Portrait Artist of the Year 2013 – Episode 2

Portrait Artist of the Year 2013 - Episode 2

hello and welcome once again to our search across Britain and Ireland for a fresh artistic talent this week we're at the kelvingrove art gallery Museum in Glasgow welcome to Sky Arts portrait artist of the year our journey into the second heat of our competition began when we invited artists from all over Britain and Ireland to send us their self-portraits nearly 2,000 people entered and only the very best were selected by our three expert judges the first of those gathered last week in Trafalgar Square where Louie Morris from Basingstoke was chosen as the London winner today we've invited the next 21 semi-finalists to Glasgow our semi-finalists a young and old professional and amateur and from all walks of life and for one talented winner here today there's an incredible opportunity alongside the winners of the English Irish and Welsh heats they'll see their work displayed in the National Portrait Gallery after set of further artistic challenges including a trip to Paris to paint the portrait of model and author Sophie Dahl they'll take part in a grand final then our judges will be joined by national portrait gallery director sandy nan to select an overall winner I think for the national portrait gallery is certainly as director I'm always interested in new talent so I think the idea that the Sky Arts project will bring some new talent out into the open is a wonderful idea and for the winner the ultimate price a 10,000 pound Commission to paint one of the greatest living authors Hilary Mantell this painting will form part of the British library's permanent collection a lasting legacy of our competition so who's got what it takes to become Sky Arts portrait artist of the year welcome to the Sky Arts Portrait festival here in Glasgow where behind me a group of artists are sizing up the competition but before we meet them let's meet the judges whose job it was to select the artists from nearly 2000 who entered our first judge Kate Bryan knows the art market inside-out as head of contemporary at the Fine Art Society she can tell what the market and collectors are looking for right now and help to bring out our contestants potential what's strange alchemy creates a portrait what does it mean to look at a person and bring them to life on canvas our second judge Taishan Sheeran Berg has won several of the most prestigious awards for portrait painting and can tell if our artists ambitions are matched by their abilities our third judge Kathleen Soriano is the grande dam of arts at the Royal Academy as their director of exhibitions and formerly of the National Portrait Gallery she's been responsible for some of the most prestigious exhibitions of our national life the artist entered the competition by sending us a digital copy of their self-portrait and from these our judges took on the difficult job of choosing a shortlist to compete in the four heats today's their first chance to see the originals hung on the walls of the studio we've constructed inside kelvingrove art gallery and museum well this is rather bold yeah we've been looking forward to seeing this it's very exuberant and I'm kind of wondering how this exuberance will translate into working from our rather formal setups I love the brush marks in this painting and I do like that sort of old-style subject matter of a vanity a vanity toss what's a banner toss well it's a contemplation on the brevity of human life and how in the end we all end up looking like this corny fellow here I like the dress the background I like everything but the face it might be a problem what don't you like about the face it feels like she looks like a Barbie doll it's there's just no it feels very flat I don't really feel like I'm getting past the surface okay what about this one I think it is one of our sort of classically trained artists who have possibly been to Florence and and dramatic lighting and earth colors and tones but I I like it on a nice borderline between this casual and intense I look forward to see whether he can do something someone else or someone else yeah who he doesn't know these 21 artists are among those shortlisted from over 1,800 entrants so already they know they've done well to get this far when I got the phone call saying I've got it I was eating a chicken sandwich and I started choking when it was like no I want a colouring competition when I was about 10 in the local newspaper and that was that was been the highlight of my artistic career so far I can't believe I'm here I still think there's been a mistake I mean you have got your rivals immediately mixed here you know you can look across and see if someone's doing brilliantly I don't know I don't think we're I think we've all been quite nice to each other surface until this point the artists have no idea who their sitters are going to be it's the start of the day so how are you feeling I was suitably nervous very excited I'm dying of suspense I haven't seen the model yet what sort of model do you expect what kind of what can you imagine from that so Jane astronaut have no ideas it's very modern no idea but has it got something to do with tolling artists will you please welcome the Paralympian star of wheelchair rugby Michael Carr Michael is a lifelong rugby fan and was in the British team that finished fifth in the 2012 Olympics he lives locally in Glasgow recently maple neck the act of John Hannah [Applause] please welcome from Game of Thrones the actress sophie Turner good luck everyone we've chosen this deliberately exciting and dynamic set based