Repaint! Jolteon Pokemon Custom OOAK Male Doll

Repaint! Jolteon Pokemon Custom OOAK Male Doll

Annyeong! Welcome to Dollightful! The time has come for my personal favorite not just out of the eeveelutions But all Pokémon in general! Jolteon the lightning Pokémon!>:3 Now while any Eevee can be either male or female, I’ve always seen Jolteon is the tough love bad boy character of the bunch So I’m going to make my interpretation of the character male this time. ( Subtitlers note: oooooh male custom!!!) Picking up on his dominant design trait, I came up with four spiky yellow designs. With some great critique from you guys on Instagram I ended up with the combination of two and three. His color Palette was difficult to portray as masculine! Obviously yellow had to be the primary color while white and dark purple came in secondarily. But having a ton of bright yellow and white in a design tends to come across as happy and feminine so I had to tread cautiously. I cut the monochromatic design for that reason. I thought it was just too much yellow. In the end we worked together and I got this! :3 Picking up on the purple of Jolteon’s ears and eyes to give the doll a striking complementary color scheme looks very handsome. I hope you think so, too. Let’s get started on the doll! I’ll be using Heath Burns from Monster high as a base. (subtitlers note: I forgot this character existed ;-; ) I consider myself very lucky I even had this doll. Boy dolls are pretty rare! I picked him up in stores a long time ago when he came out in that two pack. Anyway, he is beyond perfect for Jolteon! He’s yellow, he has sharp pointed featured like his jaw and hairline…It’s destiny! I was in a sewing mood last week, so I started with the clothes for once! (Subtitlers note: I love watching her sew) basing Jolteon’s outfit off of a pattern I copied from an existing doll, (See my how to make doll clothes video.) I sketched out a new pattern. *Cheerful music* Of course, things don’t always go the way we want them to on our first try. So in this case, I added a little back panel and budged the rest. (Subtitlers note: It still looks awesome) Hey, it’s in the back, no one’s going to see it, right? To achieve those jagged spiky edges of this jacket, I’m literally going to rough it up a bit! I found it’s hard to make worn edges believable and less costumey unless you go at it with a little recklessness! The idea is to make it look like it’s happened naturally, so don’t think too hard about it when you’re placing the cuts and rips. His costume, hair, and ears all require brush yarn wefts, which is what I’m preparing here. Make sure to check out my friend Mozekyto’s yarn weft tutorial if you’re interested in making them. So fluffy! (Subtitlers note: I wanna pet him>w

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  1. Sorry the video posted 40 minutes later than the posting time I announced on Twitter and Insta. Sometimes the 'scheduled' upload feature doesn't save properly? Lucky I woke up early today to double check (I'ts 7:40am in Korea). Thanks for understanding guys 😀 Stay artsy!!

  2. I feel Espeon, Umbreon and Vaporeon are the 3 eldest of the bunch, Jolteon here is def the middle child.

  3. 6:14 question…did a doll ever fall down during this process?? (o A o)

  4. Fav xerneas

  5. ok my fav pokemon are: lucario,zoroark,all the eeveelutions,the alola starters,mimikyu and lunala

  6. 9:50
    He is now Super Saiyan

  7. his tail..? lol

  8. Purrloin is my favorite Pokémon you should make a purrloin doll

  9. If u turn captions on, u can see subtitler’s notes

  10. My ultimate favourite is Charizard. But I do have others that closely followed by Ampharos and Lapras

  11. That moment you use so much hair gel it indents your skull 5:09

  12. Wooper

  13. Vaporeon having a crush on Jolteon 💖💖💖

  14. Does anyone else think of Laxus from fairy tail whenever they watch this video?


    Just me?

  15. 0:29 jolteon 1 looks like david tenant as the 10th doctor

  16. This reminds me of Speed :3 Now he needs to date Glaceon-

  17. She makes a big, strong, powerful doll "he reminds me of buttery popcorn, now I'm just hungry (6:05 so you don't miss any of it, it is a bit ahead)

  18. the ears make him cute

  19. Am I the only one getting Eridan Ampora vibes? Like the cape, hair, and prince ish parts? No? Homestuck is dead? No it isn’t.

  20. I feel as tough he is the older sibling of the other eve’s.

  21. H o l y s h i t-

  22. Eevee is one of my fave Pokémon’s , alongside absol, Arcanine, umbreon and more

  23. I like all the fire types and dark tights

  24. Dollightful: “what is your favourite Pokémon”

    Me: explains for 8 hours why all pokemon should be equally loved

    Do I have a problem

  25. my favourite pokemon is Sandslash <3

  26. He’s hot

  27. Wait… he doesn’t have a tail??

  28. I just started doll customizing and im quite good at it but i dye the hair with paint mixed with a tad of shampoo and it works quite well if u do it right

