Pastel & Metalic Pencils drawing LIVE – & Art Chat – Lachri

Pastel & Metalic Pencils drawing LIVE - & Art Chat -  Lachri

oh it's live I'm staring here staring well sitting staring blankly to screen moving on okay let me refresh this make sure we've got audio and everything fun going um no I have all the audio on this computer turned off I can't it's out there we go Oh yep there we go okay we have audio mute that and thanks Joseph no I'm not recording for this one but I think you for the reminder because if I were recording I would have forgotten and okay so today this is a smart box and this video is sponsored by smart box they sent me this stuff in any of the are the boxes sent to me for free and any proceeds they would pay me directly for doing the video goes to artists for trauma it's a really cool charity link should if I did it right showed making the video description you guys should definitely check that out the products for this one the smart box if you're unfamiliar with it what it is is a monthly subscription box for every month you get a box well I removed the lid of mine of full-sized art supplies so going through this one my first thing on this is this black black I thought it was a typo on the paper and I lost the paper where did it go my instructions over there I'm am it's fine um this black black paper from a Fabriano this one I've actually decided to try I was pretty happy when I open this box cuz I've wanted to do some just white charcoal I mean the way the best cells are weird on my hands but white charcoal I wanted to do some sketches on black paper so super excited about that stuff we've got the Derwent that there are six of their metallic water-soluble pencils i have no idea what to expect with these but I'm pretty excited to try those we've got a box of q-tips for blending it had a team with an eraser and sharp pencil sharpener set that is from Derwent and this one is the royal langnickel essentials pastel set set so these aren't gonna be like the top quality pastels but their house elves will use them and just because you guys know I'm super neurotic with pastels I also have a pack of wet wipes so I can wash my hands every time I start to freak out about pastel being on my hands we're good this also comes with which I don't have in front of me I don't know where it went the the cool thing with the smart box is it's not just dumping you with supplies here figure out how to use these it comes with an art history lesson it comes with it goes over a brochure well I should use words in an order people would understand and not words sell it but you get instructions on how to use these supplies you get a history on whatever style you're going to be working in and a detailed description of what all of these supplies are and how to best use them and then on the back it goes through step-by-step instructions on how to complete a project with them I'm not using the project on this one which is why I forgot to grab it but it would have been convenient for talking about this right now but um the instructions on this one it was a figure drawing thing I'm not doing figure drawings for this one I thought on this paper it'd be really fun to try some nighttime um landscape so that is what we are going to do today and just as a reminder if you do leave a question or have a question for me or want me to see your question make sure you're doing the at luck refine art if it doesn't highlight with orange I will not see it so it's not that I'm ignoring you but you know that's what happens so looks like we're all okay hi Gail yeah I'm excited about that black paper – Carlene hi Miriam baby panda said you have a good did you have a good time with your parents did you kids get anything for mother or did your kids get you anything from my Thursday um does dog poop I mean that's what they make me daily that's about the extent of what my kids do for me um that's gross stop um no we yeah we had a great time with my parents they my parents are fun so yeah it was good and yeah moving on female I said I was thinking a scented Rembrandt pastels they are actually semi soft my gosh so much less touch oh good to know yeah in the pan pastels are my favorite like Pam vessels if I'm gonna use pastels it is ham so I'm gonna be Pam pastels so this is going to be cringe-worthy for me but first thing I want to do is test out these metallics this is the thing I was most excited for I didn't open any of these so I could show you what the packaging looks teen looking like but these I'm sure are not light fast I didn't look into it but most likely and put those to the side and I'm gonna test this on white paper which actually lets test it first on us I hate to waste the black paper it's so fancy but I need to do a quick test on what I'm working on to see what these are gonna be like okay so let's see how much this shows up on but paper that's shows up a lot more than I would have thought that's pretty glue make sure you're able to see this because yes so that's fun whoa these show up really well I don't even have me for the pastels I just need these this is fun I wish this had white though there is no white in this set wow that's bright yellow I thought that would be more green that is absolutely like super bright okay let's see what happens when I smudge I smudge it with my finger not much of anything and then these are water soluble so let me find paint brush here and I'm going to be using this I need to do a full review on it that's dirty I've been using it a lot a lot this is the paint puck you get these on Amazon this and just for transparency they did give this to me to review I just haven't done the full video but figure you can start telling you guys what I've been using but this one is really cool it's got this rubber stuff you can't woo at least if you push that off um it's got a rubbery thing at the bottom that you can kind of I don't know if you can see that you probably can see that but you can wash your brushes all along the bottom to keep it clean and then with the rubbery bottom it here it doesn't slide around on the table that I put it on which is super nice so that is what I'm using for cleaning my water and he just shoves down so I don't break that seal again okay so I just need something small to check with this is actually one of my old this one came from smarter at box so I'm not totally cheating by using different supplies I'm curious if this is going to go opaque when it dries or if it'll stay really translucent like this the UM inktense will go more opaque once it's dry ooh those are kind of glittery that's really pretty we'll see what happens is that does dry and speaking of intense if you guys are members of patreon or if not you can sign up so you can make it for this I've got a live stream a patreon only live stream coming this Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Central Time we're going to be drawing a rose in inktense you can also use watercolor pencils or watercolor or acrylics you can get pretty much the same results um Clarisse this is the black black by Fabriano Rohit Lane nickel pastels are not like us nothing by royal whatever their names are like those are I would call them almost children's art supplies like they're the lowest end of the lowest end of stuff that you would find in an art supply store so it's one of those you can kind of play around with it to see if it's something you're interested in but if you're gonna try to produce something to sell these are not the supplies I would use the Fabriano is probably fine I'm not sure on that I've not researched okay so these do dry fairly opaque there I mean not as light as it is with just the pencil but good to know because I really don't know what I'm doing on this project let's see oh I need to open the pastels too we're gonna put the pastels Carlene said what subject will you be doing today they will be this these are going to be nighttime landscapes every day said at least my cat's bring me leaves yeah my dogs do not bring leaves Gabriela said besides the black black paper what black paper do you use for colored pencil I typically my favorite I would say right now is the arches hot press watercolor paper the February artistic Oh hot press watercolor paper is also fine for colored pencil really like the Canson papers they're the Cantonese hands I like and the camps and illustration board I really like candy I think it was something else I tried recently I liked to and I can't think of the Oh pastel Matt is one of my favorite favorite things in the world right now okay so these pencils have the pencils themselves and then you've got the blocks off to this oh god it just makes me cringe to think of touching blood gosh girl blocks yes I have issues okay oh it's already touching me okay let's move this out of the way I think I have to use these blocks though for well no they don't have purple I have to use the pencil purple and orange are the main colors I want to try in the background and I don't know how well these will stand out but what's gonna get my horizon here kind of have a sort of general reference photo I'm going for just stuff off pixabay but I'm not trying to go exact on this like that there's not a concern of mine here this is kind of hard this set of touching pastels gross um this is a little bit hard because the colors are extremely limited here so I'm going to have to this Hill it's not straight it's gonna look like I did it wrong let's just make it straight mmm and this isn't a good composition if I were to actually do it like this I'd probably like drop this out I wouldn't go cool don't use this as a good example for your composition I'm just playing with the supplies to see what happens I have no idea what these are gonna look like when I blend I've never tried these well I've never tried the metallic pencils and I've never tried pastels and or this kind of pastel anyway on black paper so you know how old this will blend out I'm just gonna scribble I may hate this and start over luckily the set came with tons of paper so I can try a lot I am one of the things that I wanted you with the black paper why it was saying before that I wanted to start doing a few things with that with the or I was excited to get that so on and you use the white charcoal pencil I like that look like right now where it looks like I'm a black board when we were kids well most some of you guys may not be old enough to remember black boards but when I was a kid we had black boards not the white boards so I really want I like that look and wanted to create some artwork that looked like that this may end up looking like a hot scribbly mess Wow what's my note I should have titled this video professional artist draws like a three-year-old because that's pretty much what I'm doing right now hmm and then we've got green down here I don't have a green green besides this bright like crazy bright green which is not the color I wanted for this but let's I don't know touching pastels gross okay I'm going to blend this they said q-tips and the instructions you can use a nice pop ball you can use whatever I'm gonna play around with my pan because since I already have them the soft tools but I typically would use for pan pastels all that neutralizes that way too much hmm maybe not the best choice for blending I know you see why I chose to do a night scene on this if I wanted to play with landscapes I'm gonna do a few of these so this one's just kind of a what scribbles see what happened so I know what to expect and then I want to try to do something good after this ah let's see for inset farm city said you need to wear need vinyl gloves no I can't it doesn't work I hate gloves touching my hands hands feel all sweaty they feel gross there's more complaining involved that doesn't work out for me either what normal people at probably would Elaine said it's best to wait is it best to wait to sell my art and chow I better perfect technique or should I start selling so long as it's decent work I'm a perfectionist and that can be bad yeah you could get to the point where you never sell cuz nothing's ever good enough to you so oh okay this green will work on the dark for what I wanted but um know if people are willing to buy it start selling as soon as they're willing to buy start selling as long as you're using archival materials and even if you tell the buyer like oh I didn't use light pass things they don't know what that means let them you know if you're gonna do that if you're using you know like prismacolor that so many of them are not like first you need to let the buyer know by the way this may fade in a couple of years but besides that as long as you're using light best materials or archival materials and people want to buy it absolutely start selling now because like you seem to already know about yourself you'll probably never feel you're good enough no matter what stage get it you're gonna want to get better and better and better and it you know you can get to the point where you never sold anything because you were trying to wait until everything was absolutely perfect but if somebody is interested in what you've created yeah start selling lemon buying I may have to blend those with my fingers to get the results that I want like that I don't know how when I was younger like when I was a teenager I used to work in pastels and charcoal all the time my hands are filthy I blended everything with my hands and it never bothered me and as I got older you started having issues dan said so glad you're not just doing patches of color and doing a night scene yeah I wanted to do yeah we'll see well you say you're glad now you just may be in for a good laugh by the time I'm done with this Nate said you have any tips for drawing long cat fur and colored pencils um break it lick any fur or any hair if it was a person break it down into one small section at a time don't try do like it's easy to go through the cab you like okay I'm doing the hair like this everywhere if it's probably not like harsh lines there oh no my masterpiece is ruined you you're going to pick a small section maybe it's a clump of fur like this watch how the how the fur clumps together like you know here's a clump of fur if there's another clump of fur I don't know and I'm a picture of a cat that doesn't look like a home cliff or clump of fur look at your reference photo work in small sections at a time and watch the clumps of fur how they clump and cluster together watch where the shadows and highlights are it's really easy with like let's say you're drawing a fluffy white hat to look at it and go it's just a big blob of white well now you draw a cartoon watch your shadows and highlights watch your values that's what's going to make the biggest difference let's try the q-tips I'm curious to see because if that works better maybe I should grab some cotton balls now that lists too much pigment to try with my fingers yeah that's better this feels not okay it doesn't look good either it doesn't look good enough to put myself through that this is yuck okay let's just smudge these out so I think these pencils aren't the best for what I'm to do without I think I'm going to change