on a constructivist painting really to reflect the dynamism that's in your sport otherwise known as Murderball we need to get you I think sort of maybe facing that light there yeah and you want to fix on a spot I sort of concentrate on that as much as you can now when we visited you at home you were sitting on your lovely stairs outside you were telling us stories talking talking this thing where you kind of leant forward and put your aren't the elbows on your knees and we're tannic talking to us lying flat so I can't move my hands you're Scottish not Italian this is where I'm promised you from a hometown well we've got this lovely sort of pre-raphaelites setting for Sophie she's young beautiful and with this gorgeous long red hair so we thought that felt very appropriate and I think it would be quite nice to make a reference to sort of throne-like chair that was okay for you because of your amazing role than the game of Thrones so maybe if you put your hands on the arm as if it were thrown yeah artists you have four hours to paint your sitters today you may now pick up your paintbrushes your charcoal sticks your pens and pencils good luck I love this bit because you get such an extreme change of course from that blank surface to something happening so this pose with Sophie and it's based on a quite a famous play Rafa like paint innocence yeah William Holman hunts awakening conscience which is in the Tate Britain it's the fantastic painting deeply layered lots of symbolism it's very Victorian moral values very loaded you know it's a very didactic message there's moral sermon in pain don't sit on men's lap for Sophie was born to being a parent we would love for her to be a philia but you know we would have ended up giving a new mania yeah probably would have been worth giving a go at least you didn't have to sit on my lap thank God for that she's beautiful she's amazing here it's a challenge to do what we've got to do in the time but I'm enjoying him frank and i was saying she's scribbled all over her paper like a child as if she's in there and I have to bring him in so you got to find him in there yes the interesting seems a nice work behind me she took out her canvas to begin with and spray painted it and use various different colors so she's really started with this reasonably unusual technique of using spray paint in portraiture but she's also using an eraser to actually subtract the portrait from it it's really fun watching it emerge at the moment it's this sort of almost like punky Mona Lisa it looks really fantastic you always get that sensation at the start of the day of maybe like a marathon run who starts out sprinting very impressive very good to watch but you wonder how they're gonna do at the end of the day our youngest competitor today is 19 year old Jack Griffin he's self-taught and he's taking a year off to learn all he can about the profession he'd love to follow so Jack you done pretty well you seem to made a good start there how'd you feel about the sitter the Challenger is brilliant very good face at this stage I could never work out who's struggling do you know if someone is having a hard time already I can start to see that Phillip actually is struggling a bit using its very hard pencil drawing and he even just the look on his face it feels a bit like it's a bit arduous for him a bit a bit like he's undergoing something akin to torture whereas some people are just a bit more a lot more free and expressive I mean we've got some absolutely amazing things already Denise with that spray painting and then putting all these layers on it and then subtracting them and I mean some really enticing going on I mean we've got some real paces in our section state which I'm loving they're walking a marathon just just half an hour in and some of our artists have already produced what seemed like quite detailed likenesses while others are placing themselves and spending more time planning just three and a half hours of painting time left before the judges choose a winner our shortlisted artists from our competition to find the sky art portrait artist of the year a nearly an hour into the four hours they've been allowed to paint actors John Hannah sophie Turner and Paralympian Michael Kirk the time is flying we try to an hour sir it's astonishing how little we get done in that just trying to get the head shape right in the eyes right really boy want to get those my boy start painting given myself about 15 minutes to get it right otherwise it's just me paint hope a couple of the artists in my section this morning said I'm giving myself an hour to make my drawing and I won't give myself any less because at the kind of the way that I paint and the way that I'm approaching this I need a really sturdy piece of draftsmanship to underscore my painting but there must be really difficult for them because they're sitting next to people the guy next to the knees doing this really slow painstaking during philip and denise has got the spray paint out she's got a lot of different things it's really expressionistic every all the audience the public are watching her because it's fascinating to watch and so for him he's really got to keep his keep his game plan there I mentioned the tour theis of the head yeah exactly and we shortlisted artists have traveled from all over Britain Amanda spoor fourth is twenty five and came here today from her home in Leeds my self-portrait is part of a series of work which is based around feminism and how advertisements use women as part of a social equity now I use myself a lot but I think about the different things I want