. Look at that, more Chrome. Oh! that’s better. Always the more the better. And I’m gonna topcoat slowly and thin. It will be textured. That is the aim. Adam: But because you’ve Chromed it, you could just topcoat and it’d still keep it’s texture. Kirsty: Oh, yeah.
Adam: Like, the texture look but not the texture feel. Adam: So, you could sort of encapsulate it.
Kirsty: Little bit. I don’t want to. Adam: Oh, I’m just saying. Kirsty: Thinks he knows…
Adam: Just gonna shut up. Kirsty: Done some few nails and he thinks he knows everything. Tell you what, stick to what you know and love, Doc. Gonna do same on that… oh, look at that. I’ve knocked it. I think Andrea did it, can’t possibly be my fault. See that. What I’m gonna do this time is, place it on, not crinkling off and then while it’s on, I’m gonna manipulate to be as crinkly or not as crinkly. That was not English, Kirsty. I mean, some parts will be extra crinkly, some parts will not be. Basically, as much as I want it to be crinkly, you’ve got more control doing it this way. That’s my point. God! What is wrong with me? Andrea: Just spit it out.
Kirsty: I know. Kirsty: cos you can slide it because obviously, the gel is wet, it’ll slide. Slide it around. When you’re happy you can pop it in the lamp. This is how my face is gonna look in about ten years. I’m happy with that crinkle. That’s the right crinkle because it can be a wrong crinkle. Pop that in. Wrong crinkle is a bit, if you do too much wrinkle, I’m not I’m not liking it. So, let’s do an experiment. I’m just gonna topcoat this one, I’m not gonna re-chrome it. See which one is best. Now, instantly, you need to re-chrome, don’t you? This is shiny, yes, however, you’d lose the effect of the… Andrea: Crinkly.
Kirsty: …of that crinkle business. Adam: Did you not to re-chrome it, first?
Kirsty: No! Kirsty: You haven’t been listening, have you?
Andrea: Yes, he just doesn’t listen. This is why you don’t learn anything. Kirsty: So, more Chrome. I said I’m gonna do an experiment to see what the difference is because I know that people are gonna go, “Why? She don’t need to re-chrome it.” Andrea: But those are definite difference.
Kirsty: There’s a difference. Kirsty: If you don’t re-chrome it, it just starts to go flat. I know before, I started at the bottom but on this one, I’m gonna start from the top. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you sort of go slow and steady down the nail. So, you know that the gel is feeding into all those little recesses. Right! So, I’m gonna wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution just to clean round that cuticle area because we have a lot of pigment going on. Come here! I’ve just seen your nails underneath. Oh my God! How beautiful does that look? Andrea: Oh God, yeah!
Kirsty: It looks like an accidental peekaboo nail. Kirtsy: Oh my God! That looks mega. So, we’re gonna chrome it like we chromed the others, yeah, with the chroming sponge. Feel like I haven’t used chrome for ages. Adam: It’s been a long time. Andrea: We used the emerald one, don’t we, on the snake?
Kirsty: Yes! Andrea: On snakey!
Kirsty: We did. Kirsty: I wonder if I can get away with just chroming, just thingy-ing this bit. Andrea: Crinkling.
Kirsty: Crinkling this. Andrea: What, like half of it?
Kirsty: Just… you know, I’m just doing it now. Kirsty: This may be a little bit more difficult than the other one. But I will not let it defeat me. Thinner section, got a thinner section now. Kirsty: I’m gonna pull it so it’s like that, like liney. Do you know what I mean?
Andrea: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: Pop it in the lamp. Right! Let’s have a look at it. Oh God, I’m absolutely… I’m so scared. Let’s chrome. More chrome. Yes, I’m a genius, I know. Right! So, we’re going to topcoat now. Pop that in the lamp for me, darling. That’d be so kind. It’d be fabulous if you could do that for me. Kirsty: Thank you very much.
Andrea: No problem. Kirsty: So, I’m gonna buff this top coat though. I topcoated the nails because I didn’t want them to get little bits of chrome stuck onto the sticky layer. It’s much easier to just topcoat that nail, get it sealed because we could always quite easily just buff the nail, so I can then do some more artwork. You don’t wanna go straight onto that kind of surface really. Right! So, we need to put these on, and I’m gonna put them on with, believe it or not, nail glue. Adam: Why?
Kirsty: Because I’m gonna go over the top with gel polish. Adam: Okay! Kirsty: So, the buckle is gonna go here. I’m gonna make the buckle. So, we have two metal pieces, they are two half circles, and then we need a stick to go in the middle like that. Little. Is that? I don’t know if it’s gonna be wet enough, so I’m put a little tiny bit more glue on. And then we’ve got… in this wheel, we have these little tiny balls. We want that to be like the… what’s the bit that sticks through? Andrea: Bit that goes through the whole?
Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: Don’t know what you’d call it.
