Repaint! Scorpio Custom OOAK Monster High doll Apoxie Sculpt

Repaint! Scorpio Custom OOAK Monster High doll Apoxie Sculpt

Welcome to the third episode of my series of zodiac signs in the convention of horror When the Sun enters the sign of the Scorpio, it enters the darkest, sad and melancholy period of the year. For nature it is the time of death, rest, sleep and decay. Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Scorpio was associated with primeval water, the original source of birth and with hell and death. According to astrological teachings, Scorpio was influenced by Mars and Pluto. The relationship with the god of hell was strengthened through the positions of Antares (Spirit Stars) at the southern end of the Milky Way. Kabbalists connect him with XIII aspect of Tarot – Death. Scorpions are known for their intense feelings, determination and strong commitment to everything they do. They seem to have a lot of willpower, because they usually know what they want and they can wait a long time for the right moment to get it. They rarely give up and are extremely durable. They have a tendency to fall into extremes and intermediate states are unfamiliar to them My present victim is Clawdeen Wolf doll Monster High
To anticipate your question and answer them right away;) Yes! This is one of my first unsuccessful repaints 😉 I must admit that I have not thought about it for a long time Due to the fact that my series is in the convention of horror, when I read that this sign was associated with hell and death, I had no doubts about my project!
This description literally asks for it! 😉 Ok, the idea is one thing and the implementation is the other … But let’s get to the point, because I’m going to make You fall asleep in front of your devices;) First, we will start with the tools / materials that I used: Mini grinder, wires, Hot glue, Apoxie sculpt, Aluminum foil, Wadding, Acrylic paints, MSC I got a little confused here … Because I wanted my project to be a combination of all descriptions … so I changed my concept a bit while I was working … Generally, I wanted the head to look like a devil/arachnid hybrid … But it seemed too crude, so I changed the concept and returned to the original idea. The same was with the abdomen I did not want it to be too heavy, so I decided to fill the construction with wadding Unfortunately, I learned quite quickly that it was not a good idea (the surface should be stiffened to be modeled, so that apoxie sculpt will not crack). Therefore, a better solution will be to use floristic foam (such as for making reeds – it should be cut to the appropriate shape) And as I mentioned earlier: during my work I changed my concept many times. And in this case, I also changed the appearance because it was not happy with the way it was turning out. I polished everything, smoothed out for a few hours. legs I made it from wire, hot glue, with a thin layer of apoxie sculpt. I painted the elements with an airbrush. When everything dried up well – I painted the face and other details with a brush I glued the hair with a super glue.

I made the hood of thin material. And how do you like the finished project?
Be sure to write me your comments down below. If you liked my movie and you want to see my other projects – I invite you to subscribe to my channel. And do not forget to press this little bell to always be notified when a new movie comes out. Soon another sign, what is it? This is! Sagittarius 🙂
See you later

100 thoughts on “Repaint! Scorpio Custom OOAK Monster High doll Apoxie Sculpt

  1. Okay, so for starters, this is my sign and I feel so honored that you made it look as cool as you did. I really like it because it just has so much character. Like, in one angle she looks like she's smirking or smiling and then in another angle she looks really serious so I just I love it I love everything about it it's great! Good job!!! 10 out of 10!!!

  2. Leo.

  3. Scorpius ♏️🌊🦂🖤

  4. Please, please, PLEASE, do a Cancer zodiac doll! It would make my entire year!!

  5. Can’t wait for my sign Gemini ♊️! Also terrified .

  6. I LOVE IT! I cant wait for you to do my sign, Aquarius! IM SO READY!

  7. My zodiac sign is Gemini it’s weird because I was supposed to be a twin! 😯

  8. Please do Sagittarius decent. Lol Fairy tale made it look terrible

  9. Pisces ♓️ please

  10. You should do Leo next

  11. Okay soo I can understand English BUT I don’t understand you

  12. Can you do more zodiac signs repaints please

  13. Pls do Gemini pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee

  14. Cant wait for ♉. It's my sign! Please make it as cool as the others.

  15. Scorpio approved

  16. I can’t wait for her to do Aries ♈️ That’s my sign 😄

  17. Can you make aries now

  18. Please do ♌️ Leo

  19. I'm a Scorpio and I really love the doll

  20. Sorry to bug you, but I'm having trouble getting a hold of apoxie sculpt/anything of the type, and I was wondering if you've ever had decent results with any other clay or sculpting material? I can't think of anything that would really stick to the vinyl nicely on the head, and I'm at a bit of a loss. You're the most adventurous doll modder I know of, so I thought you might have experimented with different sculpting materials in the past?

  21. Today is my birthday!!Can I get a happy birthday please! do sagittarius next bc it the fire month!!!

  22. I feel that Sagittarius would be an interesting zodiac to make in this series. You could incorporate the Centaur aspect in different ways. Like, maybe style it after one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

  23. Está bien vergas v:

  24. I like both libra and virgo because I am both libra and virgo for some reason

  25. Eek!! So creepy!!

  26. Faz áries

  27. I'm a Leo. I hope you do Leo soon

  28. Could you please do cancer. I would love to see how you would interpret it. Xx 😍😍

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  30. Do capricorn next!!!!!