to bring out of the person so it's never actually me it's always an individual characteristic for a person I want to show I am a professional artist and I'm an apprentice tattooist tattooin gives you the freedom to kind of work with other people you know speak to them decide what they want do something emotional for them but it also gives me a chance to draw and it's very freeing knowing that like those marks are going to stay there to know that that's it they've got that on the fly so it's like I like that myself I like doing them under people anything that brings them pain and happiness I suppose is good it's all about Portman my mom and my two aunt is devout any of their support it would be not happening and every single exhibition I've got lick'em – everything that I draw they come and look at and some of my pictures are a bit you know a risque but everything I've done we've been there all the way with me you're using these colored pencils is there much margin for error I mean can you blend them as you're going along yeah find it a lot easier to work I broke too hard when you get up close there's just so many lovely nuances to all the colors that is public lively yeah and that's what colors can bring about in it great good and you a game of Thrones fan yeah oh good from my section I got Robin Allen who have really done some fantastic painting after now very strong composition they've got John's likeness quite early on he's got great face it's recognizable so you under pressure to make a look like him but yeah it's got a great face you what man you're saying it's it's rugged Susan started off very slowly but she's mixing only the colors she cause he had she hadn't done anything on the canvas he was only picking out the colors she could seem mixing them so I think she will start soon and hopefully because all the colors are mixed we'll take offs I'm really looking for to see she'll be one of those who asks everything assembled and then it just happens like that yeah so this was a horse race there were the early leaders who are we looking at and think wow this this could be great and who are you looking at and thinking oh dear I'm quite interested in Jack you know I think has started really really well he's got the most unbelievable really penetrating like this but I'm worried that he's got another three hours to go and that he's gonna work and work and work and it'll fall away he's very youngest though he's only 19 does that make a difference to you think I mean like any other skill you would say the longer you do it the more experience you get instead of why's that you get I think if you've been through art school you've got just a set of tools yeah you've got a framework that you can rely upon or you sort of know what the rules are you may lose a sense of freedom sort of bad habits one of our artists who doesn't seem to have picked up bad habits at art school is you and mature Ewan became interested in art as a small boy when his parents took him to the Aberdeen Art Gallery he won a Royal Scottish Academy Award and went to Gray's School of Art I always enjoyed doodling and cartooning as a boy but started ticking act more seriously in the last few years of school and at that point I started to concentrate on the human form and realised I really enjoyed portraiture as a portraitist I suppose I am interested in the truth just capturing what I see but with sympathy and tact I'm drawn to 19th century realism so I paint almost as if the 20th century never happened I've lived in various parts of Scotland but I'm really happily settled in Edinburgh it's got its got everything you could possibly want a fantastically interesting cultural depth and a variety of architecture there's always something to inspire me I got us from Poland she's been in Edinburgh for over seven years so she's been here longer than I have I've occasionally managed to get I get to sit still long enough to do a portrait test and not easy painting your other half and there was one occasion where I thought she was looking a little staring and the more I asked her to lighten up the stair nurse she got and the portrait is testimony to my nagging I suppose but it's rather grim I'm lucky enough to think of my job as my hobby but I do have a life outside of painting so I often get together with a group of friends who have the same interest in Georgian music the music of the Republic of Georgia and will often get together for an informal celebration the Georgians call for Supra it's just a dinner which has lots of toasts and singing the singing itself is polyphonic it's an ancient tradition which is all about the exotic harmonies of glee voices Givi and giggle who are three Georgian singers based in a small village in the caucus mountains and my georgian choir and i were lucky enough to go up and learn the traditional from them it's really coming together so that shape in the head that weights that you've got well as you see that's rewarding for just the general structure four men on the details later it's lovely to see these paintings actually coming together it's that creative genius that normally happens behind closed doors so to actually be able to see these paintings and these support rates come to life is really quite special and it also reminds me of how differently artists look so where we might draw the shape of a nose they're actually looking much more carefully at shadow and the light and that's how they start to build the face and the features and the bone structure themselves so it's really interesting one of the artists that judges picked out early as showing promise was Alan