OPENING $125 WORTH OF ART SUBSCRIPTION BOXES! ScrawlrBox, Sketchbox, Art Snacks

OPENING $125 WORTH OF ART SUBSCRIPTION BOXES! ScrawlrBox, Sketchbox, Art Snacks

Hello there so, a few months ago probably in like July, June or July I thought hmm I would really really like to buy the top three art subscription boxes and then open all on camera to see which I liked best So I started an art subscription with art snacks, scrawlrbox and sketchbox so I finally received every single box for the month of August and then I Forgot to cancel two of the subscriptions So now I have way too many subscription boxes With art supplies in them that I need to now open, and I’ve also just been sent another one. So I basically wanted to see what was the best value for money what you get in each subscription box and Yeah, that’s it. We’re gonna open all of these boxes. Okay. So first up I’m gonna try out the art snacks box That is the little logo there. I’ve just accidentally ripped it off when I took the shipping label off So an art snacks box costs $24 including shipping. So firstly we have Some aqua fine Daily Rowney.. daily rowney?? DALER ROWNEY Watercolors we’ve got lemon yellow and cadmium yellow hue So those are nice little watercolors and we have some more watercolors in Naples yellow and burnt umber. I’ve actually never seen these before They’re quite cute in the little set. We have some watercolor paper here I’m wondering if maybe they’ve cut it from bigger sheets to put in the subscription box but I’m not sure…where’s the menu? What I like about the art snacks boxes is that they come with these little Menus, that tell you what’s inside them. Okay, these are a bonus item then so they’re la aquarelle Canson heritage watercolor paper And they feel very nice and thick so I’d be curious to try these at some point So our little snack this month is a dum dum lollipop. I think it’s just a cute little gimmick They always put a sticker in as well. Next up I have this I’m guessing it’s a brush pen. I think. Ok so it’s a double-ended Yes, like it’s not a brush pen. It’s kind of like a tombow marker. Oh it is. Oh, oh I like that. Look at that. That is nice. That is a nice pen. Look I spelt my name *stupid grin* And I like that it has like a little nib on the other end. Is that other kind of brush as well? Yeah, that’d be really good for inktober actually, so I’m happy with that. Apparently.. Where’s my little menu? So this is apparently a kuretake nihondate kabura fude brush pen Guaranteed I’ve mispronounced all of those words. My box is almost empty and my sticker is not in there Look, I’ve been collecting the stickers and they didn’t put one in dammit art snacks. They always have something wrapped up And usually it’s a paintbrush of some kind so if I just open it up here I’ll get there one day aaaahhah! So I’ve got a What? So I have a standard HB 2 HB pencil, which it looks like there’s something you’d use at school, but apparently it’s It’s just a dickson pencil with art snacks On the floor. It’s cute because it has art snacks on it Which I think is nice that they personalize it but it’s just it’s just a standard pencil to be honest which is fine, and then we have a little paintbrush a sable round by Robert Simmons Robert Simmons, and this is a $7.99 retail value. I never know how to sort of talk about paintbrus hes. It’s like It’s soft? It’s pointy, can you see the pointyness there? There you go it’s pointy. So that’s everything for the art snacks box this month so this was $24, I think that’s a pretty good price to be honest It’s… none of this is stuff that I would buy but that’s the beauty of these boxes You kind of get things you wouldn’t normally buy so next up We have the August scrawlrbox, and I’m very excited about this because I think these come from the UK and these cost 15 pounds, but because I’m international it costs me 20 pounds which actually works out to be about 26 dollars with the current exchange rate now. I know that a lot of people love these subscription boxes like waffles I know she always uses these Scroller boxes, so I’m curious to see what’s inside Okay. So opening this up now. Oh, this is cute. Oh this it’s by Derwent Wow, oh wow. Okay, this is awesome I’ve got an entire Derwent watercolor set which is amazing They’ve given me an entire watercolor set in a subscription box and they’ve given me a water brush pen as well Like that so I can use a water brush with it. So that is awesome I’ve got a little snack from them as well. We have a kneadable eraser By Koh-I-Noor which I’ve not heard of before but i’ll be excited to try it. We have a Faber castell graphite aquarelle pencil and that looks actually like that’s it Oh, no, maybe not two sheets of watercolor paper so we can put our watercolors on there Bigger than the art snacks as well, which i’m impressed with and we also have a little menu I’ve got a sticker I’ve got a sticker from scrawlrbox Thank You scrawlrbox im going to put that on my laptop But I definitely feel that I’ve gotten my good value for money with this box I also like how they feature artists as well. This artist is called milky rat So yes overall thoughts on the scrawlrbox. I would give it a ten out of ten So now I’m going to open up my sketch box. Now. I’ve heard mixed things about sketch box and this one also features art on the outside this time the sketch box is $25. So remember art snacks is $24. This is 25 and the scrawlrbox is about 26, oooo I’m excited Oh, no, they put these things in and I hate these things We’ve got a little print here as well. That’s cute I like I like let me put in art prints and support artists. I think that’s really really nice I’m gonna take these little demons out of here. Oh, it’s a sticker Okay, so we have a Derwent set of color soft skin tones. Oh That’s quite nice actually. Okay, so we got a nice little tin here of Skin tones pencils. That’s really really good That’s a decent set. I will say that. Next up we have a gray Faber Castell Gold Faber Basically, it’s just a colored pencil, which is nice We also have another one a gold faber pencil in like a turquoisey color, which is really pretty – Two Derwent graphite autumn brown and a port Pencil. There’s a lot of pencils in this set as someone that doesn’t really use Pencils all that much. These won’t come in handy to me But I can see it be a good box for someone that does use pencils a