NOT YOUR GRADE-SCHOOL CRAYONS!? | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing

NOT YOUR GRADE-SCHOOL CRAYONS!? | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing

I believe this is the February Paletteful packs box. Let’s open it up, find out what’s inside and try and make something with it. ♪ Alright, first things first, amongst the red maggots, we have a small plastic palette with ridges to hold like a paintbrush. Kind of like that. What the heck are these? Pretty colors. Oh, wait, are these crayons? [Blows raspberry, laughs] So apparently these are art crayon – I’m trying to say it properly I say cray-in, but I know cray-on and then underneath that, it calls it a water color crayon. So maybe they’re water soluble…? You can like blend it with water, which is what we’ll need the cup for. Hopefully, these aren’t like, uh, the crayons you’ve had in grade school and no hate on crayons, Like I used the schnitzel out of them, but I’ve just moved on to different things Huh!? [Packaging crinkles] Yeah, get outta there. So there’s four colors in this pack. We have sky-blue Gentian…? I don’t know Lavender and then plum. Lavender is just pretty! They’re also individually sealed, the amount of plastic seriously. [Laughs] It’s got a cap. It’s got like a little grip for your fingees. I don’t know if you like rotate it to make more crayon come out. Oh you do! What are we gonna be using with these? More of them. [Laughs] (Sarcastically) My excitements off the charts. [Laughs] Although I’ve never used water-soluble crayons, so this will still be a fun experiment and you’ve got sunshine yellow, kiwi apple and aqua green [Crayons clattering on desk] Let me just put these in rainbow color, it’ll take me like two seconds Oh, there’s a tutorial video on how to use them. Let me fail first before I look for help. I think it’s pretty straightforward Do we have anything for like line art or – Oh, we got a paintbrush, the Princeton Select round number six. Oh, and we have a white crayon! When I was in second grade, we had a class called phonics and we had a phonics book and you could buy either the colored version or the black and white version which was cheaper. Which was obviously the one my school had. So all of the pictures for each phonics lesson. We’re just line art. and so if you finish early, comparatively to the class. Then the teacher would tell you to get out your crayons and color in all the pictures Like there’d be a hat or a cat and the teacher would always say: “If something’s white, don’t leave it, use your white crayon. It’s in the box for reason.” and for some reason, I just loathed that. I don’t know what it was. I was the lazy colorer. I don’t know. [Laughs] There was a fun story for you, I guess Oh and we have a black crayon as well. We can use that maybe for some dimension and some depth, maybe a little bit of line art, if that works out that way. I have my doubts. Alright, do we have anything else that’s considered in art supply? Here’s the menu that lists the art supplies. So we have the Marabu Art Crayon, five color sets and then we have the black and white which each Retail for $3.99, seriously? well,
these are definitely not my grade school crayons then you’d get what 24 for 99 cents and then finally in eight by ten Strathmore ready cut watercolor paper. Ready cut watercolor. Must be important stuff they put it in a little wrapper. Oh, it’s not a pad! Oh, I thought was gonna be a pad of paper. It’s just actually ready cut paper. Now I get it. I get it. Okay, so it’s cold pressed, ready for frames and mats. So there are 10 sheets. Whoa! There’s a little window. That’s the kind of attention to detail I like to see. [Paper wobble] That’s thick stuff. (Sings) How much is the Maggots in the window? Alright, so I guess we got swatch them. I kind of learned my lesson and we should swatch on the paper we’re planning on using and they gave us ten sheets, so, got lots of room for mistakes. Put a little water in here. Start with the black one. Oh, those are smooth! These are like oil pastels. Forgot to open all these. Shoot, one second! and we’re back. Just go ahead and swatch them all. I really kind of enjoy how they glide across the paper. They’re very oily and soft but
it’s hard to get any kind of detail with such a blunt edge, you know. Now once we’ve have all these swatched, we can add water and see what happens. Alright. Oh, wait, white. This is for Mrs. Hunter. There you go. [Crayon lid snaps shut] Oh the other thing she’d say, she’s like “And I’ll know if you used the white crayon, I’ll use my fingernail and I’ll scratch it.” Add a little bit of water. Let’s do the light color first. I can’t see it. Let’s try the yellow. Hey, that’s pretty vibrant. It doesn’t look like it’s losing too much of its juice, but it is getting a little transparent obviously. So it looks like you probably can just use these like you’d use watercolors. Then obviously you can get some more kind of fun abstract shapes If you use them directly out of the barrel, this one’s not quite coming off as well. So what I do is I wet the brush, I dab a little extra moisture off and rub around over the crayon. Drag