Hello Tiktakers, and welcome to a new Scary
Tuesday. In this occasion, we are travelling to Japan
to tell you about a mysterious doll, apparently possessed by the spirit of a little girl. Today, we are telling you the story of the
doll Okiku. Since they are so similar to us, dolls are
half way through the living and the dead, those who feel and those who don’t. This is why, in Ancient times, dolls had a
magical and spiritual nature. They could be used for so many things, from
representing fertility to accompanying the dead in their graves. As they acquired a more human appearance,
they called kids’ attention and became entertaining objects, but the mysticism was always there. Throughout history and all around the world,
we can find many cases like Okiku’s. The story says it all started in 1918, when
a 17-year-old young lady called Eikichi Suzuki bought a doll for her 2-year-old little sister,
Kikuko, as a souvenir from a marine exposition she had visited, in Sapporo, in the japanese
island of Hokkaido. The doll was 40cm tall and was wearing a traditional
japanese kimono. Her eyes were black and her face of white
china. Her black hair was at shoulder level. The girl was sick and she couldnt leave the
house much, so she loved her new doll, she spent all day playing with her and named her
Okiku. They were inseparable, went everywhere together,
until tragedy hit the family. The girl got a lot worse and she spent many
months in bed, hugging her doll, until she died due to high temperature. As it is tradition in Japan, the day of Kikuko’s
cremation, her family placed her most loved objects to be burnt with her, but they forgot
about the doll. When they realized, they decided to keep it,
in memory of her little girl, and they placed her loved doll in an altar along with her
ashes. From that moment on, they started to feel
something strange was happening in the house. The doll’s black hair started to grow. It didnt take long for it to reach the knees. The family didnt get scared tho, the believed
it was Kikuko’s spirit inside the doll, somehow. They kept the altar and from time to time
they’d cut the doll’s hair, to keep it nice and pretty, but it grew again, inexplicably. With the begining of World War 2 in 1939,
the Suzukis decided to move to the Isle of Sakhalin, and they took the doll to the Mannenji
Temple, in the city of Iwamizawa, where they thought it would be better off. They explained the priest there the supernatural
characteristics of the doll, but he didnt really believe them. However, soon after, all monks could see with
their own eyes how the hair grew and grew. Cutting it became a common chore for them,
and they even took pictures with the different lenghts to hang them around the doll as ornaments. The doll Okiku is still in the Mannenji temple,
in the japanese prefecture of Hokkaido. This sanctuary is visited by thousands of
curious people every year wanting to check with their own eyes what is said about this
doll. Nowadays, they say it’s not only the hair
that has transformed, but also the lips, closed in the past and opened now with some humidity
even. They also say her fixed eyes seem to be looking
at the visitor, as if she was alive, looking more and more like a human being. It’s not really clear why the hair of the
doll Okiku grows. Nobody has really been capable of saying why
it has kept growing continuously for almost a century. Many experts in the field have analyzed samples
of the hair, saying it comes from a human being, but they werent able to give a scientific
explanation to this pecularity. And you, what do You think tiktakers? Is it just a trick? Or does the doll really hold the spirit of
the girl, who’s back from the dead?

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    so when i was 8 years old (2 years ago)I had this doll and i named it Lidia
    She was about the same size as the doll in the video but she had:
    Fair hair (the hair was pulled up into two buns)
    blue eyes (sea blue)
    but there was something off settle with the mouth…
    the mouth was closed like she was sad….but then i would come back to play with her and it looked like the mouth started to smile a little bit(i don't know if it was my imagination)This was really creepy and it reminded me of a scary movie me and my dad watched it was such as this scary situation taking place right now kicks in
    but i ignored it because i was an honest child who was dumb and probably should have told my parents
    next week taking place in the exact same actions as last week the mouth looked sad for some reason like it knew the next day i would tell my parents to put it outside for the garbage truck to pick up
    i was really scared so i went to play with my cat
    the next day i told my mom "Mom please take this doll,it's creeping me out!" and my mom did as i said and put it in the trash can and waited for the garbage truck to come
    next year (2019 i was 9)
    i never heard from that doll but something really creepy happened…i saw the doll on my shelf or at least i think i did after one second it went P O O F like it was just my head playing a trick on me
    October 14th
    one of my cats babies died
    October 19th (my friends birthday)
    my cat died by a car crash or so my parents believed all though i knew my parents would think i'm crazy if i told them i didn't believe my cat died from a car crash (they will probably think i have gone BONKERS)
    next day(October 21st)
    i got one of the baby cats!
    (November 14th)
    another baby cat died
    (December 14th)
    another baby died
    At first i thought it was an accident but the more i thought about it i got more scared every single time one of the cats died it was the same exact day i threw out the doll…
    so what do you think happened ( the person reading this )
    was it a coincidence or was it the doll who caused all of this?
    (CLIFF HANGER UNTIL JANUARY 14TH LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS THEN) (forgot to say that of the babies died from a car crash just like my cat)

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