Pro Chefs Try Latte Art | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

Pro Chefs Try Latte Art | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

100 thoughts on “Pro Chefs Try Latte Art | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

  1. See kids. This is a great example of what happens when you get cocky. Even if you're confident in yourself, be humble and just try your best.

  2. I love gabby

  3. Please please please let our chefs react to Liziqi’s cooking youtube video!

  4. It needs some dirt
    puts coffee grounds in coffee

  5. I love how sohla was already thinking out of the box

  6. Proof that Gabby needs her own show now

  7. Does Brad already know how to make expresso? Is that why Brad wasn't making anything? XD. I loved when he came in to try and help Gaby thoughXD.

  8. They’re all so wrong yet so confident lol

  9. 4:58 and 6:30 for your dose of brad x

  10. Delaney knowing so much abt coffee… thats hot

  11. Literally no one knows about coffee. Even the coffee king Delaney made closer to a flat white than a cafe au lait.

  12. Anybody else notice sohla in the background at 2:30?

  13. The microsecond that Half Sour said she hadn't had her coffee yet, Delany and Andy tried to flee, I actually laughed out loud 😛

  14. SohlaAAAA 😂😂😂 what an artist

  15. I love how there’s a casual fire in the background at 2:30.

  16. Brad. What a guy.

  17. I really don't like Sohla's it's just ruining a dish for the sake of "plating".

  18. 2:30 there’s just casually a fire behind Claire

  19. 2:52 stove just casually on fire

  20. "Some people see a heart but I see a butt"
    Priya, 2020.

  21. "A butterfly that is… sort of dying. Can you see it?" speaking about hopes and expectations? 😂

  22. “Ah, we’ll get ‘em next time.” Did he just reference-

  23. I don’t understand why people don’t like Priya in this vid? She used chai instead of coffee? Who cares. Not that big a deal. What mattered is the art on top of her drink?

  24. Criss has is best capuchino

  25. Stop the mansplaining, Brad!

  26. Honestly, this is one of the best comedy I ever watch

  27. I only watched this for Claire.

  28. Molly’s was perfect!

  29. as a barista this was hard to watch at some points hahahaha

  30. don't put your hand on the bottttoooooooom dear god

  31. I think Claire mistaking a portrait of what's clearly Nicolas Cage for Barrack Obama should be in the running for the biggest fail of 2020

  32. Looks like Nick Cage and Obama had a child…

  33. just when you think you couldn't hate priya any more, she says she doesn't drink coffee and is just special like that

  34. Being a pro barista and a huge fan of BA – this video is a dream come true 😍

  35. that glasses and tattoos' latte looks like it has black mold

  36. The trick to making latte art on a chai is to fill steamed to half way, then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar then continue your latte art. Also works great in a Capp with chocolate power. Make the art stand out a lot.

  37. Claire told you it's Nicolas Cage and not Barack Obama

  38. Explain to me how it's an espresso if you added milk?
    And what's with the foam talk? The whole point of steaming the milk for latte art is that you get cream like consistency for milk… If you get foam, you did it wrong for the majority of latte art

  39. Brad Voice Delany!

  40. “this is more of a cafe au lait” sir.. that is french for latte 😂

  41. Why isn’t anyone talking about Brad’s amazing Jim like Office look at the camera at 5:11??

  42. Molly is that kid who says they haven’t studied and ends up with the highest grade but has lowkey studied for days

  43. Wow the music got reeeeeally annoying

  44. Andy is 100% me, setting no expectations to avoid disappointment

  45. This like is a baristas try not to cringe lol

  46. Butterfly that is dying, it’s dead with gaby

  47. Luscious Plumpness at 9:06

  48. I love how the person who knew the less did the best. haha

  49. No Brad, I'm out!

  50. Carla, that’s a sperm

  51. andy: HA! what is a man? a miserable pile of steamed milk!

  52. 9:25 nice to see It's Dead With Gaby is taking off x

  53. OKAY BUT Brad and gaby's lil argument moment was the funniest thing in teh whole world

  54. "Righty tighty left loosey"
    Gaby: (exasperated) I know brad

  55. 2:31 So does anybody notice the fire in the background

  56. Video Idea: BA Test Kitchen Chefs react to positive comments about them 🙂

  57. Did anyone notice that fire (or big flames) that were behind Claire at @about 2:30

  58. Sohla is such a cool name

  59. Molly is hot

  60. Sohla had a good idea but it just didn’t come out good

  61. "With my third arm" acts like shes going to twist with woth her teeth jajaja

  62. claires looks like a pokeball with eyes trapped in a bear's head.

  63. Baby with the Its Dead reference

  64. Molly’s is the only one that’s good. Everyone else…you made coffee. and that’s a great thing.

  65. This is……painful to watch XD

    Also delaney saying a cafe au lait is milk and espresso made me want to cry.

  66. As a barista it is interesting to see how everyone is doing, and what i agree/disagree with them onQ

  67. +1 for the use of persnickety

  68. Wait why was Molly’s so good

  69. the way there was just a fire behind claire and everyone was still acting normal because that’s how normal fires are there🌝

  70. 9:58 is no one going to mention how Andy is making fun of Claire’s “is that Obama?”😂😂

  71. Delaney unlocked the great Australian mystery – he made a flat white.

  72. Delaney is so knowledgeable

  73. delaney is such a fan of coffee the way he overshares is precious

  74. i also thought it looked like obama haha

  75. Molly will ace this … now I will watch the video.

  76. Claire confusing Nicolas Cage with Barack Obama is amazing 😂

  77. as a former barista this was physically painful to watch

  78. Witch chai

  79. 05:10 Jim? 😳 Is that you? 😅😂😂💔

  80. I’m not sure about his name …but I watch only for Chris,like he is so classy wow

  81. 0:45 17years ago? What were you, 10 years old? I refuse to believe that she is older than 30.

  82. Nothing but plain black. Maybe café de olla once in a while.

  83. No one: (…)

    Priya: Some people see a heart… I see a butt.

  84. But the shots are dead…

  85. Andy I wearing the outfit of a barista

  86. I love them all to bits and their efforts are appreciated, but as a barista, I just wanna hug em all

  87. I love sohla's laugh🤭🤭

  88. Sohla walking away joyfully as she goes to find a bowl for her latte street art gave me the serotonin I needed for the day. <3

  89. 2:30 I see a fire in the background and all I can ask is everything okay???

  90. Good lord this was painful to watch. If Bon Appetit ever needs a coffee tutor, hmu. 6+ years experience and licensed Q grader. Please let me help.

  91. The Bon Appetite team makes me think of them as The avengers of the culinary world.. I love how they all tried to sell their really abstract latte art

  92. as a barista, this was painful. Delaney's tips were good, but he didn't aerate his milk enough lol. I can't believe Sohla used 21 grams of espresso in her shot omg

  93. Nobody is telling Brad to eff off because the camera is rolling.

  94. I’m learning how to barista and watching them stretch the milk is ahhhhhh it hurts!!

  95. i can’t be the only person who gets really annoyed by priya but loves everyone else

  96. I have five years of barista experience. I love this. I remember being there. 💜

  97. Smeliot

  98. "It looks like a butterfly… that's sort of dying." LOL

  99. Gaby's gesture with her teeth killed me

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