the color I'm trying to do that's not me let's just keep messing with it and see what I can make it make you happen let's try with them this oh the metallics yes we're gonna put metallic in the sky that'll look better I'm not an expert on these if you're watching this hoping that I will be able to tell you how to get the best results from that I can't tell you that but we can play around tonight find out if nothing else what doesn't work and I'm gonna try going over this with water and see what happens even though I have the pastels underneath I don't have orange in these so let's try it's kind of a pinkish orange color for the bottom where it's fading up one of the things that I like to do with art it's really easy to get to a stage like this in out man it's bad start over I was just tempted to do it myself right there play with it play with it a little bit more and see what you can do because that's how you're going to learn faster what to or not to do how to make something better if I just go ahead and try to finish this try to turn it into something halfway you know instead of it looking like a three-year-old druid my goal is to make it look like a five-year-old really just you know improve it a little bit you're going to learn more from that than just throwing it out and starting over the only time that I really recommend start throwing something out like starting from scratch is if it was something like you're doing a portrait or drawing an animal and you realize that your drawing is long then go ahead and start over this pencil sharpener is nice and kind of like it matte the only thing is on a pencil sharpener like this there's no way I'm gonna I don't use a lot of erasers so I'm not going to I don't see myself ever using that part but I really like or not often I really like the sharpener side of it at least on these pencils scroll to fire hold on um wow this really squirrel – fire – ed what do you mind there's more complaining involved patty said how about doing in Aurora Borealis even on the black that's actually one of the reference photos I got just to kind of see the movement of it that is absolutely one of the things I'm gonna try tonight Rene said sponges are good for blending but obviously the effect was not what you had in mind yeah um Diane said you're on a roll we are you're an alum Miriam said Lisa you mentioned finding good I Instagram accounts for sea life sometimes salty stay salty Florida and yes that is a lot of words shove together a letter shove together are some an excellent excellent to see that under under toes of waves that it's not I'm not reading that right this is writing is tiny next one eight excellent to to see the underwear this is not written right I think your phone is Auto correcting you badly um I don't understand what that was saying blue teen said when you use a blending step for pastels the blurred you absolutely can i used to you it's a little bit more stiff but like especially when you're doing details you can i used to a lot when i drew i start work is a lot with pastels and charcoals KJ picket said what is the most important aspect of your piece of art to you for example visual appeal idea meaning behind it challenging your scale market appeal from me visual appeal i want to see good composition i want to see good lighting contrast values those are what's most important to me composition like i said that that's the sort of thing that matters to me my art I draw the kind of art that has a ton of meeting meaning other than I want to draw something pretty so meaning is broke these are riddle and it's stuck inside well that's convenient hold on I need to get a container for this I mean there's not a whole lot of meaning behind drawing a tiger other than pretty Tiger save the Tigers I mean what I know people will try to drive draw meaning from stuff that I don't know things how do you even empty this no no how do oh no there we go okay figured it out genius me not the design oh my gosh that is really stuck in there okay not super in love with the fact that because of the way this is set up it's hard like how you would get a pencil out of the sharpener maybe I wouldn't purchase this this sharpener because if already that's that difficult to Colette breaks inside which what happens all the time it should because it's got this cap thing on it I can't get under the side I really need to totally sand that I can get from the front pick it from the back and that isn't that it's really jammed in there wow that is impressively stuck okay not using that anymore tonight and we're all that story oh and it's jammed and that doesn't come out at all that is like don't want pencil stuck in the Derwent sharpener I love Derwent but sometimes you get a product that just isn't the most practical see if this will work oh there we go got it how to stab it with something else it's kind of a weird design because the way you have to put the lid in and turn it no that stays that way okay wait you don't turn it there we go I don't know it's weird maybe I'm just dumb so now I can sharpen it let's see if it breaks I'll be a little bit more careful I don't blame the sharpener for it breaking that was on me but this does mean lazy about it but kind of a pain when it breaks and is it breaking again okay this is not the sharpener for me I would not buy one of these it's just too inconvenient when I can use my little metal I like the little metal cone sharpeners easy to see how far my pencil is sharpened this one was a little bit difficult because I'm in this dark red thing this is I would use this for graphite I wouldn't use this for something like this that these um past the pastel pencils and the what are they the jar well it wasn't the Derwin I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing okay it was pastel that I got blocked in it which is typical when you could sharpen pastels that's why I wasn't being careful enough wasn't paying attention which one I was using but they are very very brittle and on something like this it's going to be hard to you're going to constantly trying to pull it out if I keep blocking or keep breaking light off like if I use pastel pencils if I'm going to sharpen it with a sharpener I will almost always go with one of these little handheld metal ones because they break too easily and I if I'm not going to be careful and I'm rough with it whatever I'm constantly having to you know unclog it but if I can't get to it easily like that one not my favorite I would use that for travel maybe with graphite pencils cuz they're not real prone to breaking but not something that softer like inktense pencils watercolor pencils these metallic ones I would probably not use these as the sharpener for that for that thing that guy it's kind of hard to give a review and you can't realize when you're going quickly and not paying attention what you're using okay let's see what happens if I take a larger brush with water over those um blue tea art said would you okay answer that one it's that one what am I going to do more painting livestreams is that I mean that's what they do every Wednesday I'm doing it you mean like a specific type of painting I'm not sure where you're going with that question Vladimir said I can probably miss reading whatever you whatever you're saying um I mean technically I'm painting because I'm using water with these if I could find my brush I feel super unprepared for some reason tonight um I mean every Wednesday next I don't know what next Wednesday is right now I'm trying to get through some of these smarter box ones maybe that's what you mean um I'm trying to get through some of the smarter about this one cuz I'm soul behind and I've been waiting for my computer to get here which is seal mole it's sitting behind me I've got to set that up tonight so the normal painting stuff should be coming back soon and then pinky painting like might my own pinky not smart fox livestream I'm not sure maybe next week maybe the week after maybe I don't know I don't plan things that would be we're like responsible I don't want to be responsible I don't know how well these blend or if they reactivate I don't know anything about these all the way I'm kind of liking this metallic look a lot that's fun I'm gonna use it for something I was selling I would use this the metallic pencils I think for me would be a fun one for um for sketchbook stuff I wouldn't even use the metallic ones for something I was going to sell because you're not really going to see the metallic in photo like you would in person I'm making a hot freaking mess here let's just scribble that and so this is mixing in with my pastels on the first layer and it's giving me a very chalky look that I probably wouldn't get as much with these pencils if I just use the metallic and not the pastels underneath so that's not an indication of what then and results gonna be we'll try that on another piece of paper like when I tried this these they're a little chalky not to that extent okay let's let that dry for a second I'm gonna answer a few more questions and then see if I can turn this into anything ah let's see Vladimir said what oil paint do you recommend I've heard that you like the grandmother pre-tested oil paint still stand up said that yeah I like grime popper the that was probably one of my favorites I like the Windsor Newton just find the artist color I like better than the Winton color those ones they're not like I like the I think the grub Walker has a better texture or a better consistency then the ones are in Newton when our artist colors but both I use them both I like them both there are other higher quality or higher end brands it gets super expensive I like the Windsor Newton in the ground marker because they're fairly easy to find in those art supply stores and that's why I generally go with them and they're still light fast and such so they work for me um hello shiny said I challenge you to complain about the way a pest deal those feel gross I'll sue perch at you if you succeed a challenging not to complain about the way pastels feel I giant telling you right now I failed that absolutely failed Maryann said I seem like I'm psychic now I hope that was the right all right to share sorry if not Oh what does I do not meet Reid I Marion said you oh yeah I think that oh yeah no fine Jer away with other accounts that you like um for its firm studious I just forget the past those and use the pencils yeah I'm gonna try this is mess we're gonna make this into something give me a second I'm going to make it happen okay Nick said I mean like acrylic and oil I'm not sure hopefully soon what you my favorite so hopefully soon they'll it said if your artwork isn't the same sizes how as your Mac how do you a fix so the mat doesn't slide out of place if it is not the same size than my mat I kept my maths – this ain't the size that my artwork needs so that's what I do I don't like I'm I mean there are ways that you can kind of Center it on another piece of paper where you could put like a tape under or adhere it there's different fix it is you can use I would talk to a framer and get better advice than what I can give you because I don't really do that much so it's not something I can give you a whole lot of advice but I do know that you could mount like dry mount or use a fixative to mount onto another piece of paper and then and then map that but what I typically do is just custom I find it to be easier just to custom cut my mat to fit whatever image I need my drying looks like dark circle clouds on the horizon if only I do have white maybe I'll turn these into clouds I've gotta turn them into something cuz this is not working for me um oh I have an idea I I have an idea coming up here um you gave me an idea Diane Marian said is probably new technology to me that in its tiny writing I'm gonna just understand all your guys's questions and be like what are you talking about and it's really that I'm reading at home yeah I'm a pro I don't know KJ cricket said apologies if you already answered the past but if you experienced had experience working with galleries art collectives and other such things I have not worked with a gallery in a while I used to back when I was in California they were it was called Kindle Galleria and they really focused more this papers a little wet I shoulda let it dress I'm not gonna let it dry they really focused more on like the gainer artist new artist that sort of thing and they were great to work with I forget what commission they took I've worked with another gallery that took a 20 or 30 percent commission I forget what they took 20 30 50 they're all they're all reasonable permissions they're all like fine um who else one of those are the main ones and then I've done like art shows where I sold the stuff I'm just gonna do this as a straight pastel on top of this so those pencils I'm not liking I'm not getting enough pigment with those um that's mainly what I've done worked with the Angels Galleria was a small one in the Pomona art Carly Kony back in the late 90s early 2000s mostly the late 90s before they went out of business maybe they shouldn't have just been working with beginner artists huh um I think that area which is hard to sell stuff in and see what happens when I yeah I can just blend with this guy now so that one was that was fun they used to have Art Walks and such that was a really fun thing to be a part of so if you can get in with a gallery that's great but it's hard to get in depending on the style you're working in a lot of the galleries like locally that I've gone to they want abstract they're not really looking for a realism or photo realism so much but not because they're mean and they hate that style because then if that's just what sells in person it seems to be easier for most of these galleries to move the the abstract stuff so my work isn't really a fit for most of them I have had better luck for the most part anyway selling and online I wonder how these will mix if I want purple if I put it right on it let's find out it's a little purpley you kind of mix it on there like I said just playing with this cuz I've never worked on this paper with these pastels I really don't super know what to expect let's throw some green back in here it's kind of grassy but I'm not it's hard to control something this large let's blend that a bit what oh I should wipe that off blendin all my colors together kind of like that rough look though like I was saying before I wanted that I've been in this hole wanting to create artwork that looked like something drawn realistically put on a blackboard that's not what's happening here this is just a mess but a fun mess if you knit over if you can handle the feel of the dryness of charcoals on your hands or pastels they are fun to play with and they're very fun to blend and you can do things really really quickly it's just a personal thing with me that it freaked me out let's make it look like some trees kind of back there little lazy trees song I don't know if I'm gonna make it to where it looks like a five-year-old did it I think I'm still at the three-year-old level with these but at least I'm finishing something and then