Photos show UFOs in a flock of birds – Spacing Out! Ep. 63

Photos show UFOs in a flock of birds – Spacing Out! Ep. 63

Greetings everyone, and welcome to Spacing
Out! I’m Jason McClellan. And I’m Maureen Elsberry. Thanks for joining
us. It’s time for us to get you caught up on some
of the space and UFO stories that have made headlines recently.
It’s only been a couple of months since famed paranormal radio host Art
Bell returned to the airwaves, but his new SiriusXM satellite radio UFO and paranormal
show Dark Matter has been abruptly terminated. Bell is widely known as the co-founder and
original host of the hugely successful Coast to Coast AM radio show. He
retired, allegedly for good, in 2003 to spend more time with his family. But as many
of you may remember, SiriusXM recently offered him a spot that was too good to pass
up . . . or so it seemed. His much anticipated return to radio was announced
in July. SiriusXM stated that they would be the “exclusive home
to legendary radio personality Art Bell, marking the return of the trailblazing late
night host to radio with a new, expanded live, nightly call-in show on which he will explore
the paranormal, unexplained and more with expert guests and listeners nationwide.”
The show premiered on September 16th, but problems plagued the show from
the start. Illegal streaming of the show and several technical issues prompted Bell to
ask SiriusXM to offer the show free-of-charge on his website. Bell described, “It’s a
systemic problem. For a caller-driven show like this one, speaking only to people on
cell phones in moving vehicles is somewhat difficult.” Naturally, subscription-based
SiriusXM denied Bell’s request. On November 4th, the Huffington Post pointed
out that Bell’s Facebook page had been updated with the following message:
“Sometimes when you are ‘all in’ you win, sometimes lose. By mutual agreement,
Dark Matter will no longer air as of tonight.” informed fans of the cancellation but included a small glimmer of
hope for his die-hard listeners. The website states: “We are sorry that Dark Matter on
SiriusXM has come to an abrupt end. We’ll examine our options and may be able to
return in a different format and medium. In the mean time, will still operate
as long as financially possible, hoping for a workable solution to bring Art back to you,
soon. Keep checking back here often.” A former resident of Novi, Michigan is still
traumatized by a UFO encounter from decades ago.
Nancy Tremaine says she saw a saucer-shaped UFO floating in the sky
above her neighborhood in the early 1960s when she was just twelve years old. She
can’t remember exactly when the sighting occurred, but thinks it was during the
summer of 1961. She says that she was playing at a friend’s house when the friend’s
father called the girls outside to see the UFO. She describes the craft as a silver
saucer-shaped object, adorned with red, green, and white lights. And she says these
lights were either rotating or pulsating. Tremaine says the next thing she saw was a
light beam shooting down from the UFO onto the unmarked police car
of an off-duty officer who was doing security at a nearby construction site. According
to local news site, former Novi Police Chief Lee Begole was on
duty at the police station on the night of the sighting. He acknowledges that dispatch
received a call from the off-duty officer at
the construction site. Begole remembers, “He called into dispatch
and said there was a strange object overhead.” Dispatchers reportedly received
multiple calls from other witnesses that night, one of whom was the wife of a
city council member. After seeing the beam of light shooting down
from the UFO, she recalls that her friend’s father told her (Tremaine)
to run home. That’s when the event allegedly became more than a simple sighting
of an unknown craft. Tremaine claims that, as she was running home,
she felt a sensation “like being shocked.” The next thing she remembers
is being in her house. She claims she was abducted by the UFO. Although she doesn’t
remember much about the encounter, she says some of the experience has been coming
back to her lately as a result of regression therapy.
She recently stated, “It was a very traumatizing experience that stayed
with me,” and she claims she’s been taken by UFOs several times, but the experiences
are never “harmful or scary.” Hometown/Observer & Eccentric photojournalist
John Heider recently joined Tremaine as she returned to the location in
Novi where the 1961 event occurred. explains, “She’s asking Novi
residents if they remember that night, and if so, would they reach out to her. Putting
together the pieces is one step in her healing process.”
Researchers recently determined that there are potentially tens of billions
of planets in the Milky Way galaxy where alien life could exist.
Scientists from University of California, Berkeley, and University of Hawaii,
Manoa used data from NASA’s Kepler space telescope and the W. M. Keck
Observatory to statistically determine that one in five Sun-like stars in our galaxy have
Earth-sized planets that could host life. A UC Berkeley graduate student who led the
study’s data analysis explains in a press release issued by the
W. M. Keck Observatory, “What this means is, when you look up at the thousands of stars
in the night sky, the nearest sun-like star with an Earth-size planet in its habitable
zone is probably only twelve light years away and can be seen with the naked eye. That is
amazing.” Andrew Howard, an astronomer with the Institute
for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii, adds, “For NASA, this
number – that every fifth star has a planet somewhat like Earth – is really important,
because successor missions to Kepler will try
to take an actual picture of a planet, and the size of the telescope they have to build
depends on how close the nearest Earth-size planets are.”
The research team included UC Berkeley professor of astronomy Geoffrey
Marcy who explained on the program PBS Newshour: “Of course, the properties of a
planet that make it suitable for life is – the basics have to be water, because our own
human bodies are made of water. All life-forms on the Earth depend on water. And so
we assume – perhaps incorrectly – that life out there among the stars would also
depend on liquid water.” But Marcy also cautions that not all these
planets are necessarily hospitable to life. He explains, “Some may have thick
atmospheres, making it so hot at the surface that DNA-like molecules would not survive.
Others may have rocky surfaces that could harbor liquid water suitable for living organisms