  31. Wow your skills are amazing! You should do cancer next! 💗💗

  32. Wow!! Ur so good at this! And i'm so honored coz this is my zodiac!!!!!!!!! Btw i'm a guy.

  33. Oh my gosh! I love this! I seriously cannot wait to see what you do with Pisces!

  34. This is phenomenal, I’m so creeped out and awestruck at the same time!!!

  35. You should do torus the bull

  36. This is absolute nightmare fuel, good god

  37. I am curious about your Santa muerte? I have about 6 statues at home my husband is from Mexico and my whole family wears her pendent. And we burn candles weekly. I know some will like to call her Katrina but I am wondering why u have her like I said just curious

  38. I’m Scorpio ♏️

  39. Death and decay, um ouch!!!

  40. i fucking love it.

  41. This looks like something from my nightmare. I happen to be a scorpio. I think she's also scary chic.👌

  42. Just perfection!!!!!

    I LOVE HOW YOU MADE THE BODY AND TAIL!!! And the cloak was a nice touch as well!!! Keep up the beautiful work! 😍😍😍

  44. Wonderful, scary, creepy and a great piece of doll art! <3

  45. I’m a Scorpio, and I’m not surprised by how scary this looks.

  46. GEMINI I think would be cool because Gemini is like two faced or multiple personality and I think u could do something cool with that.

  47. 14:58 I can’t even understand why everyone sees us scorpios like that. Like, honestly, the DEVIL? wow.. and it’s even worse at 15:13. You are great at sculpting and all.. but I think it’s just unfair how people see people like me because I’m a Scorpio and they just assume that we are terrible

  48. I'm a saggatarius(srry bad spelling) but I'm much more like a scorpius. Possisive, sex, death, self destructive. Beautiful doll

  49. The doll is so cool. I’m waiting for Pisces ♓️

  50. Amazing, this has so much personality

  51. most doll artists: so i drew some cute eyeees and some freckles and stuff…
    dollsbrandnewlook: * sculpts whole fucking scorpion *

  52. I can’t wait for Aquarius! Is it gonna be soon?

  53. I am a Scorpio, and this custom in my unbiased opinion…is beyond amazing!!! I think this is my favorite scorpio doll custom. You put so much work snd detail into this and holy s** turned out bada**!!!

  54. My Zodiac Sign!

  55. Wow is that really how they view us scorpios ♏️😂😭😮

  56. Omg, Scorpio squad! XD this was lovely tho

  57. I just realized, if I was born a two days later I wouldn’t be a Scorpio. Owo

  58. I'm Scorpio and all the descriptions sounds like me…
    Death- uhm… accurate😂
    (November 16th)
    It was very interesting and so cool to watch, it looks amazing!

  59. She looks so spooky! 🙂 like the other mother from Coraline

  60. Hai just realised that this video was made a long time ago but Amazing skills! And I also like how da doll looks :> 👏

  61. I just got to the channel saw this and I freaked because I'm a scorpio and I was exited to see what she was going to come up with. Loved the result

  62. Yaay 💛 Scorpio here 🙋 ♏
    Love how you add the information on the sign at the beginning

    Hextian said that your name is Božena so I came around and according to your captions I suppose you're Polish so greetings from from Czech 👋 I didn't know there are doll customizers so close to me.
    Also I love your voice.

  63. 6:45

    It’s a new form of the globglogabgolab

  64. Death, rest, and decay,

    sounds like me

  65. As a Scorpio ♏ im honored

  66. Omg it’s like you took a picture of me damn

  67. doll ruined

  68. Fellow scorpios, we attack at dawn

  69. Can I just like… keep this doll?

  70. Please make a gemini zodiac sign doll repaint

  71. Always scary to watch something related to zodiacs because people in the comments discreetly brag about themselves to make them feel special 😑

  72. Yay that's my sign 😅

  73. I would really love to see how you interpret Taurus into horror

  74. With the description of a Scorpio. I feel attacked 👌

  75. yayyy my zodiac sign !!

  76. This is how I want my sign to be remembered.

  77. I just want everyone to know that u made Scorpio sound very scary and I have scary

  78. Also made me sound like a demond or that I was Asoseated with hell 😞

  79. Do cancer ♋️ by the way love your art.

  80. You certainly take doll painting up a huge watching you re–sculpt the dolls into some strange but beautiful creature..Your talent is amazing and I love seeing what appears from bits of wire,foil and clay 😀

  81. I cant wait to see Cancer, long way to go though 😂

  82. Ok I Like Your Videos And Just Subbed But I Hate This Doll Custom

  83. Damn I love being a Scorpio

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  88. 17:25 is an ultimate “judging you” expression

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  92. This is truely amazing. The paint work is beyond amazing! And all that sculpting, wow!

  93. She's kind have Indian accent lol

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  95. to your channel.i am a scorpio,and this totally has inspired me.amazing,talented artist. Thanks for sharing. Veronica

  96. Thank you for making this doll for our Scorpio friends ,When is your birthday?

  97. Das me 😀

  98. That's SICK I LOVE IT I WANT 1

  99. She's beautiful. In a creepy sort of way


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