we can try a new one when I try though see let's see the Northern Lights look fade out not on this one there are stars in there well that shows up pretty well when you do stars you have to watch like right now hi polka dots you know what polka dots and stars you want to do clumps and clusters of them where they group together it'll give you a more natural feel it's one of the reasons that I like to flick paint onto my canvases light when I'm doing standing stars oil acrylic watercolor pencil ancient everything I say will flick the paint to get that look it comes out more natural otherwise I have a tendency just to look like random polka dots like that I'm gonna make that stand out even more up here okay so that's a nice let's try again good enough I'm calling it I mean maybe it's up to five year old level probably more three we're gonna wipe my hands off first before I switch the paper over so I can have a little break from the cringe so much better okay um let's see well I'm missing a lot of questions give me a second let me scroll back up here we go Carlene said I thought the layers were completely gone my jaw drop I feel relieved when it dries out fine though I'm doing that I might freak out well the thing is when you're going to play with something like this and especially if you don't know what's going to happen don't don't put pressure on yourself to make it look good I don't care if this looks good tonight I'm playing I'm having fun I'm experimenting and that's what I like so much about the SmartArt boxes you're just experimenting with things I don't get these to try to make the most amazing art ever I get these because I think it's fun to try something I'm not used to playing with even if it's pastels that I hate the feel of this was fun I'm a little bit cringy from the feel of them but it's still fun and it's still just kind of a cool little quick thing to do and whenever and I would say that no matter what medium you're doing if it's something that you're not used to working in do not put a ton of pressure on yourself to make things look good if it starts looking bad try ideally keep working on it until it starts coming together don't give up and face terrible I'm gonna start over you just don't progress if it looks bad keep working on it until it looks like you know a five year old instead of a three year old did it give yourself a goal which was my goal I wasn't trying make it amazing but give yourself just enough to to get a better feel for it I now know what doesn't work that's for sure and that's as important as knowing what does work so let's go ahead and put a new piece up here and yeah this paper is way too smooth for pastels it wouldn't be my first choice I mean when I used to do pastels and it was like more chalk than pastel but that in the the charcoals I worked on paper this smooth so it can be done it wouldn't be my like first first choice but it it's easy to blend that's for sure but this is the type of paper I want to use for the white on black artwork that you will see videos of me doing soon okay let's move that out of the way I'm just gonna reuse the back of this one no reason to waste another piece of paper plus um I'm trying to keep some of that paper for the white charcoal to do in the future and Camille I said have you used oil pastels or oil bars and six I used to use oil pastels a lot when I was younger those I liked better and those you can blend out with odorless mineral spirits which is kind of cool um just stick to this this isn't gonna be straight at all whatever and those were pretty cool I did like those oil pastels never really dry all the way which is kind of weird to me so like you'd have to make sure to put it in a frame and they smudge and a lot of the supplies that I used to use when I was younger the reason that I stopped charcoal is one of the I just stop for this reason and I need pastels like that and then oil pastels I stopped using those because I couldn't afford to buy frames and the only real way to protect them even when you spray them is to put put them in some sort of a frame so behind a glass to really protect them and I just didn't have the money back then to do that and so that's really why I kind of moved away from drying it on it drawing with them so much I was definitely doing the starving artist thing for a very long time so I liked acrylics because I could just paint the edge of the canvas and they can be be hung any gallery that way so financially they were just a fit for me and that's where I ended up moving more towards that to draw with them back when I first started but there we can yeah the oil pastels I did really like what I used to use them they were fun to paint with Diane said do you make your own frames I just got a mat cutter and love it also getting UV Plexiglas no I don't need my own frames just the mats and the mats if I can buy a premade mat besides I want I always go that route it's just so much easier but sometimes I'll draw something and it's like an inch too short one way or another then I'm gonna cut my own mat but no I'm not trying making my own frame that's impressive if you do buzz art painting drawing and gunpowder tutorials that's the long name so is there a big difference between the way paint behaves between liquitex and Golden's the main difference that I found and it's really bit more between liquitex basics and Golden's liquitex basics is going to have a more flat finish or a matte finish it's way easier to photograph and then when you've even to the gloss finish I'll talk about to bring the shine back to it but it's the way that I layer the way that I use a charcoal pencil that matte finish is a really big deal for me Golden's has a higher gloss to it and so the pencil the white charcoal pencil doesn't stick as well and they they look like there's a varnish on them from beginning to end so that's kind of the biggest difference that I noticed between them but as far as like liquitex soft body versus Golden's they're similar I would say I like Golden's better if given that if I didn't care about it being shiny that'd probably be my choice I just like the texture of Golden's they're really nice pants Miriam said I shared them above okay yeah um Irish with treble a brush with trouble I'm never gonna get that right I always read that as airbrush said Lisa you made some comment anyway you missed some comments oh I'm sorry any it's squirrels the way this girls it's I apologize I don't do it on purpose I suggest you need to use pastel pencils more like colored pencil work smaller and with more pigment that should blend better yeah I definitely know you're right I don't like this medium I'm not putting that kind of time into this but no you're absolutely right you want to do pastel as well you are going to use them very similar to how I work in small sections with colored pencil watch Jason Morgan if you really are interested in pastels and you want to be good at them watch Jason Morgan he has amazing videos super realistic and he's going to do like the he's gonna put the time in I'm not willing to do because I'm cringing the whole time I'm sitting here cuz it touched me um kike neurotic as I say these things something like I did not sound like a sane person this is the only thing I'm that way with but anyway um check out Jason Morgan if you want to get really good with pastels he him and I even think we'll Staller unmasked art here on YouTube he does some pastels that are really good too and they haven't seen more and more from him um Aurora or what I don't know how to say that I just learned about you yesterday would at what an amazing artist like yourself I have advice for a self-taught artist learning light learnt Leaney learning light form she I have no idea what that I can't read that I have got to fix the fonts on this computer it is way too small um I am a self-taught artist as well and my biggest advice for you no matter what it is you want to learn is to just keep practicing just jump in it doesn't matter if you paint and draw something here's what I'm looking for if you paint you draw something and it comes out absolutely terrible absolutely it doesn't matter that's how you're going to learn so my biggest piece of advice for you is paint and draw more and then when you start to feel you're getting it page and draw even more and then more and more and it doesn't matter if what you paint I'm gonna try this similar concept but just with the Cassell's it doesn't matter if what you paint is good that it's not even like a real indication of whether or not you'll be good that's just part of the process is painting and drawing more find artists who are creating work that you like that you you know you're like okay I want to learn that technique watch how they're doing it and then go to might try to do it yourself but the only way you're really going to learn is to spend more time painting and drawing the more you paint and draw the faster you're going to learn it it doesn't matter what style what technique what anything it's all about the amount of time you're spending at that easel and find other artists who are creating something that is similar to what you're interested in that really will make a big difference stay away from beginner tutorials as much as you can I mean beginner tutorials are great to get you started you don't ever and this is for anybody don't stick with beginner tutorials I see all the time or people like oh let's do hard I can't do this drawing I can't do this style I can't follow this teacher it's too difficult I need something beginner you stick with the Ginter stuff and you are forever a beginner that's the but you're not going to progress if you stick with things for beginners and I'm not necessarily talking I mean or irori auroria or I am butchering your name and I apologize I'm terrible but anyway the anybody who's starting I hate I did just see this a lot where they want to start with the things for the beginners like I need to start with the basics how many basics are good but if you follow something that is far more advanced than where you are you're going to learn a lot faster yeah I mean it really is that simple I was I'll use this as an example when I first started painting and drawing I was kind of basing my work I wanted it to look similar oh I wanted to I was doing underwater scenes and I really liked Christian Lassen's work but I was like ah is this too hard I'm gonna go with something that seems more easy and my work then I found an artist who was more basic I mean you could tell it was a whale on a dolphin was not at all at anatomically correct so that was it kind of a thing but you I mean you could tell what it was and so I was painting looking at his stuff thinking this looks easier I'm gonna paint like this guy and whatever you're painting it's probably not going to be as good as what you're copied so if I'm copying someone who's mediocre my work is far less than that if I copy Christian lessons and that's what I had to start doing like trying to do things realistic like his I'm not saying copy him but do stuff that was super realistic like what he was doing while my work wasn't as good as his it was far above the mediocre artists I started that I thought was you know better for maybe in a beginner my artwork my technique my style everything jumped in skill level so much just because I pushed myself harder don't stay with things that you think are fitted for beginners um jump into the hard stuff jump into more advanced you're going to yeah it's not gonna look just like the advanced artists but it's gonna look a heck of a lot better than if you were doing a beginner tutorial so that's probably my biggest biggest piece of advice there whew that is dry and hard as a rock on one side that's not good quality supplies there with that Royal laying Nichols whatever their name is see a brush with travel said I also suspect the papers too smooth pastels need more tooth either ways blending just removed yeah exactly it just removes the pigment and move yeah it moves it right yes you are absolutely right this is not the best paper for this KJ I think it's good paper for the past of the pencils and we're gonna try those more but for this not so much where is I had a blending tool oh I think I'm just gonna have these my fingers again I'm gonna push a little bit harder with these so it's the pigment sticks more and this is still gonna knock a lot off but because I pushed harder more is going to stick to the paper oh my years of working in pastels now I'm getting that blending that I'm looking for I was not pushing hard enough with my pastels so I wasn't getting enough pigment on there to account for how much was about to be knocked off the paper oh that doesn't work I just got that brush way I I forgot that sweat was wet hold on need a new way to blend that's Pauline even more off let's do another layer like this well at least I'm getting that smoother blending but yeah I think I'm gonna have to blend the next one with my fingers so I'm gonna push a little bit harder whoops really get that on there this is so crumbly up that's that hard side again quality materials I just don't like that brand roiling it like I some of the brushes I I do like but some of their other stuff is just not my favorite this is one of my problems with pastels I've always gotten the best results blending with my hands I don't want to get my hands dirty I'm weird let me be weird pastels give it a little tree the reference photo I'm using has a little tree but I can't put in shadows cuz I only have one shade of green because I can use black wouldn't be my first choice but whatever it's what I have my little tree trunk with no highlights cuz yeah and I like this tree we're getting rid of them let's see if I can blend it out as much as because that works Wow black on that side it's okay I can fix it one of the most important lessons you're gonna learn as an artist is how to fix mistakes like that one cuz the what I just did sometimes that happens do you know in the medium you're using how to fix that so when you have something go wrong don't pat it go go oh my god I just ruined it it's never gonna be the same go over it figure out how to fix it that's going to be such a huge lesson for you because there will be times you're doing a commission and you get halfway through and either a kid comes a little bi and smudges something you drop it you change your mind like I did you grab something that's wet that you thought was dry and it does not good things um you want to learn how to fix mistakes so don't freak out once thing goes wrong it's like okay I'm about to figure out I'm gonna learn a lesson now let's see how to fix this problem it's going to do you way more good than if you just freak out and throw it away figure out how to fix it now sometimes things do go wrong that are bad enough that you can't really fix but you still want to get make the effort I mean it's kind of a landscape really feeling limited on these colors that's certainly not making things easier for my okay this set is weird cuz it gives you your your primary colors then black white and florescent green and then the pencils have orange