NURSE ANN | Draw My Life

NURSE ANN | Draw My Life

Hey there Tiktakers, and welcome to a new
Scary Tuesday. Today, we have a creepypasta you’ve asked
for a lot, tho there is not much info about it: the story of Nurse Ann, which we have
adapted for you. Ann was a shy 24 year old girl. She didnt have many friends, as her job took
up most of her time. She was a nurse at an important hospital,
and she loved feeling useful by helping others. She worked along with Doctor Sebastian, a young doctor very respected among his colleagues. Even tho he was a friendly person, he always seemed cold and distant. Some thought her reserved personality was completely normal, as she was a forensic doctor and he spent most of her time surrounded by
corpses. His blond hair and blue eyes had broken many
hearts. Ann was no exception, and she soon fell in
love with him. She never shared her feelings with him – she
thought he’d never show interest in her. However, one day, the doctor his love to her, and they both started a relationship soon after. He gave her lots of presents and paid a lot attention to her, she couldnt be happier. One day, he invited her over to his house,
and after a romantic dinner, he proposed to her. “I love you, I want to be with you forever”,
he said, and she felt happier than she had ever been. After a while, the doctor made a sign with
his hand and said: “Come, I have another surprise for you. Come to the basement”. Even tho she felt excited, something inside
her was on alert. The tone in his voice had changed, and the
atmosphere had suddenly turned cold. She got up and followed him. He opened the door of the basement, and she
suddenly felt a sickening smell. While she was going downstairs, he said: “Dear Ann, I finally found the answer… from now on, we will always be together!”. His strange words scared her even more. When they were all the way down, the doctor
turned on the lights. The young girl could see, totally horrified,
several dismembered corpses piled in a corner. She couldnt tell how many there were, they
were all missing some parts. Ann panicked. The shocking image clouded her sight, and
she couldn’t articulate a single word. The doctor was besides her, waiting anxiously,
for an answer. Her first impulse was turning around and running
away, but he grabbed her and hit her on the head, leaving her dazed on the floor. She felt him holding her on his arms and putting
her on an old and noisy stretcher next to a pile of corpses. He tied her hands and feet. She suddenly felt the pressure of a needle
on her arm, and the effect of whatever he had injected her was instant. Her head started spinning, and she couldn’t
feel her body anymore. She saw the doctor grabbing a huge knife from
a drawer. She opened her eyes, panicking, but she couldnt
even scream. He got close to her and put the blade on her
chest: “dont worry, you’ll feel no pain”. With a fast move, the doctor raised the knife and stabbed it into her heart, with all his strenght. And the last thing Ann saw before the passed
out was a huge puddle of blood coming from her chest. When the young girl woke up, it took her a
few minutes to remember what had hapened. She was still laying on the stretchr, tho
she wasnt tied anymore. She could feel her body again, but that body
didnt feel familiar any more. She stood up, and she noticed she was taller
now. She had a strange feling on her face, and
when she touched it she realized there was an eye patch on her right eye now. She looked at her legs, then at her arms. She saw many parts stitched to one another,
skin that didnt belong to her. Tho the pile of corpses wasnt there anymore,
she didnt take long to realize her new body was formed by pieces from dead people. She suddenly heard a noise and she saw the
door of the basement opening. She knew it was him. Her body clenched, and her face was burning
with rage. He go close to her, and looked at her with
the face of a lunatic. “My dear Ann, you look so beautiful! I can only admire my best piece! Now you have to do the same with me, and our
love will be forever!” But she wasn’t the same girl anymore. She felt a strange feeling of euphoria, she
felt powerful. Suddenly, she felt sorry for that insignificant
being, and the simple idea of spending the rest of her existence with him seemed disgusting
to her. The doctor’s smile vanished when he observed
his loved one. Before he could say anything, she jumped on
him, and with the power of her new supernatural body, she choked him. He tried to resist, but all his efforts were
in vain. She was a lot stronger. When she saw him dead, she decided to give
him a taste of his own medicine. She searched among the tools on the basement
until a chainsaw called her attention. She turned it on and used it to cut the doctor’s
body into pieces, smiling with each, new, mutilation. She left the basement and went to the kitchen. She look at the clock and saw the day was
about to break. She took a shower to clean the blood out of
her body, and then searched the doctor’s wardrobe. She put on a black uniform. She covered the scars on her arms with long
gloves, and she covered her right eye with her hair. Finally, she was ready to start a new day at work.

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