McGowan he exhibits his art and teaches Anatomy drawing and painting he caught a light mr. John very early on which was kind of rather freaky because it looked like some kind of extraterrestrial monster that look like John but now he sort of is toned it down somewhat and now that that vitality is still there when he got the likeness is kind of coming together very nicely we kind of started okay I think it's a downward spiral in the past ten minutes I'm trying to haul that out of there well I spend you know doesn't look like him I think the proportions are wrong in the arms in the wrong place other than that it's good well it's been having a wandering around and looking at the artists working with Michael and John their work being done with Michael Curtiz fantastic but then I come on and seen the paintings of John Hannah and they're just exquisite this really amazing sense of movement and like real psychological depth I mean I think the way that he's sitting as well he's giving a lot I mean he's not just this sort of straight poker face he's really giving a lot and on the left a bit worried about because I thought the composition was quite interesting but there's a lot of stuff to do I don't know what he's gonna do in the background since be floating in white space and it doesn't look like a job I'm slightly worried about Jack who caught the likeness and the composition is sort of completed very early on and I think we might see him overwork things with Judy it's very dynamic charcoal drawings and I suppose John is appearing but it's still unclear how this is gonna develop and where it's gonna go we'll see things shipped I think backwards and forwards over the next year's that's still confident that the winners probably painting Michael car right now artists you're halfway through there are two hours remaining I'm having assessed I was quite difficult and I've done the Eisley realize how difficult it would be and tell I was up yeah but I think I'm getting through okay that's pretty good I like it it's weird having yourself painted this is cool I think it's cool I like that one there I like the colors my painting some victims our dad always says to do the brush lines in the same way but those brush lines like it doesn't look bad I think it looks really cool at all in a different way on the t-shirt the sun is shining in Glasgow and the crowds have come out to enjoy our festival of portrait painting in just two hours the judges will be deciding the Glasgow Heat winner of the Sky Arts portrait artist of the year welcome back to Sky Arts watered artist of the year here in class go where 21 artists are painting against the clock and in public our portrait festival today is taking place in the Magnificent kelvingrove art gallery and museum and the crowds have come out to watch our semi-finalists and to learn about a whole range of aspects of portrait painting one of the techniques being used by several of our competitors has a long history what is the mirror all about oh well it's a Renaissance technique and it basically helps you see with a fresh eye so you're you're seeing the drawing back to front and the model that was front and you could suddenly see stuff that you wouldn't have seen otherwise is it about avoiding familiarity and falling into sort of habit base traffic for two hours my eyes are getting a bit moldy so if I come back to it the fresh eye by looking at the mirror suddenly so things will jump out to me artists you have just under one Harlem you mean to ask you what what do you think you're done to me it's like some of that strong like this that you had started to fade away I'm getting after my break after which no it's seen quite a few hours okay well you can sort the mountain sure one of the decisions our artists have had to make is whether to paint a tight close-up of the sitter's head or a wider view taking in the background Tom Mackendrick is one of the very few artists have included Michael's wheelchair rather than enough to stick I mean you know here's a man who's completely bummed Easley Fatone you know this futures mobility she's the one I do agree with you because I I see Mike was a bit of a warrior yep and I mean it's just the look of the wheelchair it doesn't look like a medical deduction Tom's journey here today has not been far in terms of miles but it's been a long road in terms of experience it's a belly Elliot store they always wanted to be an artist nothing else but I mean like every clay bank boy I went in the ads at 15 years of age I spent six years seven apprenticeship after had done my time I moved on it allows me a school up doing all that stuff a lip of a wife Christine I'm three sons and two granddaughters I mean I was born a bi granda I just loved it a lot of good at the shops were fairly in a princess and whether they give its pleasure to my life has been drawing and painting their portraits I've came any portraiture really quite recently just the past year and year and a half and my color project is to paint over three years the portraits of a hundred soldiers and their company them I'm also putting the stories of the soldiers beside them so you're getting to look at the individual and you'll actually get to understand what they've done where they've been and what they've experienced are you superstitious we buy less movement time impede the portrait of a man called Terry law color sergeant Terry row Terry has done four tiers of gana Stan and he suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome I need battling with that it's very interesting to actually paint a mine who has seen what Terry has actually