and stuff it's kind of a weird weird set well that one's kind of fun I'm not unhappy with how that looks let's go ahead and clean my hands up before I have a melt book down and try something else that one so far definitely my favorite I think that's a huge upgrade from the first one I mean the first one okay okay no it's not there's the first one yeah I like that one way better okay let's try some Northern Lights I think was one of my plans scroll through where are my images or my computer can freeze it's my old computer I'm using for my reference photos shocker it froze that never happens ooh there's a nighttime scene with cactus let's try that first this is the other thing that I'm loving with this sort of thing when you have and I like I always prefer when SmartArt fox house where you get like a whole pad of paper or a bunch of canvases to play with so you can just experiment and not be like I just wasted my only canvas that came from I can just try a whole bunch of stuff this one's pretty I like that when I was a kid I so what if it that on my wall that for those of you don't know that's actually one of the things that really got me into painting and drawing a lot or growing up my family did not have much money I mean we had food we had a roof over our head but like my friends had all these cool posters on their walls like sharks and tigers and stuff I remember my getting a new tiger poster I was so jealous we were I don't know how old we were eight nine I don't know I was super jealous my walls were just plain white now I'm grateful I had walls so you know I did not sound super ungrateful but I didn't have the fun stuff that my friends had but my mom always always would have paper round right we'd have the paper bags that I could draw on and that's where I would I would just get like cheap sharp chalks that's what I started with well I started drawing I guess there's more than that I started drawing and coloring a lot when I was younger because I was sick all the time but what got me to move from just coloring in the coloring book because I was born to let's try to make something look good was my gel jealousy that my friends had cool stuff on their walls and I hated to this day I hate white with plain white walls hate them so I started drawing things and I lined it looked like tiles mile walls were covered with birds were the main thing I was trying I had a book on birds that I would just try to copy those make a book as realistically as possible and started copying those when I was a kid and I just filled my walls with them but I really charcoal was the main thing Sharples and chalk because they were cheap that's what my mom would get me and she let me cover my walls with them so now I have cool drawings on there but it really motivated me to want to draw things more more realistically so that it looked like what it was supposed to is it hung on my walls see beam broke as a kid is not all bad you learn to do things on for yourself okay um so you can get kind of fun a few questions here PJ Pickett said thanks for answering obviously asking about galleries because I was thinking of applying to a local art collective gallery that seems pretty active in the community yeah definitely I would absolutely apply what's the worst they're gonna say no come back later and try again it or and if it works out you may start selling your work well so I would definitely try Miriam said run out my eat chance tonight nice those are I can't wait for Saturday I'm really looking forward to drawing that rose to not wait okay um Rachel said any tips for someone wanting to make prints of their artwork but not sure where to even start well depends on what kind of prints if you just need like postcards or business cards vistaprint is pretty good they're pretty inexpensive it you watch the clays which are the really nice prints I really and I was happy with the prices or she clay today you can go gee clay today calm I think but if you just do it a Google search for them they'll come up that one I really liked and I'm not sure on other prints well one thing you need you to if you don't want to put a lot of money out to begin with you can do what prints on the man service like fine art America which is what I also use so like let's say you wanted to buy my one of my flamingo prints you go through them it's on my website but you add you buy it and you pay them everything's through them you do a return it's through them if you didn't like something about it or whatever everything it gets damaged it's all through them which means I don't have to do much work other than upload a high quality high resolution image for them to print on whatever and it can be any size so it's not like I have to order figure out what sizes someone might want to buy figure out how many I need that I'm going to sell like I did with this you clays they they just print them as they sell so I'm not gonna make as much money doing that but I'm also I don't have as much work involved I just upload the image and it's done now with those you still have to send people to the or fine art America shop they're not gonna just come across it and buy stuff you have to tell people about it market you it yourself but that works out real well for me um oh cool Renee said come on a second Saturday art is still a thing I live in Pomona I used to work at Pomona Valley veterinary hospital was dr. Khan he was the first day I'm a hospital I worked at but yeah that was how I because I was working out there the it used to be Angels gallery other I know they're not there but that was so fun that's cool let's see who's next Nick said oh what are those boxes behind you new tech yes they are my msi trident it's an i-9 something or another all the numbers that i don't know what they mean adele they think that one's a 2k monitor and a new keyboard and i get to set them up when the live stream is over so you know i'm gonna be trying to cut this thing off early tonight i'm really looking forward to that and now i can start editing videos again which is super exciting because yeah let's see yeah Melanie said happy little trees yeah till I cut it down whoops that really scroll too far one second my gosh I don't even know how much I missed Wow I missing so much here oh my gosh okay we're gonna take a minute and answer these I'm just gonna set this here so we have something that you can kind of see that I was working on um let's see if I can't get caught up there are a ton of questions I've missed here right now I definitely Phii plus I like it yes my five-year-old are um as your mute you said it kind of liked it Diane said absolutely fun for me the fun thing is just experimenting and not having pressure because that's the thing I mean when I when I'm painting and drawing my normal so there's that bit of pressure as much as I enjoy there's always that pressure like you have to be perfect everything needs to be perfect with this I'm just having fun I'm just making a mess I'm just experimenting and then if this was something that I really enjoyed I would take what I learned tonight and apply that to something I was gonna take more time planning and making sure everything looked good I'm on something these nights I that's what I feel like as I've thought before I'm not gonna really have time I'm behind this Mario Fox should I just tell them I can't keep making the videos for it but it's one of the things that I actually do enjoy so I hate to UM to kind of flake up you know I don't want to lose that that's fun I'm just experimenting with that uh let's see hello Shan you said hey Lisa I get a tip in you you do your next art box with black paper box I can't talk do a cafe or pub black board style little illustration like you do a croissant or burger or something or oil pastel that would work Lutie Erin said what type of teak do you use this one I actually got this one on Amazon this one is just as artists Pro artist tape or artist tape Pro I'm not sure which type in black masking tape and you want to get one for an artist that's going to be so that it's acid-free let's see and they're not gonna be as high tack so it's not ripping the paper like I would if I this paper would probably rip with a higher top masking tape would rip watercolor paper suit pastels you could do it you're gonna get different effects way it's gonna be kind of bumpy I likes with pastels I prefer like sandpaper not saying paper sanded paper pastel matte would be perfect something along those lines would be my first choice one of my favorite papers for graphite graphite I'm not picky on graphite I still like Fabriano artistic oh is just fine I like um arches but I'm not gonna waste my arches cuz it's really expensive when I'm not picky about the paper um I do not like bristol vellum it's too smooth I don't like anything too too smooth but like a hot press watercolor paper any of those I love for graphite who else is good for graphite um Sony hench works fine for graphite as well howleen said I knew your first artwork would turn how good that was a quick and I know it's not easy talent with challenges and the art supplies you're using it's really the talent and resourcefulness amazing thank you how this thing should I can't face up shiny said could you draw something a gluten in it but you can't eat but would like to well I mean those could have been wheat fields well those are more green Norma grassy fields um I could if I had a reference so I don't have anything in front of me of any kind of food so that's not gonna happen unfortunately I had Northern Lights and I don't even I know I saved them and they're not on here so you know what let's just pull something up on my phone for me to look at one second I just need to see the movement I don't want to copy something exactly so I don't care like I'm not gonna go through the trouble of finding something that's royalty-free cuz nothing I do is gonna look anything like the picture I'm using it I just want to see the movement of them not these all look like the one I had uh the rights to use so let's see what what works this looks like fine let's try this something like this I don't know that's not at all what it looks like but I'm gonna play with just the blending aspect of things a little bit of green on the bottom here this would I would rather go with like a fellow green seems to be more than natural and that it goes up into the pink so I'm gonna try to get the blue and blend that with a red and see what happens this may be something I turn around and draw on the bit over again on the back which I'm pretty sure is what is about to happen I'm gonna put some black over the black just so it blends into it smoothly probably need to push a little bit darker with these that doesn't look like Northern Lights at all I need to find better photos to go by yeah no that didn't work failed attempt I hate that I can turn it into something let me find a different photo and I'll turn it into something else my drawing is just some of these other ones have way better shapes oh I like this okay I'm gonna see if I can make this work and here's one is red and green maybe I can just kind of go by that this is more like once I used to draw years ago I used to paint them actually quite a bit I don't think I have any photos of the ones I used to paint like this this black is like more grey when it's up against the paper it's really a dull black it is not impressive it's about as impressive as my Northern Lights drawing here which is not impressive at all this may be one that I I say screw it and start over on the back ah this one is super keep scraping you hear that scrape it's like hard as a rock on some of these sides the other sides are really soft these colors are making it you know what I want to do this with a metallic now yeah I don't know if I'm fixing this this is life this is painfully bad get um what do I want to do let's stick with my own make it work theory let's see if I can turn this into its I'm gonna change it it's not gonna be an one of those things anymore we're gonna completely see if I can just turn into like a sunset because that is pretty much the mud I've made oh I have an idea let's see if I can make turn this into something completely different not even close to what my original plan was I think I can make it happen again my goal is five year old drawing versus the current two-year-old piece oh my gosh these things are crappy they're just they keep getting these hard areas and not they're not soft soft they're soft these should be soft and the yellow one now this is first time I really use the yellow it's got these hard bits in it I would get it's scraping not applying color pigment this is absolute crap oh my gosh do not buy these royal langnickel I wouldn't I mean I can make them where's my sandpaper I shouldn't have probably not out this see yeah like color is not coming off it just scraping it's not I need sandpaper if I could scrape it across that I don't have any over here to make that happen holy crap this one is like really bad well yellows out there we go okay so I have kind of a nighttime time scene a little bit limited by that yellow issue let's see if I can pull some back out beyond the end you're a crappy crappy company talking about roiling Nikhil not smart art box this is just I know I wouldn't buy that I really like out of this set if I were going to buy anything I'm liking this paper a lot like if I was going to buy more I would buy this fabric I sell black in black paper I do like this and I like the metallic pencils are pretty cool but these pastels are just crap like yeah so you know good news I know not to put money into those pastels my fingers up a bit get it seven questions answered while I'm working on this can I draw a house with pastel good how many reference photos I'm not gonna do that right now but you probably could Elaine said I'm going to try my first colored pencil drawing a fox but I don't have any idea what colors to start with you have any color broad suggestions to play with um it depends on the lighting of the Fox I mean even if it was like broad daylight is gonna be different than nighttime but generally I would say raw Sienna burnt sienna any of those colors and I would use magentas and purples for the shadows I'm not sure if that helps like on the red don't don't just jump to Oh part this part of the foxes it is dark so automatically that means black tried try with your shadows first with magentas because that's kind of a if it's a red fox they're going to have those orange colors and if ever I'm using orange I'm gonna use magenta and purples for a lot of the shadows so those are good colors to start with now I am said I try pastels and found it so difficult but mostly not fun I will keep trying though it has no pastel and it depends on if it bothers you you know the feel of it like with me having that the baby white next to me is really helping and this is like a moisturizing one so it's even better my hands don't feel dry when it starts to get to cringey I can just clean that up so that's a bonus I don't like the mess I don't like the mess it's making if my easel right now so I'll have to clean that up later that was the other