Psychic Horror Story

Psychic Horror Story

For the past year or so, my life had been
filled with misfortune. My boss fired me from my job after a small
accident, and just like that I lost my only source of income. After that happened, I began to feel extremely
lost in life. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t predict
what was in store for me… so I decided to find out. Hoping for some sort of miracle, I visited
a small little psychic shop on the side of the road. A bell rang as I opened the door leading into
the shop, and the smell of burning candles entered my lungs. “Welcome, dear customer!” A voice shouted from afar. Looking over, a woman with silver hair and
hazel skin appeared before me, with a sinister smile decorating her face. Something felt unusual about her, but I guess
that was just part of her psychic gimick. “I take it you’re here for a reading,
please take a seat!” The woman insisted as she led me to a table
with a crystal ball placed in the middle. My first impression of her was that she was
definitely not completely sane, but since I was already there — it wouldn’t hurt
to see what she had to say. I asked her what she saw in store for me,
and then she pressed her face extremely close to her crystal ball. “Mmm, in your near future— you should
stay away from other women!“ she claims, as if she had actually seen something in her
crystal ball. I waited, as if I had expected her to say
more, but the only thing that came out of her mouth was “You may leave now.” I knew this was a scam from the beginning,
but I had at least expected her to give me a little false hope. “Thanks for nothing.” I grumbled as I paid her. She only smiled back at me, “you’ll be
back. they always come back.” While walking at the bus stop, I scowled myself
for believing in something so fake. Sitting on a bench in front of the
bus stop was a woman. I recalled what the psychic had told me about
women, and oddly enough, I decided to not sit next to her. Just minutes later, another person arrived
and took the seat next to her. I watched them out of the corner of my eye,
but nothing seemed to happen. I rolled my eyes, questioning why I even believed
such a made up fortune— *scream* The woman spilled coffee all over the man
next to her. I was shocked… was the psychic real? Or was this just a coincidence? Shaking my head, I took one look back at the
woman, deep down I knew what my answer was. With that, I walked back to the psychic’s
shack. Before I could even knock, she opened the
door and smiled at me. “I told you so, didn’t I?” We took a seat at her table and she told me
another fortune using her crystal ball. “You should walk home today.” I sat in front of her dumbfounded. She gave me a look that said ‘I tell no
lies.’ Grumbling, I paid her once again and walked
out. It was chilly outside, which made it extremely
tempting to just wait at the bus stop. Instead, I listened to her words and continued
to push through the terrible weather. After walking for about half an hour, I was
cursing the psychic. What happened at the bus stop was definitely
a coincidence, and what I was doing now was just foolish. Passing by a dark alleyway, I heard a scream. Biting my lip, I used my phone flashlight
to uncover the darkness. My phone revealed a man getting robbed before
my very eyes. I thought quickly and just started hitting
the thief with my bag, until they thought the man’s belongings weren’t worth it
and ran away. While catching his breath, the man thanked
me. I still couldn’t figure out why the psychic
asked me to walk home. Until I saw the man’s face. In shock, I recognized him as my old boss. I guess he felt grateful for me, or maybe
he just pitied me— but he ended up giving my job back after we talked for a bit. I was enthusiastic. After that, I returned back to the psychic
almost everyday. The strange woman told me the secrets on how
to become successful, and slowly she became my secret weapon. Then one day, she told me to do an unusual
task. “Go to this address, and make sure the person
who sleeps there never wakes up again.” After all the good fortune the psychic had given
me, I felt like I was compelled to do it. She was basically asking me to commit a crime,
but this sort of crime could never be reversed. I bit my lip, but the psychic had never given
me bad advice ever. Following my gut, I left, deciding to follow
her words. That night, I returned home with blood all
over my body. I found police waiting at my doorstep. The first thought that went through my mind
was that the psychic snitched on me! I screamed and shouted at the men as they
dragged me away, telling them the stories of the psychic who had tricked me. The police officers looked at each other strangely Finally, one of them spoke up. “There isn’t a psychic shack on that side
of the road … It’s an abandoned church.”

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