Primitive Technology: Hut burned down, built new one

Primitive Technology: Hut burned down, built new one

I wrote this book if you’re interested (See link in description). Hut in the wet season Hut after burning down I left a fire untended for 15 minutes and it burnt down Salvaging possessions from fire (mostly only pottery survived) Earlier back in the wet season (before fire, different area) Clearing land Digging drainage trench around new hut site Now in the dry season, making post holes in the ground inserting posts (1.5 m above ground, 0.5 m below) 4 posts in a 3 x 3 m square Cutting roof beam Cutting lawyer cane Lashing on roof beam Making a tripod ladder 4 x 3 m long ridge poles Forming a pyramidal roof It’s a bit less than 3 m tall Roof edge Rafters Frame complete Palm fronds (cut with stone) Splitting fronds Vine for lashing fronds on Lashing fronds to frame starting at the bottom first Overlap rows at the corners to form ridge capping Utilising ladder when it gets too high to reach Getting too close to thatch from inside soon So make a roof cap to go on top Wrap the fronds right around the top to prevent rain getting in Lift cap using a stick put through a loop on top of the cap It’s heavy and needs to be lifted by sticking one end into the ground Then put it onto the apex of the roof Take down ladder when happy with roof Roof should shed rain well (until it rots/gets eaten by insects) Here’s a walk through of my current area starting with the yam mounds The burnt hut ruin (left to right) A kiln, a natural draft furnace made of bricks and a charcoal mound Path to clearing The new hut Transferring inventory to new location Harvesting yams The yield is poor because the soil is compacted with little organic material Some grew on the vine but not much Storing in hut Digging fire pit Making fire with hand drill (yes I’ll be careful this time) This part takes a while, it consists of catching the tinder on fire while adding kindling on top Ok it’s done Dingo (Australian native dog) howls Installing forge blower (a larger one with upgraded impeller design, old blower visible in background) Yam from before Wrapping it in mud Put in fire 30 minutes in the coals Mud breaks off when taking it out Yam is well cooked (slightly over cooked, will try only 20 minutes next time) Wash hands before eating Tastes like a potato, but more starchy. Lots of energy. Hut in the rain Sheds rain well Now back to normal projects once again

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    Primitive Technology: Hut burned down, built new one

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  2. Türkçe alt yazı neden yok eskiden var di

  3. Has anyone around his suburb ever run into him at coles or woolies lol

  4. I dont know thos dude is going through all of this i mean like why did you have to add the blood & bones modpack to your real life survival world

  5. These fellas make the bushcraft guys look like pikers. And I am one of them.

  6. Your a great survivor

  7. Subtitle Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  8. this is the only legit guy on youtube doing these videos. The other channels that are getting 10s of millions of views are fake as hell! while being monetized… they should be taken down by YouTube

  9. Raccooneggs

  10. I like the way we've watched all the tasks he preformed in this video, as their own separate thing. Like a final assembly video of what all the little things can add up to. Like a reverse logic table lol

  11. stone world

  12. a real Dr.STONE right there



  15. Some say he’s still spinning that fire disk thing til this day

  16. tq..nice to meet you

  17. When I watched the episode where he built the furnace inside the hut I kept worrying that this would happen

  18. This is amazing man! I've been watching your videos since 3 years ago. I wish I could do what you do, because I love so much the outdoors, especially the forest. Keep it up!

  19. Nobody:
    Literally Nobody:
    Nobody on planet earth:
    Nobody on the Universe:
    Me at 1:00AM: Im GoNa BuIlD ThIs ToMoRrOw🙃

  20. sabias q siempre lo miro
    no se como lo llegaste a grabar pero me encantan esos videos unos se llamas comida natural o algo asi /
    like si quieres q el demente siga grabando esto

  21. If u buy this book take care! Do not show it to ur son, do not travel on a plane with your son while carrying the book on the bag. Chances are that the plane will be struck by an energy canon and u will wake up alone in a "forest"

  22. how'd it burn down

  23. 너무재밋어요ㅋ 항상잘보고가요!!

  24. "Wash hands before eating"

    This man

  25. Top 10 Channel Primitive Technology


  27. You should make a water still!

  28. Hey I'll pay u 10 Grand if u build me one of those

  29. Looks like he would just place his camera on the edge of the kiln whenever he filmed that particular shot @5:50
    I always assumed he used a tripod, but it looks like I was overthinking things. :p

  30. I love this channel, thanks for existing

  31. I love the first person view of you walking around.

  32. Fuck you haha

  33. When your wife kicks u out of your house

  34. Naked and afraid:I've been in the army and I can easily do 21 days in the wilderness
    Primitive technology: I'm about to end this whole man's career

  35. Hello

  36. Hut burns down, builds new hut puts fire in it

  37. Awwwe, I will pay respect for your old huts
    1 like = 1 part of respect

  38. 한국에서도 정말 인기 있어요..^^
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  41. Everything you've built!… W I L L F A L L

  42. My question is : will you try to harvest more metal to make your first FORGING ? Like a better axe or something ? Would be cool af.