thing that I really didn't like about pastels I like things to be clean as much as possible and they are not they are very messy let's see Miriam said have you painted acrylics on black canvas how do you keep the dust off them it seems that shows up more no matter how much dust well um I'm not sure I mean when I plain paint in acrylics on black camps and ahead I'm covering the black completely you don't see any of the black so it wouldn't be the same for me as any other one it's just that I'm starting with a dark base but that's just cuz I'm gonna paint a dark painting I wouldn't go out normally I'm buy a black canvas I just might get the white normal white and then paint it whatever color I want but I do have some pads of paper of the canvas pads from Frederick Frederick's that are black that I've used and with those I mean it's I'm still painting over everything so I don't I'm not had where like dust I've not experienced dust or anything sticking to it any more than I would just a normal black canvas so I don't really have anything to add there I'm not I'm not sure why I mean but it may just be that I put so much paint don't mind it's not black anymore what does she ww said I had my final critique for painting to today I'm actually still here when asking my favorite artist was explaining Lisa had got her name refused thank you for earlier how that is awesome that's so cool a year congratulations Miriam said that's why I want you to Lisa the challenge of your sea life in well life well I've got some more sea life for it land wildlife coming up for you so I will definitely be challenging um Rory auroria said that's incredible thank you so it's mostly working with light from UM and from bringing everything out in 3d I like like the master artist Johannes Vermeer yes oh he's amazing um yes just keep practicing whatever style you want and practice in that style definitely helps to Marion said can you make I can make it brushes blend it out you can but in this case it's going to largely like I could use it with this it'll knock you can see how that one brush it just knocks the product off the paper so it's really not going to do a whole lot there that works out fine because what I'm planning to do so um you can but it's probably not gonna give you the result that you want that was with a really soft brush blush brush not on this paper anyway if you were using another paper you can get away with a little bit more but nothing stick it just doesn't stick well uh this is the worst freaking maybe if I break it and then use the inside let's see if that's any better at least I'm getting killer yeah that worked it's so funny the difference between like high quality artist grade materials versus this is like beginners kids I would say kids they don't market it as that it's for kids that pastel pep thing I would hands down say it's just for kids but the difference between like a good pastel and then one for children is huge so if you tried these and you're like oh no these would give you a good feel if you like if you played with them and you're like wow I really like the blending or that you didn't mind you know to get an idea if the chalky feel that you hear people talk about if that bothers you or not but after that um I would definitely get some some better pastels I'm for its firm studio said plan your computer freezing when you already have your reference photo selected at full spice everyone live and subscribe to yes please and you have no memory please subscribe um I am definitely actually patreon our members have heard the most from not producing normal videos so they don't tell people about it enough without my normal edited videos but I can't edit the video so that's all been a challenge so also for patreon you know subscribe here these are ones are obviously always free also if you can head over to patreon slash lockrey and sign up there you get my longer tutorials that there's over 150 of them there for you now to watch in all kinds of mediums if you go over to my website lock recom there's a button and actually should be in the link in the video description if it's not just go to lock recom and it I'll have a video library so you can get an idea of what all is there you also would get access to my free two hour-long Margay and colored pencil just to see if if patreon is something you're interested in so just we're heading over there to check it out you get that for free um let's see Diane said this was very pretty I missed how you made the texture on the grassy hills had to attend the needs of my poopers uh you know I'll throw some grassy hills on this one and I was gonna do something else but grassy hills works I can do yeah will do grassy Olson you can watch that one again it's not like I care what these come I mean obviously I'm just playing and making a mess with these um where did we go oh thanks Christine Kristen gave me a super job I appreciate that baby pandas want to know what tape I'm using it is black artist masking tape if you just type that in on Amazon it should come up so I've asked it free which is a pretty cool thing Leslie said I love the review you did of Derwent watercolor pencils so much I'm now waiting for my box of that to arrive you were going to have so much fun i don'twant sent me that set and i held onto it for like i don't know a year nine months it was a long time I had that in my sight and I never got on that some I can't watercolor and hunt super excited first time I tried on they're so much fun now I want all the watercolor pencils love those I'm glad to hear you you're gonna have fun Kristi said does it relate Lang whatever how very fancy boxes or containers always made me think there were high quality yeah I kind of liked it came with a little set little tin um I wish they would put the money into the supplies instead of their tins Ford's from studio said is fine art America the only print-on-demand company you've licensed your art with her have you tried Zazzle I've not used any others I'm only used by Dart America I've licensed my art work with someone who does cross stitching I think it's sony's her sunshines cross did you studies I don't know use her for your she's got license to make prints of myself too but that's it patty because I said my dad used to work in Dublin all week and weekends he come home shower shower us with toys and stuff I always got cool art stuff like giant Crayola box and the more fancy art supplies as I got older that is awesome I love it but when parents give their kids like I was so grateful my mom got me sellzen and such to play with she and she always I had some paint-by-numbers she'd got me to try once I mean she always kept me full of supply it's like she wouldn't go up by the posters but it's like here's the supplies and how grateful is an adult I am and she did that hi boys from studio said there's no Northern Lights video on someone's channel hint hint I if I had time you go look that up I absolutely would right now good to know though for if I um ever decide to do well and I will I would like to do some really pretty like actual Northern Lights with a airbrush and acrylics or oils oil paints work great for that so that's it for the grass super easy although this isn't sticking roll low now there we go I want that would want that to fade out a little into the sunset anyway so we'll just blend that a bit and then we'll let that fade to dark as it comes to forward go see the easiest thing ever really really basic did I ever find it from the manufacturers whether passed on that can handle OMS yes I did I contacted first them in the US and then they they said they thought it would be fine as long as use the small amount but they forward it again to Claire Claire Fontaine Claire I'm forgetting names but they the company overseas and I don't even remember where they're based out of but they said that yes it is fine with OMS they were they just dress use a tiny amount because it'll damage the tooth or it'll damage the surface and it doesn't damage I don't think they've tried it themselves so they definitely did not test for it they said it would be fine but to use a small amount I played with it and I use tons and had no problems so yes OMS is absolutely fine they confirmed that it's fine they just said small amounts or it could damage the paint like it would damage the integrity of the paper I didn't have that not like long-term but as you're using it like it would fall apart if you use too much did not experience that I used a lot no problems whatsoever and but you didn't need as much without that was a thing you wanted to use I used to I used too much on accident a few times and it would've been better for me to use less but it didn't cause any damage and they said it was fine so good news for us colored pencil artists that's the best paper ever pretty excited about that and I need to order some big sheets of it for a project I have coming up where it's from Studio I'm gonna be on the air wash that background I don't know decisions um said I'm welcome to use the Northern Lights photos from her channel for reference thank you I definitely need to do a painting with those sometime soon Miriam said could I sketch coral or I could sketch coral I could I don't have any reference photos of those pulled up right now either let's let me see what I want to do next well this is it's funny these are showing up like super blue yellow over there and they're not in person so much whatever wash that off my hands Ian um Mitch a fine art said when you have out Alcala alkaloid whatever or liquid for painting is it normal for them to get chunky um sort of if it starts to get chunky like liquid if it gets those chunks in it if you can mix it up and it smoothes it back out it's fine to use otherwise you pick that out of your pile of liquid because I've had that happen I know what you're talking about sometimes it's chunks that are completely dried that cause it to be thick you don't want that in your painting just pick that out of your like pile look when is your painting if it's just a chunk that you can kind of stir in and blend it out with everything else then you're fine that's fine to go straight on the canvas Rachel say can use the colored pencils next these pastels are horrible yes they are um let's go ahead and play with the met metallics I don't know what I'm gonna draw for that I didn't pull up images I wanted to do landscapes but I was hoping that those would give me like more surface area for that to really work on and as they kind of don't those are gonna be better for smaller sketches so let's show a sketch let's see if I've got anything let's pull my photos over here I'm gonna have a reference photo of something I can do that's me something super simple I don't know give me suggestions of what you think I should sketch um let's see Pablo said doesn't seem very pleased what is what is it that I should never buy huh Oh the Royal langnickel worse they can take the package royal a nickel pastels I would say never buy these these are like painfully bad you could probably spend a little bit more and get something that I would consider to be more suitable but these are me if you want unsanded paper probably wouldn't be as big of a deal but these on smooth paper they've got these hard chunks in it like um almost like I got wet and dried weird I don't like it and they are not my choice Rachel said the pestles are horrible not your earth thank you baby Addyson you ever use a sander for your smaller art pieces are do always using camera um to have your friends made from I find that the camera captures it better the lighting I found weird things with the scanner and my scanners not a good one so there's that if you had a good scanner the scanner would probably be easier but I found that I get better results more consistent results to what the actual painting is normally if I scan it or I mean if I take photos like graphite I've had where the light from the the scanner were highlighting areas and made the the graphite look really grainy gritty didn't work real well so yeah the camera I've got better results from Jason's ever getting bring out the pan pastels yeah those are those are the best pastels if you really want pencils oh I love this so much I'm crazy said you should draw a goldfish necks with metallic pencils done I like it I know I've got a photo of that somewhere let me find one my mouse is lost oh that because I'm not using the right mouse for the right computer that would explain it let me see where would I have a goldfish saved um hold on one second I have to look up because I've got to actually type it I don't remember what file folder I have it under let me get a reference photo that I can use really quick okay I didn't know where I saved that file because I don't organize stuff that takes effort I'm not willing to put in I would rather spend hours looking for things I've lost a lot of Pro is it weird to use my own painting as a reference first thing I found okay put this guy to the side yeah another five year old drawing actually looks similar to what I was doing when I was five more people first firm studious said this metallic pencils might look great with corals yeah girls just take so long to get the details look so do super simple ones least I have my first ever painting of a Sea Life school of fish from grade school my mom matted and framed it for me my parents have always encouraged me that's awesome that's how my mom was I'm so grateful for that weird my take there it is my mom's always been super encouraging with the art like even when I decided that was what I wanted to do for a living she didn't do the typical well you need a real job um I think she thought I was just gonna work at the animal hospital for the rest of my life so she was fine with that but um no she always super encouraged me she never was like that's not realistic you're not you know gonna be able to make money doing that both my parents my good dad he she same thing really encouraging I was also lucky that my husband was never like okay I'm tired of paying all the bills I need you to cuz you know it when you start out as an artist you're not making much and he never complained either like everyone in my family's been very very supportive my mother-in-law doesn't think it's a real job that's as close as I've come to somebody who's not she just doesn't understand it's not like she's rude or anything she just is like you should get a job working in an office um let's see whoops I just roll too far let me see here we go knee deep and I said thank you Lisa for answering my questions thank you for asking them I appreciate it this would be really boring if you guys didn't ask questions so I appreciate you guys Jenny said so glad you don't like these I thought it was user err my party no they're crap they're absolute crap glory said I'm so excited yay Miriam said don't buy royal a nickle graphite sticks either they must be made for students oh good to know I've never had anything from them except paintbrushes are okay but I can't think of any like painting or drawing materials I've used from them that I was would ever buy again Leslie said the best pastel pencils