#ProjectSmoothOperator: Adobe MAX 2018 (Sneak Peek) | Adobe Creative Cloud

#ProjectSmoothOperator: Adobe MAX 2018 (Sneak Peek) | Adobe Creative Cloud

Working with video
can be a little difficult, even the most basic tasks. So, I think this is
a really cool tool. Nicola Win Tsin is here with me to tell you
about Project Smooth Operator. Give him a warm welcome. ♪ Smooth operator ♪ -♪ Smooth operator ♪♪
-Thank you. Hi, everyone,
how’s everybody doing? (cheering) Good, I’m super excited
to be here. I’m also a little nervous
so bear with me. So I want to start
by showing you something. It’s an aerial shot of a car
driving through the desert. It’s a really beautiful shot,
isn’t it? Here’s the thing, though. When I try to publish this
to Instagram Stories, this is what I get. The car comes into view
and then immediately disappears. What’s happening
is that Instagram Stories expects a vertical video, but we give it a horizontal one, and so it kept the center,
discarded the sides, and this is what
we’re left with. The car’s only visible
for a couple seconds before it vanishes. It’s not that great. To make this right,
I have to go into Premiere and manually adjust things using
key frames and all that stuff. But that’s a lot of work. What if, instead,
we could identify the action and just follow it? This is what
Project Smooth Operator does. So I’m processing
the same video here, and the bright part
that you see that is currently shifting
to the left with the car, it’s our crop, it’s what
makes it to the final output. What’s happening is that Sensei
is analyzing the video to determine
the most important regions to include
in the final output. And once processing is done, this is the result. (cheering, applause) Thank you. The car stays in frame. The output
is still vertical, but we preserved the original
content of the video. All right, let me show you
another example of turning a horizontal video
into a vertical one. This is an action shot
of a skier doing a backflip. It’s really impressive, so we want to make sure
we capture this properly. And now that processing is done,
here’s the result. It’s nice, right? (cheering, applause) Wow. It feels very natural, although under the hood the crop
is swaying left and right to really follow the skier
and capture that backflip 180. All right. Now, we all have videos
on our phones that might be cool enough
to post if things were in view, but maybe not important enough that we would edit them
in Premiere. This is a video
of my co-worker, Allison, playing with her dog
in the park. Now I want you to take
a second here to really appreciate
what Sensei is doing for you. This is a video with
multiple important regions. The crop switches between
Allison and the dog, and performs
this natural panning to include both
in the final output. (applause) And, so, we don’t miss out
on any important moments like Allison
throwing the Frisbee or the dog catching
the Frisbee. All right, let me show you
one more example. This one is more extreme. It’s a skydiving video. It’s a really fast-paced video
with a lot of action, with multiple people
weaving in and out of frame, the camera comes close
and goes far again, and it even goes upside down
several times. Again, Sensei identifies
the salient regions and seamlessly shifts the crop
to include and retain the most essential parts
of the video. And after processing,
this is what we get. (applause) Yeah. Thank you. The output, this time
we did one to one, so the output is square. And as you can see, we retained all the action
in the video. With Project Smooth Operator, you can focus on jumping
and not dying. We’ll take care of making sure
everyone makes it to the final video. Thank you. Good stuff. Thank you, Nico.

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