seen listen to him and somehow that comes through the Porter that helps to tell the story of Terry and what he's suffered and seen visitors to kelvingrove today are enjoying a whole range of portraiture we've got tips and advice on how to work under pressure from a celebrated court artist and on how to have enough patience to take a whole six weeks to produce a portrait in tapestry of course one of the people any portrait artist needs to please is the sitter and during the short break one of ours can't resist a peek it's very interesting the way that some of them really kind of abstract then some of them are really kind of detailed you know I wish I could paint like that all from the very first minutes of the competition the judges were concerned that some artists might proceed too quickly and then overdo their paintings while others spent their time planning and have to bring everything together towards the end it definitely thought for us as a painter for us is way too short sander you realized actually is too hung for some others you can't really tell that's the thing though that's one thing I have learnt is that there are some that race and within an hour they've got something that is absolutely precious and really beautiful and then it just goes feels like a mess ago do you feel you've nearly finished almost well I I wish I had a lot more time because I know this area's butterscotch low-vision now like I can't see them anymore got the lightness really early on and you seemed to understand his head's well it early on I'm glad you think I got exciting I've lost it a little bit maybe it's come back but I think early on what I'm trying to just get the relationship between the features rather than features the picture has told me you can get to a point you think oh I can't actually do any more to it it's that it's done I can relax a bit this is phenomenal I watched it too I know today you know what's fascinating is your patience that you just started with that I was watching in the audience of all they could see was this one I think I've went through a bit mad there's one eye on the page looks really slow doesn't it yeah but now you're really going for it now when I spoke to you this morning you were feeling very anxious how are you feeling now I'm great relax actually well I think I've managed to do what I set out to do very beautiful so you've got pain spray paint past oh so you like to keep yourself pretty busy yeah no so I like the element of this to be and three things he gives that kind of urban area which is Christine artists you have ten minutes to go artists please stop working now your time is up it's been a grueling four hours for our artists and now they have an anxious white while the judges deliberate but first our sitters to's their favorites Jack got a fantastic like this very quick yeah I think you've got my grumpy looking well the computer okay all my work is about trying like strong women really well done I was really that's really only expected I wasn't expecting that at all I love it yeah I disagree really hard there's a strength to this that I feel flattered by and I need get a stick away like I make workman with so I mean big wrenches and things like that one really looks like me so now you've got to choose which one you're gonna take home and look at everyday do you know which one is the one you want to take home with you I do it took a long time to decide though I think I'm gonna go with two now brilliant a tough decision because I think that all absolutely amazing I was really shocked when they all get tons and I think my favorite one as best one here have you any frontrunners that you believe are under serious instructions here forever I think I'm going to I think I'm going to be a mine and our judges have been delighted and impressed by the high standard of auld work in Glasgow so it's going to be an especially tough task to choose their shortlist and overall winner welcome back to Sky Arts portrait artist of the year our celebrity sitters here in Glasgow of each chosen of painting to take home with them but which one will be the judges favorite it's time to find out very powerful dynamic and it seems that you started off that way and then you were struggling getting his head out I think you've done very well it's a powerful but grim portrait of John we were looking forward to meeting you today after seeing your fantastic self-portrait and I think they'll they listen a very different work to put medium different approach I feel like it's very pure after light you've got the red hair the white dresses that you just cranked it right up to the 21st century it's great what can I say that hasn't been said before by John a really lovely dynamic painting and it was really as a painter it was really enjoyable to watch you paint very powerful piece I love the composition as well the way you've got him off to the side but no really monumental portrait and that's sort of hinted the tattoo there I just love that to be impressionistic style really enjoyed seeing this come together and you've sort of standing as far away as possible you could have gone through another couple of gears I think if you'd give been given the time it would have been exciting to see it develop further well done you know your age really come into it but it is extraordinary quite how you're able to put paint onto canvas it's such a early age I mean a fantastic well done thank you very much at last someone who painted the whole thing thought it was wonderful you know this this kind of chariot you didn't seem to be fazed by and you've got everything in there