I find are the Karen – and the Fabri pastel both suck soft pencils and not as much dust as the blocks that's good to know okay goldfish um let's just play with the metallics I'm gonna put the pastels away for a bit I do have gold or yet orange if I need it for the pastels just not or just in the pencils but let's just play with the metallic because this is what I'm it was most interested in this set anyway let's get these pastels out of here mood actually I'm gonna wash my hands off really quick because I don't need those anymore I don't think we'll be using those again tonight near you've said her husband is always been supportive – that's so cool Susanna said drama clownfish with the top hat oh let's draw that next I don't have orange so he's gonna be a weird colored clownfish we make that happen I've got weird colors but we could definitely do that okay coffee let's see mmm I know what color to make him let's start with this kind of magenta color those little face he's a little grumpy mouth so they're googly eye there was a student I used to teach years ago back when I was in California he was so fed he was a realtor and he'd always come in to class after work and dressed in a suit like super nice and he'd sit there painting ocean scenes and you'd hear him go here comes a 10-footer and you couldn't see from where I was standing what he was doing he's an animator like and everything he's doing it was hilarious this guy in a super professional-looking suit and he's like yeah it was kind of funny me coming in and on what I was drawing just reminded me of him he was fun to have in class well I made your fin way too tall whatever I'm a pencil – really well I wonder if this erases I know kinda not well as much as the paper wouldn't recommend whoops that's gonna have to be a bubble that goldfish belly now if I were trying to do something to make it like super accurate super realistic the way that I would start this is to kind of draw a dotted line like I want the eyes to come out this far I want the body this far I want whatever I would mark that out to keep my perspective correct to start with and I I definitely would get better results that way I'm gonna exaggerate those eyes a bit hold that body up okay we're gonna start with that that is going to be my goldfish um I don't know what colors to use this is kind of fun let's try that was the darker let's go blue for the top because that's a goldfish color these are fun for being sketchy I definitely like how these show up not glowing I would say this would be fun for card-making I don't know what paintings I would really do with this too much I don't even know if I want to blend this out it kind of like what it looks like better just with like it seems so much brighter just with a pencil without water I think I might like the water better on white paper than I do actually I should test that I think I would like it better on white paper um let's see yeah let's see how my studio says insert they are adorable and good and sleeping right now very good dogs in the crate because when I have them out if I tried to do a live stream with the dogs out they would constantly like instantly have need for something the whole time one would need water one would want to go to even though they have water one would need to go outside like yeah I I used to leave them out I learned that early on when I would podcast because as soon as I would start talking they didn't don't understand I'm talking you guys they I don't know if they just think I'm talking to them but they get oeq side and they're like okay we're going outside now and it's like no I need you to go lay down so I can work so I had to start but in having their crate for nap time while I livestream or podcast but they are doing good health is good so far um let's see whoops that's our school too far here we go Rachel said I've been asked to give private art lessons how much should I charge per hour well it depends on it you're gonna do group or individual budget from me when I did individual it was fifty dollars for a two-hour session some people will do one hour the problem that I had with one hour is that it hardly gives you time to set up by the time you get everything set up and they get to go get going it's time to go like everything is already done so I definitely prefer doing our classes in two-hour sessions but I didn't like to I didn't encouraged by the time I used to do a lot of private lesson and over the years I found it was financially just made more sense for everyone involved if I did group lessons and I would limit them to 8 to 10 people per class and only 8 to 10 people if it were people who had been with me for a while where they didn't need so much one-on-one attention if it was a lot of new people I don't want to go more than 5 in a class but with that I used to do $20 per person per two hour class and they needed to have their own supplies if it was a group class but anything less um you know individual then I was gonna charge 50 per two hours but that's what I did I can't say that's the right thing for you or for your students you got to figure out what's going to be a fit for you but that is that was the model I used well that was the model used before I stopped teaching in person when I first started teaching I started at Michaels back in 1998 or 99 and I 99 I was first charging two dollars per student per two-hour session and they still needed their own supplies but that was kind of ridiculous like not you're not gonna make enough money to make it worth I was teaching out a little burn in California the Michaels out there that was not that was a long drive for me it wasn't me or my house and yeah it wasn't not practical at all eventually I started charging five dollars per student per two-hour and then went up to 20 it just was not it wasn't worth my time I mean he got to where I was going out there to make five or six dollars or you know depending on if it was a two or a five dollar class but don't sell yourself short to where you can't make enough to make it worth you continuing to do it and then the other thing I find is I mean yeah you can raise your time price over time your current students get pretty angry if you raise the price on them and I found it was just easier to start at a fair price that you think we overcome with and then she stick to it that worked out well for me better for me once when I moved out here I started at 20 when I moved to Texas but when I was in California or actually maybe was 15 when I first start here but every time I raised it my current students weren't thrilled even though I wasn't charging enough that's why I had to raise it and then I also found to watch your age group that you do because parents found out it was a really cheap babysitter for five dollars for two hours and drop their kids off they learned some art I was I turned into a babysitter for a while before I put an age limit on that that wasn't fun oh look how bright that gets when you push harder so these aren't super brittle it's the pastels that were brittle this is my original thing where I said these break in that pencil sharpener I was 100% wrong these I don't actually let's try it oh this is blocked again let me unclog this because as I sharpen I'm gonna try out the Derwent one and see if if this is suitable this still wouldn't be a pencil sharpener I would choose it's just weird being that it's red you can't really see how full it is it doesn't hold a whole lot you have to pull the cap off to empty it where's the empty thing and it doesn't want to come out why are you being so this is not worth fighting over yeah I'm going to go back with I would not purchase this sharpener it's a weird I don't know maybe it's suitable for some people would not be my preference let's see if I can unclog it there we go that was the past all that clogged it I'm gonna try it though to see if it's um I doubt these pencils are gonna break in it they seem to be pretty soon or stable and if you use this hold your hand on your fingers here and on the other side to hold this stable because if you hold like this it's Wiggly and you're going to be more likely to break the lead so you can especially if you're gonna use this on a colored pencil like that you want your sheer sharper to be stable so to keep it stable on this one you're going to need to hold the two red things to hold that part because it wants to slide around in the black weird design yeah not one I'm gonna say I would run out and buy I definitely prefer my little uh tomb the little handheld metal ones easier to unclog that's for sure what other colors can I throw in here for him well let's give him some bubbles I don't know what my lightest color is all these the values are all pretty similar here so my bowls are probably not gonna be super yeah these are not gonna create good bubbles whatever we're gonna pretend I'm gonna tell you it's a bubble so you know it's a bubble instead of drawing what looks like a bubble cuz yeah that's how you know I'm a pro I have to tell you what something is cuz you can't tell by looking at it I mean they're circles it looks like a neon fish he's kind of cute let's try clown fish see if I have any reference photos of clown fish that I can easily access uh that old computer I clicked on a file and now we're gonna wait for five minutes I'm sure let's go ahead and get another piece of paper out I can't really do much with this as far as like shading everything at least in this color set they're all I guess that adds highlights but I mean the colors besides this one the values are all pretty much the same so you're not getting a lot of variation as far as your lights and darks you would have to let the black of the paper show through where you wanted shadows and just account for that this is fun I'm adding lines just because they're fun not cuz it looks good this would be first I mean it's efficient let's see page said have you ever had a problem with intense blocks being scratchy I have a white light not laying down smooth and it's leaking marks on my paper I never never never one less Nevers so there's one exception that but I almost never use the block directly the paper so I don't have a problem with a mean scratchy because I use them as watercolor pans basically where I would take a brush like a brush like this and add it like it's my this is my intense block I'm going to rub the wet brush on top of it to make an ink mixture if you watch any of my older videos you'll see the Flamingo one I know I showed you how to do that but I'm not I found when I take the block and go straight on the paper it comes out super grainy and gritty there's no way to avoid it it doesn't blend out all the way so I make that ink mixture and then paint it on to the campus where I want that so what can I get my smooth canvas look like so it is possible you're like I don't doubt at all that you're getting the scratchiness it's just that for me it's never affected me cuz I don't use them in that way the only time that I apply the intense block directly to the paper is if I'm trying to get a rougher sketch so let's say I was doing a tree or a bush and I need it to be a little bit rough or scratchy there when I've done a coral reef I needed something to be a little bit rough and bumpy looking so it looked like the coral and I did use it at that point but I already had so much pigment on the paper at that point the paper was really really smooth I don't know if that made a difference I'm not had it be scratchy but up I know he I hardly ever apply the block to it straight to the paper so um if you you if you're making the eat mixture you won't have that problem at all I don't like it for straight on the paper thanks Dan dan said love your artwork in videos thank you so much mmm let's see where was the next how about a mermaid that's human figured stuff and I don't have that in front of me that I don't have reference photos of like a body in the right shape and I can't draw from my mind like my husband is does I think he's a cheater Butthead so that probably will not happen tonight is it my nephew that loves art maybe he needs those roiling neckl pastels I think my sister would kill me if I said things to him because of the mess that they make I don't think she would be happy with this art supply Rachel said thank you I was thinking a minimum two hours for twenty dollars it's a small group and mostly homeschooling kids all over the age of 12 oh you're perfect and 12 was my once I had dropt done enough lessons I realized 12 was pretty much when the kids that's the age where stuff starts making sense to them with ARC yeah I didn't find it a difference if the student had been with me from the time they were eight and then at 12 like that that Wednesday at 12 that is just when and I don't mean like on their birthday somebody's gonna go like what what's magical about that number it just once you hit about that age they started to understand stuff or a student who started at 12 they both were on equal footing like the equal other than we don't want the other ones that one student had been with me longer would know certain terms but as for our skill level I had no problem with 12 year olds that's just me I mean I had some doing photorealistic stuff at 12 not all of them were quite to that that um skilled but I remember this one girl doing a rose and it was just like holy crap I cannot believe you're 12 but that is a really good age group okay so there was number three let's make number four a clownfish if I can find a reference photo somewhere um oh look my computer is freaking out at me really are you doing give me just a second – nope that doesn't have it we still have a file maybe I moved it or I was moving stuff around for the new computer on the my external hard drive and I don't know I guess you could work I mean technically that's a clownfish it's a weird angle that's terrible angle hold on I'll find another photo will do a clownfish after I I just have to find where I put that file folder let's get this taped first a brush with travel said I was able to raise my price for art lessons by adding a half hour of time they thought they were getting real value for the race price that's a good idea that's a really good idea I didn't I couldn't cuz I always did my class right after I think he was cheap working at the Animal Hospital first when I started teaching and I would go straight from work there so I couldn't add extra time and I went because it was later right up until they closed although I guess I could have before or later on that's a good idea that is very genius I like the neon goldfish Thank You Lucy all right said my plan is to sell my art at a flea market have any advice for me if not then what would you do don't take it personally when it does itself people that go to those things they usually don't want to pay more than $20 for anything and it's not practical for us to sell our art for that much you might get a sale here and there and like let's say you get a sell don't think it's gonna be like that every day or every time you go that sort of event most of the time they don't wanna pay much so um prints postcards that sort of