Kirsty: I bet it’s got a name, you know. Andrea: Yeah but I don’t know what it is. Kirsty: I’m gonna get a little bit of top coat, pop it on that join and then steadily in the lamp. That’s it. That’s held that now, the rest of the glue will dry. So, that’s that buckle. We’re gonna do the belt but in a minute because I want that to fully dry before I work on it again. The next bit, we’re gonna do like a harness kind of thing. So, I need to make a circle. You can use the full circle in the metal pieces that we have but we’ve ran out. It’s that simple. We’ve ran out, so I’m making a circle. And we’re gonna use a bit of glue. Andrea: Why are you using glue and not Acry Gel?
Kirsty: Because I’m gonna gel-topcoat it, so it’s… Kirsty: …just gonna be gel over the top of it, so it won’t come off anyway.
Andrea: Ah! Kirsty: Whereas with stone you don’t go over the top anyway do you?
Andrea: No! Kirsty: So, this is gonna be a harness. Right! Let’s have a bit of top coat and what this does, it’ll just hold it in place while the rest of the glue dries. Let’s get the flashlight. So, we’re gonna use Strawberry Bellini and we’re gonna use the 003 Brush. This belt is gonna go through the middle. Just gonna do some line as markers first. Just gonna flash-cure that. Literally, flash-cure. Then gel is gonna go over the top of that and it’ll go under the center bar, so you won’t need to put the gel there. And you wanna paint the side section of that little…what did we call it? Andrea: Clasp.
Kirsty: The little clasp-y bit. Kirsty: Pop that in the lamp. And we will repeat that and give it two coats so it’s nice dense colour. Right! This one, this strap is gonna come down and it’ll hook all over. Pop me that in the lamp. We’re gonna come off in this direction and this direction, so it’s more like a harness. You can kind of get these fashion harnesses, can’t you now that is pretty cool? Do you know what you can get now, which they’ve caused a bit of a stink about? Fashion, like a fashion stab vest. Andrea: Really?
Kirsty: Mm-hmm! And like, you know, there’s lots of big companies doing these fashion stab vest. Andrea: I’m not sure about that. You, what do you think?
Adam: Depends where you live. Andrea: Well! Yeah. Oh, they actually are a stab vest. Kirsty: I don’t know if they’re a stab vest or they’re just a fashion? Adam: Alright, so it might just look.
Andrea: To look like one. Kirsty: Yeah. They are definitely made to look like one. Andrea: Mmm! Not too sure about that. Kirsty: Pop me that in. So, what we’re going to do now is add second layer of colour. That will build up as well, that sort of little step over because the polish steps over the top of the metal piece. Now, we’ve done a similar thing before, where we actually physically make the belt straps out of gel polish and then put them on. I just thought this was an easier way and probably a little bit quicker for people to do and get a similar look. So, it’s probably a little bit easier for a salon because a salon design is very different to do a competition design. There’s lots of nails that you see on the internet that are competition nails. You know, they could be on Instagram or you know, social media, and you might think, “Oh my God, they’re amazing” but they could be competition nails. So, they might not be realistic for a salon, to do in salon time. Just gonna wipe off the sticky layer. Right! So, we’re gonna get a little bit of the top coat on here and here, we’re gonna put these little gorgeous, little star studs. How rock and roll are they? I do like them. That’s frozen. We’re gonna do this…we’re gonna put one here and one here as well. Same again on this. Then what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna secure everything down even more with the top coat. It might even need two coats of top coat. Make sure that sits around those metal pieces. Andrea: It’s really cool, ain’t it?
Kirsty: Mmm! Kirsty: Just gonna… see this one, there’s a tiny bit sticking up. So, what I’m gonna do first is file the top of that now, and you can hear the difference between filing metal or filing the nail. It sounds different. So, there you are, guys. I hope you enjoyed that because I did. I’m a bit weird today. Adam: You need food.
Andrea: Just a little bit. Kirsty: I need food. Andrea: Yeah!
Kirsty: I need food I think I’m going slightly insane. Kirsty: Yeah! So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram, and yeah, all that shebang. Love you. Bye! Kirsty: Be like, “Hey, DucK! Get it to the back.” Andrea: Yeah! Been standing all day I don’t bloody thinks so. Andrea: What are you doing? Kirsty: No, I’m just cleaning the table.
Adam: Well done! Kirsty: No, just doing That honest. I wasn’t dropping it.
Andrea: Where were you throwing that. Kirsty: I was trying put it in there, it got stuck and it just fell on the floor and I was like, for God’s sake, I give up. I hope to God, you’ve got them in dry. Kirsty: Tell you what, Andrea, if you don’t put them nails in right…
Andrea: Who’s put the hole at the other side? Kirsty: I don’t know why there’s hole the other side. Andrea: Oh, I can’t see round the back.
Kirsty: Maybe… Andrea: can i? Kirsty: No! Andrea: You know who you remind me of? Mary Poppins dusting. Kirsty: This is the next part.

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