Retractable Tape Measure (Watercolor Speedpaint 09) // Becky Stern

Hi everybody, it’s Becky. Today’s painting of a retractable tape measure
is the 9th in my watercolor series all about beloved tools. Check out what else I’ve painted in the series
playlist I’ll link above and below. Let me know what I should paint next in the
comments. When approaching a watercolor illustration,
I like to create my line art first. But let’s face it, watercolor paper is expensive. I almost never sketch directly on watercolor
paper, unless I’m looking to make some freeform textures or other nonrepresentational pattern. After sketching, I like to use a lightbox
to trace from my sketchbook. I use Pigma Micron pens to draw on top of
my pencil sketch, then erase the graphite before beginning to paint. In case you’re interested in any of the tools
and supplies I use, you can find links to everything in the description below. When I’m done painting, I scan it in, touch
it up, and upload it to my print shop. You can even get a poster featuring all the
tools in the series so far. After scanning at least 1600dpi, I touch up
the work in Photoshop. Even if the scanner and artwork were super
clean when you scanned, there will still be dust spots on your resulting image. Use a photo editing program to remove the
dust spots and fix anything that doesn’t look right. For removing dust specks in Photoshop, I hold
down shift while using the lasso tool, then circle all the areas of dust or hair that
need fixing, then navigate to Content Aware Fill. This is an awesome tool for filling in watercolor
background! Another good option is the clone stamp tool,
which requires a bit more finesse to achieve a natural-looking result. Thanks for watching. If you liked this video, please give it a
thumbs up and subscribe with the bell to be notified of my future uploads. I hope you’ll sign up for my email newsletter,
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further, and can do so without hardship, Patreon is the best place. But even just sharing this series with someone
you think will enjoy it goes a long way. Thank you so much and see ya next time!

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