  43. I have been here since day one

  44. Do you ever think that when the camera is off he is using tools like us

  45. He is making survival videos and he soon will just have a diamond play button

  46. It's so cool seeing you put the skills and gadgets from your previous videos into action on a new project.

  47. Should've called the fire department…

    Oh wait

  48. Dr. Stone (2019)

  49. You’re my bedtime hero, John Plant.

  50. Stop lyin this just minecraft Griefing SMH

  51. Ninth hut and this is the only one that has burnt down, so sad

  52. Lol when I was younger for the longest time I believed he lived in the forest

  53. this is better than the other primitive technology because it shows him actually getting the wood and building it.

  54. 啥时候修砖房啊 都垮了无数遍了

  55. hey bro,why don't you go home now and say sorry to your wife,things go through.

  56. Location? Indonesia?

  57. Let me know how you process iron prills

  58. And this is main solution why Amazon forests arę burning xD

  59. Make a potter's wheel

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  61. Humanity speedrun

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  63. Felt like it was time to upgrade

  64. What do you do about forest animals, that inevitably start living inside the house?

    Like spiders, scorpions, anything else like that? They are potentially dangerous.

    How do you deal with that?

  65. Wow! What mod is this? Minecraft looks so realistic.

  66. Give him modern technology and he will conquer the world.

  67. Primitive camera

  68. This is so bloody soothing….when my world gets too loud I just come here and watch a random man build proper housing and tools like a boss.

  69. Did you lose any of that arrowroot flour in the fire, or will you still be able to make those pancakes of yours?

  70. How does the hut hold up in the wind ? I think it needs diagonal support, such as branches set at 45 degrees along the back and sides.

  71. why did you stop in making irons? because it wont be "primitive" anymore?

  72. Damn this is like a real minecraft in real life

  73. If the world collapses I want to be on his side. hahah

  74. I'm waiting for your book! Worth every penny

  75. NEW HOUSE UPDATE: Moving vlog!

  76. Am I the only that was blowing too with him too start the fire? 🤣

  77. Brave dude doing this in Australia. :/

  78. U should do stuff with copper

  79. this dude made a stone axe without a crafting table

  80. awesome man i love you vids sometimes i need smoething without speaking just watching and chill so satisfying like is da greetings from germany like share and subscribe Primitive Technology

  81. What inspired you to make this channel? What is its purpose? Entertainment and a little education? Do you have a job or is youtube your job now? Keep doing what you're doing because it is amazing. I love your channel and you making this channel resulted in many other channels to be made doing the same type thing.

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  84. I know he isn't totally living off of the land (I bet he's got a decent house a few miles form where he works on this stuff, because how else is he editing these videos and writing books to be published?), but it's still pretty cool that he takes the time to make all these things by hand simply to show you ways it was done or can be done before modern technologies

  85. Minecraft IRL

  86. I'm still amazed at the hand drill thing. He lit that shit in like a minute

  87. Me choping wood in minecraft 1:10–1:20

  88. The things you build from basically nothing are incredible. I’m really impressed by those skills in this modern technology run world! It’s a breath of fresh air.

  89. 助燃物如果没有干草可以用干树叶,比树枝更好着『要多准备,着了就放小树枝上去』

  90. When he took a bite of the potato it looked like he was gonna spit that shit out.

  91. Can you make a knife?



    "The pen might not be mightier than the sword, but maybe the printing press is heavier than the siege weapon. Just a few words can change everything."
    –Terry Pratchett

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  94. автор молодец, смотрю с удовольствием каждый выпуск

  95. I like all your content, please subscribe behind my channel

  96. Men plz more videos, the stuff you do is amazing i want more. I send you a hug from Argentina, the best wishes to you.

  97. I had no idea if you turn on captions, he actaully narrates what he's doing

  98. "Сгорел сарай – гори и хата!" © Можно было просто восстановить крышу, зачем переезжать на новое место? Суеверие? Нет, не думаю.

  99. Can I be your apprentice I would rather watch this than new Star Wars movie

  100. Hahahahahahhahahahahaha

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