Real Bodies – Imagine Exhibitions | NEC | Review | Student Nurse

Real Bodies - Imagine Exhibitions | NEC | Review | Student Nurse

7 thoughts on “Real Bodies – Imagine Exhibitions | NEC | Review | Student Nurse

  1. *Exhibition

  2. Your video really made me want to go and see this exhibition, so off I went for the 1hr 45 min drive and was not disappointed. thank you for sharing

  3. I just came across this exhibition on Facebook (proof that Facebook is occasionally useful! LOL) and had to look for more info on it because that looks absolutely amazing! I am glad I came across your and your video about your experience of the exhibition. Will have to see if the husband would be interested in seeing it because I would love to take the kids! And how cool are those stomach nerves?? Wow! The way they're preserved is amazing! That must be such a painstaking process!

  4. Hi Claire, great video. I visited this exhibition last week and was just as amazed as you on how educational it is.
    However outside the hall there was a demonstration calling for the closure of the exhibition.
    It's worth looking into where the bodies on display actually came from. I have details if you are interested.

  5. WOW Claire! I can’t wait to go in August ! It’s going to be so beneficial x

  6. I am so jealous, I would have loved to attend this! It looks absolutely amazing! Really enjoying your channel at the moment Claire 😀 xxx

  7. Clare, what a brilliant experience! I’m so glad that you had a great day. I love this description: an artistic explosion! What a wonderful way to say it. I love your reading 📖; you have a beautiful reading voice. I hope you’ll get more opportunities like this one. 🦋✨

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