Paxi on the ISS: Inspirational Teachers

Paxi on the ISS: Inspirational Teachers

Hello Paxi my name is Christina Koch and I am an astronaut on board the International
Space Station Today I would like to talk to you about going to school and about teachers! I know you like learning new things as much
as I do Paxi! It’s so much fun to figure out how things work! We can learn from reading a book from watching educational videos on the internet but nothing really beats being taught by a
good teacher and seeing it for yourself! When I was in school I really liked creative classes like band and art But I also liked math and science I hope the teachers on your planet are as good as the ones we have on Earth Paxi! On Earth, our teachers work very hard to make school fun and interesting and sometimes they even take us on trips to really cool places and tell us all the neat stories Teachers go above and beyond to create awesome experiments for us and teach us in a really fun way! Sometimes a teacher can be a role model and inspire us to do great things Paxi I would like to tell you about a teacher I once had His name was Mr. Skitto The cool thing about Mr. Skitto is he didn’t accept anything less than our absolute best But you know what? He taught us how cool it was to discover new things He brought stories about the world and about history to life Every time he told a story the entire class was completely captivated We were dying to know what was next He really inspired us by teaching us that there was more to the world that we even knew we didn’t know about To this day, Mr. Skitto is a friend of mine
and an inspiration for me Teachers are very important and I think we should all remember this next time we go to school For us astronauts it is also very important that we teach people about what we experience in space Unfortunately, we can’t all be in the classrooms ourselves but if you think space is cool ask your teacher to teach you about it On ESA’s website your teacher can find many
experiments and fun projects You can also learn with Paxi by watching videos of his adventures on the
ESA Kids website and following him on social media Well Paxi it’s time to say goodbye again I hope to see you again next time Let’s thank all the teachers for their hard
work and dedication to teaching Continue your good work Maybe you’ll inspire one of your students
to become the first human on Mars! Thank you!

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  2. So happy to see Christina in one of those videos with Paxi !Great video by the way 😍🚀🛰️ !!!

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  4. Some teachers, it' s true, inspired us with their dedication❣
    Thanks, Christina. Lots of love for all of you on the ISS!🌏 🚀 💖
    Thanks, Paxi and ESA! Au revoir❣

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  6. Thank you very much ESA, Christina💙Hello Paxi!👍

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