thing usually we'll do a little bit better at something like that but don't if you go do something like that a lot of artists will get involved in different shows like that and be discouraged and think of all my work sucks no one wants it that's just the nature of that type of show or event I would even call it show they typically don't they're not gonna spend what your work would cost because when you go to those a lot of times you have the people who are selling that cheap stuff that's like mass-produced in China and they can get this huge painting for $20 or sometimes a hundred dollars out of though they have two prices they're not gonna spend hundreds of dollars from you who's putting more time and do it on something small because they look at that and go well why can't I just they don't understand the difference those those things so yeah just don't don't take it personally and be discouraged if you are not getting the sales that you're hoping for same with like craft fairs same thing peasy Cherokee said hey Lisa hi tonight good idea today you should redo one of your oldest worst pieces and so in the beginning and intermediate artist how far they could go with practice I did it was I wasn't my worst but it was one of my first I did that actually and I want to do some more there are definitely a few more that I want I'm looking around thinking if any of these these ones aren't that old I definitely want to reduce some of those one was a whale it was an old like the one that I did I was I was I think 17 at the time so many are 18 when I painted that and then I painted it again like in 2014 right around there I don't know what year it was so yeah that was from 95 like 20 years later big big difference in that one have that video here it's an orca painting or I mean it's on YouTube but I want to do more like that for its first Lumia for it well I can't talk said you are going to try to blend with water on white paper this time oh not at this time but I did want to try that in general let's see that real quick let's just see what happens I want to see if it's as chalky looking as it is on the black when it water is off at it oh no that's not chalky at all that is gorgeous oh and it's purple too which I've been trying to get tonight oh that's not chalky at all we'll see what it looks like as it dries while it dries I'm going to grab a reference photo of a clownfish really quick be right back okay here's a cute little bag I can use let's see we have a question on Baz art said what camera are you using to film right now what camera would you suggest for recording YouTube videos so this is a webcam this one is it's listed in the description I don't know what things are called but I wouldn't use this for normal YouTube videos it just for live-streaming it's actually kind of crappy it's expensive it was he paid one hundred and seventy five for that and if you spent that same amount on a normal camcorder like an actual camera that you put an SD card in and recorded that way that is going to give you way better quality like so much better um then a webcam this one it just because of I don't know tech science it just it's not as good for the same price so yeah that is I need to play around with know now that I've got the better computer or laptop for the lectures it's possible the GoPro may work and that kit it gets that's a higher resolution I just don't know it last time I tried it it caused my other computer to crash but it was an older computer so now with a newer one I'll have to try that but I would not recommend the gut the webcams for your normal recording just for live streams for normal recording if you look at any of my videos you can see which I'm and I'm using but you don't need to go that expensive you could get a camera for you know $200 that's good but it will work fine for recording your YouTube videos in that price range okay so yeah it's drying not super chalky looking that's pretty that's actually really pretty you can see a little bit of that shimmer no it's not super strong it the shimmer shows up more on the black paper but this has more it's not as like cloudy looking as what I was getting on the black paper okay so let's sketch in a little clownfish let's see we'll go make his tail over here I'm just kind of lying approximately what size he's gonna be before I put like commit to my heavier lines these little side fins and these guys that care okay I gives me my general body shape now I don't know what color I should do for his white lines – song it's not an appropriate song don't listen to that song children I'll make the white lines this greenish color for no apparent reason this is kind of weird though the green color it looks more like a green green like a a warmer green it's more of a teal color really on the and you can see the lead doesn't match the back that's one thing with Derwent I love Derwent but their colors you it's pretty common for the color of the pencil not to match super close to the end on certain brands which apparently is the case of this one he is a basic clown he's not all kinds of crazy colors look no he can see maybe I should have put the I last so he couldn't see what I was doing to him poor guy I'm you try blending part of this with water and we'll see what happens these go down really smooth they feel nice on the paper I like these I need to see I think actually I do I need a check I may have that in the blocks of these metallic ones that are like the big blocks not pencils why am i vaguely remembering that now I have so many art supplies in my my art supply dresser I guess then I don't use often enough I need to check that well shade that with purple on the bottom it doesn't really layer that well it doesn't want to stick on top of itself at least not on this paper and what color should his body be let's go with magenta again you certainly don't break easy I'm giving it a bit more pressure just kind of testing them they seem like they can handle it pretty well I'm glad my clownfish don't look like this pay extra for them not to look like this oh let's see amber said I have three kids five three and one-year-old I find it very hard to do my art but I'm thankful because I can watch you tonight you're awesome thank you yeah you are busy you don't sleep much do you I can't imagine with with little ones that young peasy Cherokee said I know you've answered this part a million times but what is the best tool to make an area totally white over colored pencil because the white pencils are not very opaque so my favorite is a product that's from brush and pencil calm although Dick Blick I think carries it now you can get it from Delta art in Canada um trying to see who it is in the UK I can't remember off the top of my head for some reason right now but it's called it's brush and pencil there touch up texture titanium white what make sure I'm have a video here on youtube if you go to my front page it should be on there showing you how to make white lines in colored pencil you make you mix these two products together and it makes almost like a paint that you can paint it's totally hour travel with colored pencils unlike using like a korilla car gel pen and you can make everything super white and then you can even when it dries put colored pencil on top of it so if you just wanted a white base like let's say I had this dark black area and I wanted it to be yellow I could put the white first let it dry and then if I put yellow on top now it'll say yellow where's if you yellow on black it just you get this greenish tone so that is the product that I recommend them like that I use it on every colored pencil piece well I'm Russ wasn't in the right place it just my flying okay let's see what happens with this one I'm making a mess this is seriously these are so fun to just play with yeah out of this box definitely these two I wish that there were more colors I would have rather had more metallic and I don't even know Derwent may not make many colors with the metallic if you guys know let me know I would like to see more of these and not the pastels although these I'm I wouldn't have really easily been able to do the Walt the landscape would have been a bit more time-consuming to try with those that blends okay I'm super curious now if I have the metallic if those came in in block form I know I've got the block form of the graphi tent maybe that's what I'm thinking of let's see thanks Kristine Marion said how are your fish doing is your snail still escaping yes I found him inside my kitchen sink last night he is so lucky I did not use chemicals on that sink um yeah he's still alive he's suicidal apparently so every time I walk in the kitchen I'm still having a check right now the lid is normally if I'm home I leave the lid off the tank and the lid is on and he's still getting out honey I don't know he's magical um but yes he is quite the escape artist so going in my kitchen is always a little nerve-racking because I'm like cringing like I don't want to step on his nail or find him dead and dried up somewhere I keep trying different things to keep him in I've got two lids on the tank right now and he's still ate two lids to butter knives to weigh it down and a rock and he's still managing I don't know how he's strong enough to push those out of the way but he's doing it so I gave him a green bean before I started to try to keep him busy well hopefully he'll stay he'll he just himself busy eating so before the live stream is over I'm hoping he won't be back in my sink that's kind of gross snail where my dishes go but yeah my fish everybody else is good I don't know Kyle's here tonight because I'm not paying attention to anything but he ordered me a he works at the fish store that I go to a manager and go be a little baby one so if he comes in looking healthy I think I'll use my my tank is kind of a grout tank while he's a baby and by the time he's big enough that he needs a bigger tank I should have moved and have a big tank for him and he can go in the big one that is the plan kind of excited that way being that my tank is small I can keep an eye on him and make sure he's eating because that's kind of the challenge with those ones but it's a captive bred one so they're used to eating frozen foods I'm really excited you guys have seen me paint the Mandarin during Billy it's technically not a go being manager and dad dragging that would be a proper name but the babies are tiny tiny so he'd be the right size for my tank now to make sure that he's eating until he gets put into a big tank so hopefully that all works out well we'll see patty because I said that songs in my head no you're welcome Pablo said hey Lisa I'm really enjoying all these small drawings in this dream did you have a chance to check out the Derwent lightfast color truck I haven't I have been so busy this week I'm behind on everything like my new computer came on Tuesday and I still haven't set it up and you think that'd be the first like I must do right now I've been so busy my parents were here last week so and then we went house hunting and it's a yes I have not done a whole lot of work unfortunately the paint did I need to though the painted hairbrush said I know this is off topic but I've been wondering I have been in love with your hair and seeing it involved from your earlier videos what is your inspiration I'm a hair stylist um well I was growing out by now this back here is my natural color so I just been growing it out so that when I eventually end up with white hair it'll be like a nicer transition than when I was dying at black but I'm really looking forward to white hair I was hoping my going natural now it would help happen sooner I don't know um for all of you older ladies who already have white and gray super jealous of you just you know this needs to dry let's give him some pebbles while that dries so yeah that's all that was it's just it was black for a long time and I didn't want to dye it anymore it was so much work because I had to do it every two weeks to keep my roots because my roots being blonde when my black would grow out it looked like I had a bald spot in on my part so I had to keep do it every two weeks and I just didn't want to do it and then I knew you know once it starts to turn white up against blacks gonna look ridiculous so that is where that came from or how that started so the changing colors from the black to this was just growing out the damage when I did the hair removal and I'm considering getting rid of the bleached part or at least half of the bleach part for sure I'm gonna get rid up in the front I've just been too lazy to do it and by lazy I mean I've had no time uh let's see Nick said how do you handle manage store all of your video file on an external hard drive I have a 4 terabyte now that's about halfway full I think I'm about ready to order a new one because I just moved everything off this computer onto the back but I don't even oh I know what I'm gonna do ok I have plans there are plans so yeah that is I just saw it on the external that seems to be the best fit for me and I'm hoping now with the new computer the transfer from one what I do while I'm editing it's on my main hard drive and then once the file is edited I save all of that to an external hard drive so I'm not taking up all the space on my computer but while editing I find that the video could be here obviously handles that when it's not having to transfer from an external it's just on the main computer but that's been working out really well for me because it's I mean easy enough to upgrade when you fill it versus trying to tell constantly your main computer Brett says doing it has 12 metallic colored pencils the last time I checked I didn't need them I need to contact them because I these are fun I mean I was thinking more for like sketchbook stuff I wouldn't use them for something you know that I'm gonna sell or that I'm taking super seriously but they're they're just fun that is still what I need that to dry ok what else can I do on this while this dries cuz I can do something around the edge why I don't know doesn't have time lookup blue or the black edges would be on the fins and in between the colors these are really they feel very soft to work with I'm really impressed with just the they're comfortable to draw with like they're they feel not like a pastel those feel scratchy to me but they feel kind of like a soft like maybe prismacolor colored pencils without the breaking like a soft fair laying down and I don't know that I would try something I mean I'm sure I could do something super you know fairly realistic with them but I think if I were to buy these I would want to use them more just to play with for a sketchbook stuff and while they're metallic it's not super obvious that they are have the metallic look it's pretty subtle but it is definitely hard to control values because everything I have is mid-range I don't I mean that one yellowy green color is kind of bright but for the most part with all of these being mid-range I can't do anything super amazing with contrast unless I did enough planning that I could let the paper show through for my contrast let's see Kathy said she has