Privateer Press – Master Holt

Privateer Press – Master Holt

Hi Everybody! Welcome to the miniature showcase and today we’re gonna have a look at this figure. This is Master Holt. In the world of Warmachine this character is shrouded in mystery. Master Holt is basically the bodyguard for Lady Aiyana and both these figures come in a set. But in this video I just chose to feature this miniature. One of the first things I liked about this figure was, when it came out, it had spectacles. they weren’t that many miniatures that wore spectacles This for me gave the character
something a little extra in terms of look. I don’t really know how many miniatures out there who actually wear spectacles But you can still see the eyes, the sculpt is very very nice It’s very very cheeky. I liked it. According to the painter the figure was under coated with gray and black washed Then given base colors followed by the highlights. I feel that when you under coat with gray you get the best of both worlds. It’s easier to do brighter colors and also easy to do dark colors as well This figure was chosen by the painter because he was supposed to be part of his Warmachine mercenary dwarf army The big highlight of this model is the base. On the base is that remains of a Manowar Shocktrooper So I’m when I asked him about it He told me the story of the base. Now, see what happened was the mold for the base was made using ordinary blue tack He didn’t use Quickmold. He just used blue tac. A lump of blue tac was pressed into the Manowar model to make the cast. The painter is also a big fan of Hirst models Dasically model building using bricks, cast it from a Hirst casts. I’ve left a link in the description in case you’re interested So apparently he had extra dental plaster. in order not to waste this extra dental plaster was used to make the base. Yeah so that’s pretty much it if you like what you see and If you want to see more figures from this range or perhaps another range do let me know help this channel out by subscribing and liking I’ll see you in the next one

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  1. Nice job, impressive figure!

  2. pretty cool vid. 😀

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