oddly satisfying art video

oddly satisfying art video

this video is brought to you by Wix if you want to easily build your own website go to wix.com and create it for free so today I have these abstract pains thing is with with different kind of nozzles and I thought it'd make for some fun art and satisfying paid footage so here we go [Applause] and you already know it wouldn't be a vex video without some doodle arts [Applause] was this a waste of bait absolutely was it extremely fun to do yes it was and was it as easy as building a website with wigs no because Wix is super easy and straightforward and gives your website a professional look Wix was so kind to sponsor this video and you can build to your website for free if you click the link down below I personally use wets for my website and only took me under a couple of hours to make my entire website it's super quick and easy with our drag-and-drop interface and our many resources and apps there are hundreds of templates to start from and it was honestly fun to put together you can build an e-commerce with wigs or just create a site to showcase your art and portfolio and Wix can do all the hard work like reliable hosting custom domains mailboxes SEO storage and basically all the stuff that you rather not deal with I have been using wigs for a while now and I'm very happy with the service they provides they have the channel art as well and I recommend you guys to check them out you've got nothing to lose because it's completely free and possible thanks for watching guys I will see you in the next one beast

38 thoughts on “oddly satisfying art video

  1. I know we all want to support wixx but whats the name of the second song


  3. Lol i see vexx put the crown in the wrong place. Still love your work vexx👌👌

  4. On of my favourite things to do is use palate knifes with paint

  5. paint a drawing of bob ross

  6. Start uploading more often!!

    Jk, I know how long it takes to draw or paint. 😁

  7. Other artists: Im an expert at painting!

    Vexx: hold my well drawn doodles.

  8. Make a drawing/ painting Rick And Morty themed

  9. Wake me up when it's dry

  10. U should do a vid where u show your high school art teacher your art

  11. Vexx can you do a video on your markers and wee you get them


  13. Thank u for these simple and creative ideas….❤❤❤❤…..from Mr.zox

  14. That looks shit 😂

  15. what black fine tips does he us?

  16. i can see my future in you .. thanks mate i thought im gonna live in such a boring life buy praise god for introducing me to you

  17. Is this frosting!?!?

  18. Can I eat your frosting

  19. Mmmm☺️☺️😊😊😊…. I like this bluuue colour

  20. 👌

  21. You should stop promoting your merchandise when it’s taking almost 2 months, and you don’t have the decency to respond to emails.

  22. All the OGs know what this video was actually called..

  23. Only 90's kids will remember when this was called "ABSTRACT ART"

  24. He should make custom shoes

  25. Vexx step up ur game dude zhc did a 100 hr drawing like if you seen the live stream zhc did

  26. Ou vexx hi
    I am from brazil and i buy you clothing(my english is bad) but it did not arrive, and it is past due time, which I do?

  27. Its fcking amazing dude… I never see thing like this

  28. That isn't abstract??? Also nog everything is a challenge

  29. Hi Vexx. I have a challenge for you. How about u do a full realistic full page doodle so every thing u add has to be realistic. I would like to see you do this challenge ?

  30. Hi vexx im love your vde of you you can say hi too me

  31. WTF

  32. Just literally throw paint at a canvas and people will call it abstract art haha

  33. The segue to Wix was big smooth.

  34. Just another boring vex video that should be on the top trending.

  35. Me I love drawing Im the best abstract painter in class
    Me looks over at vex
    Me someone get me a knife so I can use it to ruin me

  36. This is anything but abstract

  37. Why did you call it abstract? isnt it actually what you always do just done with acrylic paint?

  38. Can you make a Jason mask only ween it’s scribble challenge only

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