lot. This one is a ginormous wow mega graphite. Oh That’s quite cool. I like that mega graphite Interesting and last but not least the box is now empty I have a pencil sharpener that it’s a nice little pencil sharpener, which is cute I’m glad that I have another sketch box to open purely because I’m not someone that uses pencils But overall I feel that was a decent value of money. I just personally prefer what was in the scrawlrbox. I don’t know about you So I have another scawlrbox and I have another sketchbox So I think I’m gonna open the sketch box first because I’m curious to see what else they provide. Okay Well, this is looking more at my alley. Okay? more of these damn things okay, so we have a color oooooo a sketch box signature color brush That’s quite cool. I’ve never seen anything like that before. So it’s basically like a water brush Like a water brush, but they’ve put ink sort of in it. So next up. We have always have another color brush Okay, so this one is orange Um…just to quickly let you know I have ink on my hands for the rest of the video because I accidentally removed something from these pens that I shouldn’t have because I didn’t see the instructions on the menu card and I just guessed what I had to do to make these work So just just to let you know why my hands look like they do from now on We have a Graphixs aqua pen. Is this a set? OOOO Wow, okay, so we’ve got full set here of these aqua pens Okay, well that’s cool. So they’re watercolor felt-tip pens So they’re water-based and water soluble so you can use these for watercolor painting on your paper, which is nice So you’ve got like a brush nib end, as you can see, like a brush end and then you have a small little Pointy end which is cool. I like that a lot and you have all these colors too, which is really nice I like that a lot next we have a aquatint water reactive brush pen In pink champagne. Oh, I didn’t know they had water brush pens that came in certain colors I feel that’s almost not necessary. Thing is though is once you run out you kind of got to buy a whole new Pen I’m guessing, unless they do refills and lastly we have another faber-castell Pitt artist pen There we go. So I like these actually they’re really really handy for stuff like inktober and they’re kind of like flexible nibbed So I’m more impressed with this sketch box. I’m so glad that I had two of them So the art in this box is by Sanithna Phansavanh I’m so sorry if I pronounced the name wrong. So that’s for the sketch box I will say that I feel that particular box was a really good Product for the money I would definitely consider continuing my subscription with them because I think that was a very good deal however, I still have a scrawlrbox next and I’m curious because I really did love the last one. So we’ll see what’s inside. Here we go So we have a blackjack sweet. I don’t know that is never tried it but there it is I like how they wrap it too. I think that’s really really nice Especially when it’s travelling internationally it’s gonna go all over the place So, okay. So this is a very pen based Subscription box this month. We have a wow, this is unique. This is a brush marker. It looks like a Lego It’s like a Lego pen. That’s really cool. I have a pentel color brush okay, so I’m getting really introduced to new things now because again I didn’t know that you could buy them pre-made with the colors in them I know you can put your own colors in but I didn’t know that you could get them like this So I bet that’s really fun. I love pentel products. We have a graphik line marker So it’s kind of like a micron pen if you’re familiar with those This is so good for Inktober, not that I’m doing a proper inktober I’m gonna do mine digitally but This is gonna be really helpful. We have a centrapen, which is another black marker Black marker then we have a…Edding permanent marker which Nope, I thought was one of those that you shake it it goes ding ding ding ding…It’s not. So that’s what it looks like So that’s how it looks it’s like a big like a big fat marker that you can really like Marker stuff with. We have a what is this a Stabilo pen? Which is another…see. I love all these markers but I feel there’s too many of them I mean, obviously they’re different brands. But like these have the exact same nibs on them, so I’m not really sure how One would be beneficial to the other. I mean, I would never buy this many markers that are the same color personally, but you know To each their own we have OOOO I love things like this. Ok pigma. It’s a pigma brush pen. Look at that. I Really like that happy with that and it feels nice in your hand Lastly we have a sarasa.. sarasu porous pen, which again is kind of like a little micron pen so a Lot of black markers in this set really don’t know what you’re supposed to do with these. Um, Maybe I should make an all-black art supply video. I don’t know. What do you think? Well, I got a little black sticker it looks like I have a Look at that. This is by damien Rosanski. I’ve got some marker paper here, which is nice and this marker paper is by Canaletto Valino could be interesting. I like that they provide you with the paper as well because I actually don’t have any marker paper because I Don’t tend to use a lot of markers. Um But it could be interesting there. There’s a lot of markers a lot of markers. So that’s everything for today. Thank you So much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video Which subscription box do you think was worth the most money and if you subscribe to any which one is your favorite? I think obviously it all depends on what months you get at a time I think if you stick to one you’ll just constantly be impressed every certain Amount of months because you’re gonna get the stuff you want, you’re always gonna have months Of course where you’ve got supplies that you wouldn’t normally use, but I think that’s probably the beauty of it to be honest So, yes, thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video again, give this video a thumbs up if you can if you liked it and if you’d like to see more videos like this in The future leave the suggestions down below and I will definitely get around to it. So, thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the video take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video

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