fantastic well done thank you artists could you now please leave the room so the judges can decide their short list we need to bring a big another for us Sophie yeah then rather will I kind of I think there's something very and soft focus she was a real crowd-pleaser today everybody loved this portrait it's totally shocked to depict better it wasn't expecting that at all I think this actually really holds its own it seemed very insipid this is really punchy if I could do this again I'd probably take a little bit more time on the background because I want I've got a composition picked and it would have been easier to understand how their composition being you know filled in these two are having trouble with I I feel more confident about those three the head is just so solid today is gone by in a very extended blur it's hard to pinpoint the sequence of events but I think I managed to keep on track with what I intended to do I can see it's great painting it just doesn't excite me anywhere near as much as this one does I find this a really thrilling painting it went okay in part twos but it's a very it's a very difficult thing to do it's a lot a lot of tension and I think it made it difficult to take risks with the painting artists the judges have chosen their short list of three when I read your name can you please step forward you and McClure Allan McGowan [Applause] Amanda spore fur [Applause] the high standard of all the paintings here in Glasgow has amazed the judges and they know they've got a tough task ahead so they have the final word with the artists to help them make up their minds so the pencil crayons today because just firstly because it's a lot quicker for me to work in but secondly I think that by I enjoy doing it because it's just so vibrant the colors are really Lively I thought about long and hard before I came here and what I wanted to do and I thought this is gonna be what you know that would be a little bit different it's just something I kept coming back to him looking at again and again and I have to admit at the beginning of the day when I saw you were using colored crayons I wasn't that optimistic I don't know why it's obviously a huge prejudice they didn't be as I had and I see this and I think wow it's fantastic I mean I think it you've really been able to achieve a lot and then you were really clever to do it and very powerful sort of presence of you know a really solid shape in space and a very you really got his expression he has got a very so determined expression before us is you've done a beautiful painting but is that about the right time for you it is my training for this show I've been doing three year of paintings pretty much everyday for a month so you were never scared at any point or and saving you've got wet trying to save bits because they were good the whole thing it was always alive I thought that was really exciting to the temptation I think is do to lose your freedom but I think what you've managed to do actually with him is it not a likeness likeness you've actually captured a mood more although if someone said with this I would know that it was the artists are asked to withdraw while the judges discussed their final verdict we're minutes away from choosing today's winning portrait and artist when I look at that you know it's it's completely Michael you know he's sort of palpable it has Michaels first but I just found intense –less know especially if he does his training further training he's really gonna be a strong contender but Amanda said you know she thought long and hard she really she did not make a false move today I think that's a really nuanced piece of draftsmanship they're lovely with all the colors I spent a long time looking at this today and I can still very happily go back to look at it more and more whereas this I do feel I was off the palette but maybe I'm just attracted to it aesthetically I have to say I preferred this is a painting and this is much more of the kind of painting style that I like this is dynamic and interesting and there's a fury to it I think she's also taken a license you know she sort of made her more than the redness of the hair she looked so much older than she actually is Harry persuade you the judges have reached their decision the winner of the Glasgow heat of the sky art portrait artist of the year is you and McClure [Applause] commiserations to Amanda and Alan but congratulations to having got this far I think the stuff that was very high yeah I think they were all very very good porches but I think the artists at what you know it was a very wealthy when I think it was a very good project and looked very like myself I feel amazing I feel really delighted in a tired sort of way well really disappointed you know I had high hopes you know the three of us but okay I mean I like the guys painting I thought it the guy who won did a good painting humans amazing his work was just you know what are the ones that you really enjoy seeing when you're walking around I was just pleased to be selected for the final three it's just amazing but I'll be showing a National Portrait Gallery in London it's one of my favorite places to go and a source of constant inspiration so you and McClure from Glasgow joins last week's winner Louie Morris as the first two finalists will compete for Sky Arts portray artist of the year join us next week when we'll be looking for our third finalist in Dublin where our artists will be painting actors David Rohrer from Mumbai pauline mclean from father ted a musician and actor lethal bezel you

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