Our Paradise Galleries Dolls are Here!

Our Paradise Galleries Dolls are Here!

okay guys we have our package waiting for countdown what what is like surprise but here's the deal what do you think the Rose payment one for me okay this is baby man you greasy oh my gosh I'll give you four options up and wait I have a nice you weren't even supposed I was just like I was just like I'm gonna let you open it but um I was just gonna let you like oh you can open your actual baby oh oh okay hold on guys um this part of the video Zoey is going to be opening on her channel and we'll put the video on perching offer you get to watch so um yeah I'll put a link down below that

36 thoughts on “Our Paradise Galleries Dolls are Here!

  1. I used to watch their Baby Alive videos I missed them that was when I was 10

  2. You did not even open the doll

  3. You did not even show the reborn dolls at all

  4. She's growing up so fast!

  5. How old is your doughter

  6. my name is Zoey

  7. go paradise galleries. They have the coolest dolls.


  9. Hi

  10. i. love. it

  11. She like fun with baby alive

  12. There house looks like a mansion

  13. You guys are so lucky

  14. How many years old is ur dhater zoe

  15. omg!! so cute it looks like u!!! ❤❤❤

  16. sooo cute!!!

  17. lovely video ! I'm excited ^_^ I check Zoe's Channel to watch her box opening ;-))

  18. can you please do a review on my sweet love twin set?

  19. early

  20. I been saw it before ever won

  21. You have such a pretty house.

  22. This is so cute! Your house is gorgeous!! Also, I have those pillows that you have on your couch! They're on my family's couch too lol. I love the dolls you picked

  23. 16th

  24. U two are so cute 😂😂

  25. yay

  26. 10th ☺

  27. 9th

  28. 8th

  29. 7th my lucky number

  30. 6th

  31. cute baby

  32. 4th

  33. 3th

  34. oops I meant 2th

  35. 2tj

  36. first

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