Olympus TG-4: Does It Have Art Filters? | FAQ Video

Olympus TG-4: Does It Have Art Filters? | FAQ Video

Hello there, Izzy at Digital Goja. Today I’d like to go over a frequently asked question about the Olympus TG-4. If this video helps you remember hit me up with a like underneath and if you have any comments put them in the comments section below. And don’t forget, if you’re ever in Miami come visit Digital Goja showrooms. Does it have art filters like other Olympus cameras? Yep, they were’nt going to leave you the cold air either. Lets turn it on and when we go into our menu let’s go up here and notice how you have different settings for your shooting mode. You have fisheye, sparkle, reflection, fragmented, art 1, which is pop art 1, soft-focus, art 2, pale and light color art 3, grainy film art 4, pinhole art 5, diorama art 6 and last but not least dramatic tone art 7. So, absolutely, you have many different capabilities with art filters with the TG-4. Well I hope I answered your question about the Olympus TG-4. If I didn’t, please place it below in the comments section and I’ll get to it and answer it for you. And also don’t forget to share this video with fellow videographers and photographers. Happy shooting!

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  1. Thank you for revealing that there are hidden features under the flash button??? Love the TG-4, but why O why do they not make controls more intuitive. I was looking through the menu settings for Raw setting, filters etc

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