the 12 set of metallic pencils under wet Miriam said I want to get the 2072 during intense just always needed more and it comes with you heard a great heart thanks those are fun those are I can't I'm really looking forward to using them Saturday Pat said do it has a set of 72 pencils on Amazon which set these being a panda said you should set up one of your webcams to record your snail tank so you can see how he's getting out oh look at you using common sense so it's actually a really good idea I'm going to have to do that I didn't think he would keep trying as hard as he is like he's just determined I wasn't expecting that but that is a really good idea maybe I'll do that for tomorrow yeah cuz I don't know if he's like there's a little gap in the back where the plants have to have it room in the cord for the heater but I thought I had it blocked off and not enough maybe that's it oh thank you that is you are smarter than me I didn't even think about that with all these cameras I have my GoPro would be perfect for the time lapse of that and it didn't even cross my mind snails would be so strong yeah this one is amber said I just I'm actually surprised that snail by the way fell off my counter I'm assuming he didn't manage to climb all the way down most of the time when they're climbing on large areas like in tanks they fall quite often maybe he climbed all the way down I don't know but find him in the middle of my kitchen floor and he didn't break when he hit I would have thought his shell would break when he hit suicidal snail um back to amber said I just recently got back into making art after being off 10 years for various reasons what should i do first to get myself and my work known social media post regularly and make sure you're using proper hashtags for your stuff that will make a big difference for people finding you especially on insta really good YouTube is what been the best for me to have people find me um just the way I don't know if it's just the algorithm I'm not sure what it is but YouTube has absolutely been wonderful so that's a really good way to share your your stuff and get your name out there but yeah social media is really good and I think getting in groups are doing collaborations if you can to like for me I've done the collaboration with tidal Gardens where he'll share once I have the video using drawing his coral once that's public he'll be able to share it on his social media now I've got all of those people who keep who buy corals can now see that I sell artwork of corals that's a great collaboration and then I'm helping him by showing you guys the great photos that are available and that's by the way quick plug tidal Gardens they are here on YouTube or you can find one on Facebook same thing tunnel Gardens wherever and they they have a channel teaching you how to take care of your fish but they also sell corals and he takes macro these amazing macro photos of the coral so coral is big is this huge file huge all the detail you see they're so amazing but it's such a good collaboration because you guys are gonna be interested in the photos his people who buy corals would be interested in artwork so that's a good look if you can find collaborations like that that's a really good way for you to get in go might when I started with cut portraits I have Italian Greyhounds that I show and so I was in groups for show dogs so I could share like forums and such at the time I could share the paintings I had done up my dogs and then people would contact me to paint I mean things like that helped people to learn who I was but if you can do that sort of a collaboration to that that really helps I wish I had something dark to like really add shadows here none of these are yeah there's no way for me to shade this and get any kind of depth it's just gonna look cartoony no matter what I do with this so this would be fun with drawing you know little well these aren't good for calligraphy but so it works really well like if I wanted to make a little sign these would be pretty cool but I'm at least with these colors there is no they're all the same value like there's no I don't have any darks I can't make anything darker or brighter it's all the same so no matter what I do even especially in this case with these colors it's gonna look super super cartoony definitely limited as far as that goes but this is still pretty fun let's I don't know make random little teal random ribbon in the back I don't know um there's no way for me to make this look realistic with these colors on this paper and by no way I mean with what I've got here I can't like adjust or change anything else now again if I play into this out from the beginning I couldn't let the black of the paper be my values and just you could have done cross hatching pointillism there's there are few things that you could do to let the black show enough that like here you can see my scribble lines I've got dark in there if I let the black show on dark areas of the fish more I could have accounted for the fact that these are all even so I when I say there's no way I don't need there's no you know I could if he gave me a few hours I could have really focused on that and be careful and kept all of those know where that goes I kept all of this super clean but it's not going to be a practical way to go so these are that one or my first ones that one actually was probably my favorite that one I think I like the best he was fun this was just fun that would be I really like the idea I want to get a black sketchbook I'm sure they've gotta have them somewhere that's one sketchbook I don't think I have but a black sketchbook would be fun to do just little things like this little quickie like here's a ten minute project I'm not gonna spend any more than five or ten minutes those would be definitely a fun way to go with those but yeah those pastels I would never never purchase and don't recommend anyone purchasing this pencil sharpener kind of neat I like the idea the sharpener itself inside is fine it sharpens it a pretty fine point this Derwent so I don't want to say I would never use it or never buy it I wouldn't use it for colored pencils I would it it has some design things that make it just a little bit weird like the fact that you've got to make sure you're holding it here to make sure that this is stable as you're sharpening it otherwise you're gonna break the tip off your pencils the sharp the eraser is I would say this is more for like a kid's like my nephew I may give this to my nephew this would be perfect I'm definitely giving this to my nephew let's keep that to the side so I mean it's not that it doesn't have a you a purpose I don't think it's the best fit for professional artists I would rather I'm gonna do a handheld one these little guys little Coon sharpeners work just fine sometimes you get a bad one but they're only a couple of dollars if I want an eraser I usually use a gum eraser or um hey kneaded erasers my favorite so this type of eraser I don't really like it tends to leave weird smudgy marks it's there I'm not a huge fan so that I think look is that my nephew would be fine with and that sharpener although that sharpener might frustrated with things are breaking in it maybe I shouldn't give it to him he has Asperger's so he can get frustrated sometimes a little bit easily we want to avoid that um maybe that's not the best sharpener for you in that case I don't know what I'm gonna do with it but for for kids that may be soon I think with for graphite pencils for kids would be good let's see shad said you should buy a $20 Y Z camera it will show your snail and record how he's getting out it has an app for your phone amazing cameras check now I actually have it's not a Y Z I got a different one before I know about that bro except it's actually little bit cheaper than the one I got it's just like a fifty dollar security cam that I have on my saltwater tank just to be able to watch them but I think I'm just gonna put a time-lapse the camera on my GoPro I'm gonna set it up there because of the way that the white lenses it should cover everything so I think I'm gonna set that up tomorrow but we'll see if he gets out but that's a good suggestion too that would work and I've heard good things about that brand the Y Z when you're talking about which I'm probably saying wrong I've heard like a lot of people with fish love that camera I think it has better results than my more expensive one at least from what I've seen the screenshots people posted and let's say he knows once he gets to the sink he'll get a green pane maybe or he thinks he will how big is this now I thought he's a good size he's not a small snail let's see ya the unedited files take up so much state space what I do I have usually 10 videos ten or twelve videos of unedited files I keep in one for its partitions the way my harddrive was my husband set it up we were on he had built this computer that I have the new one won't be that way but it I have one area that all my unedited stuff goes once the video is edited the edited the final version goes over to my external hard drive and I delete the unedited clips I don't save all those um yeah Nick said he thought it was melody concuss from falling that far yeah I don't know why that snails I'm not how he managed Rachel said I'm concerned for your snail have you asked him how many seniors you're holding up just to make sure he doesn't have a concussion yeah he didn't answer he never answers me he's kind of snooty Pat said foreshadows why not been buying the Derwent regular watercolor pencils absolutely could that's the thing these could be used in combination like you're saying they're these could be used in combination with one of your other pencils like the Derwent watercolor like you're saying I'm just you lazy go get them they're over there I'm over there very lazy so they I mean you're already 10 anyway we're gonna stop it so yeah you could use these in combination they may be really really fun for that um you know your artworks bad when you have to label it so people know what no what it is let's see if your new year and you have never seen my work before please check out my other videos the quality is different it's there you know I normally do more realism and photo realism so tonight was just very different than my normal work please don't think this is all I typically produce uh let's see if I find a great black sketchbook let you guys know I will definitely do that and thought about making one from camps and meet tons pastel pad the probably me tens why I wouldn't want that as a sketchbook is when I want to use well know typically I wouldn't be using water-soluble media on though so maybe that would work that's not a bad idea nevermind change my mind I think you're right Jennifer said during extra-large graphite blocks they're super fun but no red or yellow colors and he thought about mixing watercolor 1810s with him to get over in a rage you out you definitely can when I do use them I just plan artwork like I did the hippopotamus I just planned my artwork around the colors like the project I was gonna do around the teller is available because I just wanted to use those but yeah they you can do most of the Derwent products you could mix media you want to watch so you would want to use a wax or oil-based colored pencil underneath a water base so you want to put that down and then put like a a watercolor pencil on top you would you could put the watercolor pencil first and put the colored pencil on top of that you just want to make sure you doing it in the right order but a lot of these water-soluble pencils from Derwent these ones they have their water soluble graphite all of these are work great as far as making mixed-media projects look that's girl too far Canton has a black drawing pad in there extra large or XL line woo I may need to look into that show says the other much better quality than the cheap cameras and get raid industry reviews okay well I get um we'll get to your gouache video soon just got some oh nice those are fun I want to get I want actually I liked the gouache that I got in the water I mean they're not gonna light fast but the ones that I got in the that I used last week on the smart box doles were really really fun to paint with um I want to do more like something more realistic I was just playing with them for sure those those I and I did enjoy so yeah that is tonight we got through quite a few yes I'm gonna say that's my favorite I don't know there's just something about those colors that makes me happy I love lime green like when the in the spring when everything is just blooming everything's kind of like lime green all of that dust just we're putting that down just is just like flying all over the place okay I need to go clean this up and put together the other computer so I can start editing wait in the question from Peter could you have a video where you using water soluble graphite I have lots of them yeah um just look at lockrey and water soluble graphite and it should come up my favorite are the fabric Estelle uh what are they the aquarelle aquarelle am I saying that right those ones I really like but thanks for joining you that our moderators channels links are in the video just nick has an art channel Joseph has an hour channel both great I think um I don't think we've got Kyle here tonight so he's got an aquarium channel if you're interested in that but he's having helding tonight so you don't have to thank him today but definitely head over to Nick and Joseph channel say thank you they helped so so much could not do this without them and um yeah thanks for joining me and my chalkboard style art let's just put this one here because this one is just so much nicer let's just I'm just gonna hold that because but I don't want the last thing people to see is my cartoon weird I actually grabbed a reference photo to draw that anymore need a reference photo for that that's kind of this this is hilarious but yeah let's we'll pretend this is all I did tonight um yeah thanks thanks again for joining and I will see you guys next week hopefully with something I'll probably try to think what next week's gonna be I actually checked I kind of want to do a digital livestream a digital painting something very like photo realism with digital painting so we may do that next week I'll see you guys next week and yeah thanks for joining now the awkwardness of me trying to find where to turn all ice cream off bye

15 thoughts on “Pastel & Metalic Pencils drawing LIVE – & Art Chat – Lachri

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    They are fun to doodle with, not super metallic as you can see.

    If someone was looking for something more metallic there are definitely better watercolor options out there.

    One of your livestreams you told someone who asked about starting painting. Your advice was basically…just do it, get started and prepare to create something ugly.

    I cracked up out loud at that..however, it has been invaluable advice to me as I'm learning water color.

    You are a blast! Thank you for these livestreams!


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