. . . We don’t know what range of planet types and their environments are suitable
for life.” The team’s research was published on November
4 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
A medical student at James Cook University photographed multiple saucer-
shaped objects in the sky above the Australian city of Townsville, Queensland on
Tuesday, November 5th. The Courier Mail reports that witness Joshua
Thompson saw small black birds filling the sky while he was driving
home at approximately 6 p.m. He took photos of the birds with his iPhone 5, but, when
he reviewed the photos later, he noticed something strange in the photos with the birds.
Thompson created a video from his photos and uploaded it to YouTube with
the following description: “I saw hundreds of thousands of black birds flying towards
a river. When I took a photo on my iPhone 5
and looked back at the photo I noticed 2 small saucer shaped objects in the sky and
in the next photo a burst of yellow light in
the shape of a disk and 6 small lights in the sky. There seems to be a black shadow
behind the object and another object in the top of the sky, flying away.”
He told the Courier Mail, “The six small lights really weirded me out . . .
You can see them really clearly in this ring type of thing.” Thompson also offered his
speculation that “the birds may have been some sort of cover for it to get away.”
Thompson took his photos while he was driving, but in the Courier Mail article
about these photos, it is unclear if the photos were taken behind glass or if a window
was rolled down. If, in fact, the photos were taken behind one of the car’s windows,
reflections by the iPhone camera’s flash or other light sources could potentially explain
the odd lights. But Thompson is convinced that he photographed something
extraordinary. In a comment on YouTube, he explains, “I’ve
been watching Ancient Aliens and have been convinced aliens have
contacted earth for 1000s of years. But never had a real experience . . . I swear
this has been uploaded straight from my phone- plus I’ve submitted it to a [reputable]
UFO site who said it will be shown as evidence on the site.”
The Courier Mail checked with the Townsville City Council’s parks
department, but a spokesperson said he was not aware of any recent reports of
unusual aerial activity. But we’ve since been contacted by at least
some one claiming to be the person who took these photos saying that he did indeed take
it with the window rolled down so that would rule out the reflection possibility but we
still have a camera, an iPhone camera taking the photo from a moving vehicle
right and that explains, we have the birds they’re all elongated as well as these six
smaller white, excuse me saucer type objects that he is talking about that probably are
little small dots and we’re seeing them elongated because the moving of the car and as well
I don’t know if i buy this explanation because of if you look at the photo it doesn’t really
seem like this is exactly what it is though, maybe it is, is that, somebody speculated
that the bright, long, burst of light was in fact a street lamp as the car was moving,
but i mean its a possibility, it could explain the beam looking coming down
its certainly a possibility, right we’ve got this long slender thing coming down and we
can’t really tell the angle of the photo because we don’t see the entire frame where the position
is in the car and how it’s angled with the horizon so if he is holding it out the window
and its at an angle that line could potentially be a vertical pole but we don’t have enough
information to make that determination but it is a possibility
what do you think about the idea that those smaller objects might be bugs?
they could really be anything i mean, let’s also point out how odd it is that you have
thousands of birds, this guy says thousands, we don’t know but tons of these these birds
in the air at the same time that’s kind of crazy too, but anyway
It’s a little hitchcock-esque yes yes, they’re just swarming so there could
have been lots of things in the sky at that time as well as planes and other things too
I mean the guy is driving down the road and then looks at it later and sees these objects,
we don’t really know, but there certainly could have been airplanes in the sky that
time. but it is an interesting photo and the fact that we now know, at least this person
claiming to be him says window was down at that’s good to rule out the possibility reflection
right definitely, flash maybe yeah well, lets talk a little bit, I just
want to mention Art Bell, you know a lot of people caught off guard because Art Bell’s
show just started on sirius XM and then proof it’s gone but you know I think some people
are getting conspiratorial with it but I think you know a lot of people I will point out
too have a commented to us saying that they’re not surprised because Bell’s kind of flaked
out on previous radio shows well I would be more surprised about him flaking
out than over the fact that a lot of people do not want to subscribe to sirius to see
this one show. so I mean thats kind of a lot of money each month to listen to one person.
so I think the big goal here is hopefully that they are able to an AM format and if
they do that hopefully it sticks around longer than a couple months otherwise keep listening
to Coast to Coast well one of his biggest complaints was the
fact that callers were on cell phones and I’m sorry that’s just sign of the times, people
are going to be calling on cell phones, majority of your callers are going to be on cell phones,
there really isn’t anything you can do about that
right, the only landline I have access to is my work phone so…
right, yeah a lot of people don’t even have land lines, so most of your callers are going
to be on cell phones that’s just the reality of the situation so if you’re going do a call-in
show that’s what you have to deal with we’ll see, maybe he will pop back maybe he
won’t and he certainly shouldn’t have been surprised
by Sirius not being thrilled or even entertaining the idea of offering to stream the show for
free on his website. Sirius is a subscription-based program that’s how they make their money and
he already pointed out that many people were stealing and putting it online so really if
people wanted to get it for free they could, so that seemed to be a nonissue
oh well yep, oh well, that’s all for this episode
of Spacing Out! Remember, you can visit OpenMindsTV, that’s our website, OpenMindsTV for all the
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Elsberry. And I’m Jason McClellan. We will see you in the future.

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