Real Artists Try Pancake Art // Presented By BuzzFeed & Holiday Inn Express

Real Artists Try Pancake Art // Presented By BuzzFeed & Holiday Inn Express

thank my blueberries burn oh I work with a grillak and watercolor but today I'm going to work with pancakes I'm kind of all over the place I mean I would just really describe myself as an artist I'm a sculptor and a performer well like honestly I've never done this before and I don't even know how exactly I'm so sneaking imaged so it looks really easy online I'm not sure how easy it will be yeah of course you want to do a good job but like make a pancake have fun these first things that I'm putting down are actually the negative space this red is so fun wow this is beautiful I would love to put some green in this so we're gonna put some trees my ex-boyfriend was French and we went to the Eiffel Tower and he had a key really bad and there was nowhere to pee so he I think I'm gonna make a snail because I have fond memories of snails from childhood I want to do an octopus because they're cool and they're squiggly this is gonna look exactly what's I want to do these little sections last because I think it'll show up the lightest pancake realism it preceded the expressionist the pancake movement by probably 15 years I've never been in a restaurant that serves escargot and been like oh I would rather eat this than filet mignon I'm gonna flip this platypus this is my pancake octopus I mean I've always wanted to eat Seattle's ice nailed it this is relatively traditional art school fair – the griddle we can always kind of just fix it up a little bit nose job I don't know what to expect very stylish and some lipstick I'm gonna put some blueberries delicious I think that this inspired me to try more food-related art you got short stacks you got Johnny cakes you got pancakes he got griddle grind is we got to make art out of them

30 thoughts on “Real Artists Try Pancake Art // Presented By BuzzFeed & Holiday Inn Express

  1. I thought that Neka is Scarlett Johansson lmao

  2. I taste great

  3. #stopbuzzthieves

  4. 1:37
    That actually doesn't look so bad. It's cute.

  5. Can we just talk about the girl with red hair?? She’s so pretty!!

  6. They're all adorable. There pancake arts are all adorable. Thank you.


  8. 2:12 The eye dropped

  9. If u stay until the end of the vid, this video is sponsored by Hilton

  10. Artist: I’m kind of all over the place. I-I-I would really describe myself as an unnecessary pause artist.

    Me: No. You’re a garbage woman. Like what the hell. Why you so hesitant to know who you are?

    Also me: I’m really feeling cheeseburgers right now.

  11. 01:45 "I snailed it"

  12. 0:28 oh my goddddd her earrings are GORGEOUS

  13. Real artists try pancake art, but isn’t pancake art just art? So then it’s real art

  14. I know this is weird but I have never tried a macaroons

  15. I thought they were gonna be good…

  16. My mom works at a holiday inn but quit.. I guess she doesn’t work there any more

  17. You should see Collins brother (Devan) doing it, he's an artist and he does pancake art really well. Search up Collins key pancake art w/ Devan

  18. I went to holiday inn express yesterday

  19. i love pancakes regardless of what color and shape and designs the important is that it taste so good and it taste what pancake should be..

  20. Yasss snails

  21. At "Snailed it" I exploded.

  22. Nëka is really pretty!💖

  23. The red haired girl reminds me of Alice from twilight

  24. The woman in green sounds like Jessica in 13 reasons why

  25. Sooooooooo satisfying

  26. 1:46 is it artists culture to make bad quality puns

  27. Devan key makes better pancakes than them
    (No offense)
    But still good

  28. My parents own a Holiday Inn Express in Southington, Connecticut. It’s awesome and huge there 🙂

  29. You’re not supposed to cook the pancake while you lay down the batter. You’re supposed to lay the batter down in layers and then do the whole thing afterwards.

  30. Bruh I can't even make a circle pancake

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