it down and then you get a lot of pigment. Lavenders not spreading as well leeway, but the black works real nice. Lavender just isn’t really working for me. Come on! I was rooting for you. I’m getting a little bit of warping in the paper. You probably can see it from the other camera angle. So I probably should tape down whatever we do our finished illustration on. So let me kind of just… Hmm, actually, I have no idea where to start. Ew, there’s that fun crayon texture everybody loves. Just to kind of get a feel for how they might work, why don’t I try and just do what I would normally do with any old art supply and just, I don’t know, like draw face. Yeah. [Laughs] Really imaginative here. Kinda sketch it out! oh dear. Not a whole lot of control! Plain old portrait. beautiful. I’m trying to use the edge of it to get a more fine point by holding it at an angle. Also, probably, I think for the finished illustration, we’re gonna want to fill the whole paper, just
because you can’t really get a lot of fine lines with these Depending on what’s subject matter we finally decide to draw. Ooh, erasing. I wonder what we can do about erasing. If that’s even possible or if I should “erase” the thought from my mind. Then maybe we can try layering some other colors Oh, yeah, like if you fill a whole section in crayon and then apply water, can we like fill in the little crevices that we miss? Oh, you can kind of get more crisp lines. So like up here, I was dragging the color away from where we applied it but like this is just going over where we have applied it. Interesting. Can we use the white to erase? Not really. You could use it to blend out to a lighter tone but not really erase. Now what happens if we apply a ton of color here, kind of use it like a palette. Kind of trying to lift it from that like apply lighter tones of it like watercolor. Mmm, hey, it’s kind of working. Can I blend out this line that I don’t need anymore? I just want to blend it out of existence! Although it was helpful, it served its purpose. I kind of like the way it looks with that because it’s kind of more pastel, but it’s still just so splotchy. I wonder if there’s a way to kind of avoid that. These are the darker colors too. Use that as a palette. ♪ If I can use the fine pointyness of this brush to do some detail work. Oh no, it was still wet! Ahh! She’s crying. That’ll blend right out. Obviously, there’s times when you want to apply it when it’s still wet, but if you want to get those fine details, you should wait for it to dry. and I also kind of want to just… Draw something else while I’m waiting. This time I’m gonna try sketching with pencil and see
how much that interferes with how the crayons work Sketch something in here Try to do something with details and see what happens. I just kind of want to like push the limits of the supplies before I decide what I can and can’t do because if I just decide, oh well, I can’t do this and that, how will I ever know what I can do if I don’t even try, you know. Let’s throw in some – I kind of like this palette sort of idea, but I also wanna throw some color on there Okay, so it doesn’t quite cover pencil. So this probably will end up looking real gross, but that’s the point, to find out. Actually, I don’t think it looks that bad. I mean not with the purple at least. Kind of like the way the graphite also picks up the water a little and kind of blends in probably muddies it but what can you do? Purple skin. Why not? I don’t mind the look of this for like a sketchbook kind of sketch experimentation thing but for finished illustration purposes, I don’t think this is gonna work out. See how the yellow works, yellow is usually pretty transparent and it looks like it is. Yellow and graphite don’t quite mix Ew. Ooh, I wonder if I can make it look kind of shiny by leaving a space. Don’t really have to worry about the graphite here. It’s only gonna help us. Let’s try to blend this out by like using the water, cleaning the brush. Feel like it needs some more purple. I wonder if I can blend in just a slight amount of purple. Kind of like show a little difference between the legs because they’re getting a little lost in there. Did that create any kind of contrast? I wonder if we could just add a little bit of black to this mixture. A little goes a long way. Be careful. Yeah, there we go that’s showing up. ♪ Kind of surprised at how much I’m kind of liking this and I think the reason is because usually what I hate about crayons and pastels and oil pastels and all those things is that you can’t get fine details, but since these are water-soluble, you can just use a paintbrush and get ‘er done. [Laughs] So what happens if I like take this black, scribble all around in here. Add a little water. Will this give me some nice line art? Not quite as pigmented as I need. Maybe if I add less water next time. Since these art supplies are kind of like, you know, big and bounding and they’re hard to get those fine details, I think it would be fun to draw someone like super flowy. So if I decide you a person, I think it’d be really fun if it’s like a character that’s really flowy. That way if the color kind of goes outside of the lines, it kind of fits the theme of everything, you know what I mean? Does that make sense? Let me erase some of the graphite so it doesn’t… Make a mess. It would be kind of fun as if it was like a gradient like the top’s kind of yellow. Just kind of go rainbow. Yeah, I haven’t really tried blending these that well. ♪ Let’s blend that out. oh wait, I need some water again. I’m gonna focus on the areas where the colors kind of overlap. Actually,
