Ross is not gonna be in this video
because he’s dead [Gasp] What! Hey guys, welcome to another episode of
RossDraws and today we have a really special video.
I brought my setup all the way home because we’re drawing with my grandpa! Hiii ROSS: Yay, it’s my grandpa! Well my grandpa doesn’t speak much
English and I don’t speak much Vietnamese, but we are going to try to
communicate together Forgive me for my terrible Vietnamese Hi [Laughter] Yay! Haha That means ‘How are you?’ and he’s doing good, so Okay Okay, awesome! RossDraws! So my grandpa’s gonna draw whatever he wants Wow! Uh-huh Ah! High five Yaaay! My grandpa misses my grandma
so he drew her, maybe when she was young riding a bike, some nice clouds, and then
we have a dog. So I’m gonna be redrawing this today — I hope uh, we come up with
something really cool and that my grandpa likes it! So I don’t think I’ve
ever drawn a bike before But, uh, haha I guess there are two wheels? And I’m guessing it has, like the pedal things Bare with me in this episode, there’s gonna be a lot of figuring out to do, I don’t think I’ve ever drawn a person on a bike
ever in my life I feel like I’m back in school
remembering the basics [Nervous laughter] An elbow holding- the handles- Yeah, so I’m gonna use an artist’s
technique right here and since I know there’s the dog right here, I’m gonna
hide some of the mechanical features by adding this dog. Here’s the drawing – haha – and here is my current interpretation of it, but since my little cousins are here maybe I can
get their opinions on how it’s going- uh yeah, guys, what do you think? First of all, these bike wheels are the worst bike wheels I’ve ever seen before.
ROSS: What? No they’re not! And The backpack looks like like an air tank ROSS: What are you talking about? And the eyes and the face look
like an area 51 alien ROSS: Okay, how does that look like an area 51 alien? COUSIN: Do you not see that the whole complete eye is black? ROSS: Well it’s indicated, so if Those still look creepy anyways ROSS: Oh my gosh The legs are like getting stuck in the
wheels ROSS: Thanks guys you guys made me feel so much more confident about my drawing, but clearly I have a lot of work to do so I’m just gonna keep working on it and I’ll check back soon. Hey guys! Welcome back and here’s the
progress of my grandma’s piece so far- yeah, it’s looking pretty good. I
decided to just jump right into color because I’m a shape-based person, I see
things visually- A nice little companion to compliment everything, like a cat right here- Why are you putting the cat right there? Like if the girl’s biking it’s gonna get smushed.
ROSS: What are you talking about? Are you stupid or something?
ROSS: Whoooa! Hey. Hey, we’re a – we’re a family-friendly channel. Look, watch,
it could be at the top of the bike and then the wheel’s underneath. COUSIN: Well the cat can’t just balance over there. ROSS: It can! COUSIN: It can’t. ROSS:This is a magical cat ROSS: What do you guys think of it so far? COUSIN: It’s.. better It’s better, sweet I can definitely see the potential of the
piece and where it’s going So I’m gonna try to wrap this up and I’ll check back soon. Yo grandma! It’s color dodge time! Aaah man, here we go- Here we go! Ooooo~ Grandma! Color dooodge! Alright grandpa, your turn! Go grandpa go! Go grandpa go! Go grandpa go! Alright, my turn Alright Milo, your turn! ROSS: Miiilooo! [Laughter] Oh my god! Hey guys! Welcome back, we uh, we’re gonna hold this up. Because um, this microphone, we- We have nowhere to put it. We have nowhere to put it haha Yeah! I gave my grandpa a
copy of my new book BLOOM and he seems to really enjoy it, and if you wanna learn
more with bonus content and video demos of the deeper insight on how I bring
these pieces together, please check out my Patreon. And if you want a chance to
win a book or a print, this video’s question is: if you had one wish, what
would your wish be? Ooo And you can’t wish for um, more wishes. I would want to be rich so I can pay off everything, like
give it to my parents to pay- Pay off everything? You’re have no, like, you have no, you’re like- No, to give it to my parents! Aw, that’s so nice okay, alright. And then I would also buy
candy and I would also buy whatever I want So yeah! I would want to be rich for the
rest of my life- Oh my god, what’s with you guys and money? -Because then I wouldn’t have to like worry about like working hard What are you talking about? You should still work hard! And I am going to go on a shopping spree. Let us know in the comments below and
we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. My official merch is finally out! Yes! I made shirts, pins, stickers, prints, and a lot more, so come check it out at Okay, so, Ross is in the bathroom and uh- We’re gonna take Milo Yeah, let’s go take Milo. Let’s go ROSS: Hey! COUSINS: Run! Runrunrunrun PUT MILO BACK!


  1. Hope you guys enjoyed the video! This video was quite special to me. My grandma was my best friend and so I'm glad we can show her some love wherever she may be! SHOW UR GRANDPARENTS LOVE EVERYONE ❤️❤️

    also guys my first official merch just came out!:

    I made shirts, pins, stickers, prints and collected milo's bathwater

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