  29. reminds me of count lucio from the arcana :DDDD

  30. Make Pikachu Please.


  31. i have one fav. bulbasur 😀

  32. If anybody is a fairytail anime fan you will see he looks a little like lokus

  33. I love turning on the subtitles for your videos lol!

  34. my favourite pokemon is actually Mimikyu

  35. Im not really a fan of boy dolls but this one is amazing and super cool

  36. hasbro wants to know your location

  37. Laxus from fairy tail

  38. Does anyone else think his face looks like David Bowie?

  39. my favorite Pokemon is Froakie . My favorite eeveeloution though is Silveon

  40. Pinkacho sorry if I spelled it wrong

  41. On POKEMON go the first pokemon i got was a glaceon!!!! Which is my favorite!!!!

  42. My favorite of the favorites is this boi ♥️
    Jolteon was forever the best boi

  43. If you haven’t already it is necessary everyone watches this with the subtitles cause the notes are actually hilarious

  44. Have u ever dropped a doll off the balcony? So high 0.0

  45. Do thanos as a cute kawaii girl

  46. I was actually hoping you'd do the purple design- it looks much more not-sun-burning-your-eyes-with-yellow then it might've.

  47. I like how you made Jolteon and Umbreon male. ive always seen them as more masculine along with Arcanine and Lucario too.
    jolteon and arcanine are my top favorite pokemon, being tied at 1st. then its probably Charizard, Ninetails, Mewtwo, Umbreon, lucario, the luxray line, Electrike line and the Rockruff line.

  48. Hmmmmmm

    It looks suspicious close to Laxus

  49. 10:39 he looks like yellow pearl from Steven universe


  51. 11:11 Guile's Theme intensifies.

  52. is it just me or it kinda looks like the little prince?

  53. Imagine a random person walking below or looking up at your apartment, and seeing you with a doll body or, even funnier, a head, just sticking it out the window spraying it.

  54. does this not look like Laxus? also the personality is just like laxus

  55. … my favorite pokemon? … Leafeon and Meowtic…. yes, i have two…

  56. 3:22 in the design i though his arm kinda looked like count lucios from the arcana.. 😳

  57. My favorites are Umbreon, Sylveon, Pikachu, Eevee, and Espeon. I just adore the Eeveelutions.

  58. Until I realized he was the color of delicious buttery popcorn. Then he just made me hungry. Now I'M hungry. 😅

  59. 13:47
    awwww so cute! <3

  60. Good take on Jolteon! I always imagined him as a mischievous little fella with his cute smile but this is also an amazing way to picture him! This might be one of my favorite eeveelutions, Good Job 😊

  61. He went from present mic from bnha to ishimaru from danganronpa

  62. 9:50 why does he look like Present Mic? xD

  63. At 5:30 I thought it said
    "Smooth smexy semi-hardened Apoxy with water." XD

  64. Who else watches the videos with captions
    just for the dance moments? UwU

  65. Jolteon low-key reminds me of Laxus

  66. My favourite Pokémon is garchomp and mega garchomp

  67. Laxus? Is that you?

  68. I love jolteon and umbreon

  69. I love whoever wrote the subtitles, so hilarious!! 😂😂👍🏻

  70. I love you

  71. He reminds me of Lucio from 'The Arcana'

  72. Whenever I’m asked for my favourite Pokémon I just say ditto 😂

  73. Wigglytuff will forever be my favorite hands down!

  74. “But because he’s an anime pretty boy”

    -Katrin 2019

  75. I think of Jolteon as a fierce female warrior, but I like the way you portrayed him too!

    Side note: I know I'm late. But if anyone sees this comment, good job XD

  76. Great not only do I have crushes on anime boys but now dolls too….. My life is kinda weird by that

  77. Dollightful please make opposite genders for all your Pokémon dolls!

  78. except prince Zuko from Avatar isn't a "pretty-boy"

  79. ummmm…am lick you…ya i love the pecuchuy and the doll your maicking and a lot more…=^=

  80. This doll gives me SERIOUS Taka from Danganronpa vibes. I love it!!

  81. and wow grat pun =<=

  82. Person: what's your fave poke-

  83. Inital WACK

  84. Shiny Zygarde !

  85. He looks like a high elf from skyrim

  86. Did you know, all eeveeloutions (except eevee itself) is male, shocking, I know

  87. my favorite is Victini, he's just too cute!

  88. The doll kinda look like Laxus from Fairy tail

  89. Make a sytheer doll and sizor

  90. Help why do I ship him and Silvally? 😱

  91. Heath in the series is a lot like my classmate Tomi except tomi is a lot more dirty minded

  92. PRINCE ZUKO# best boi

  93. At first his hair kinda looked like mic from my hero

  94. At 9:37 it looks like he has a high pony tail

  95. Fairytale Lacus

  96. Look

  97. I wonder if Leafeon ever called Jolteon a clod.

  98. Is it just me that's getting Jak from Jak 2 vibes?

  99. Dude bullbasaur is awesome

  100. Suqartal!!!

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