I think we’re just gonna have to go the whole way [Laughs] What am I talking about? But then once we switch to another color, I shouldn’t probably go back up too far. We want to keep just pulling the colors down. See how this looks. I want make sure I get rid of all those like little edges kind of looks like artifacting. [Short laugh] I just want to clean those up because those are something I do not like and I wonder if I have like the yellow hair If I have like some really long yellow hair, have it just come down behind everything Pose could use a little bit more work. I think the concept is good I really like the way the colors kind of blend together. So I do want to definitely take advantage of that. So I’m thinking we should just try this and if it doesn’t work, then try something else. [Laughs] But like switch to a whole new piece of paper, probably tape it down in case I get really crazy with it. [Tape ripping off] [Tape ripping off] Alright. A little crooked but uh, you’ll just learn to love it. So I think I’ll just follow that same… Order of operations. Sketch with the pencil, erase most of it, so it doesn’t blend with the crayons and then, uh, add the color. I’m gonna copy some of the pose but then, you know, make up other parts, so like we have the head up here at the shoulder, kind of coming up with the arm, and then I had the other arm kind of like going this way, I wonder if I could twist it. So like currently it’s pointing this way. What if I twist the body. Mmm, is that possible? So if I twist it that way, then I can like bring this knee up that way and then this leg can keep doing its thing and that way it kind of like fills the page. Maybe some hair. Then we can have all that crayons goi’n everywhere Gonna go in and figure this out. Kind of the second pass at it. If the shoulders are really that low, then the whole head needs to be moved down. The face. Now the head’s real small but it probably will say that way. Eh, that arm. [Laughs] What happened? Draw the back leg first. This leg I kind of wanted it kind of just following along ♪ Somebody is having fun with a snowmobile. Honestly the whole legs I’m not thrilled about. Let me try just… Erasing that and trying again. Alright, we got hips here. If I just let them lay a little flatter. [Pencil scratching on paper] No, no, no, no, no. What if I bring the legs apart a little? Kinda like… That’s kind of fun. It’s like skipping and this leg can come like this and then backwards. Right? Right!? [Laughs] I’m asking you like you could help me in this. It’s just – hmm. Let me think on this. [Finger tapping] See whenever I start working on the face, it like loses all of its dynamicness Before it looked like it was looking up but now it’s just it’s getting flatter. I think I’ll just bring this leg further back. I don’t want any tangents though. Uh. Eurgh! I think we’re just abandoning a lot of space here. Like what do I put up here or if I just like fill more of this bottom section Then having some space up at the top. Kind of just a breather for your eyes I think I need to move the elbow up on the arm. I do run a bit of a risk of overworking this sketch but since the art supplies are kind of less controllable, I don’t think that’ll be a problem because once I like go over this with this, it’s obviously gonna become a lot looser. I think having some good groundwork to begin with… Might be in our best interests, at least my best interest. The outcome of this has no effect on you [Deep inhale] It’s just me. Ugh. But I’d like to think we’re in this together. I’m gonna give her a visor just ’cause I want something pointing up this way. now she’s a fast-food employee. Woo! Or a golfer. Shout-out to all my friends who worked in food service. High five [Clap] This back ponytail. I gave her two pigtails for some reason. I’m struggling. Try not to draw too dark ’cause I want to still be able to erase you know. Ooh, what if we gave her like Some like just really simple clothing and leave those paper white. And then keep the gradient just on the skin and I try to do that like paper white, so there’d be no lines here. No lines here, this would all be just the paper. You’d obviously see this line because we have – Although now if I do do this – doodoo, hehe, I can have the hair come further down this way. That way… You don’t lose as much of those curves, you know. Make sure the big toes on the right side of the foot! [Deep inhale] I made that mistake before. Now she got looks like a tennis player. I could give her a racket [Pencil scratching on the paper] All right, all right, I think. [Laughs] I ready to commit! [Nervous squeal] to the colors. But I just want to like say my farewells to this sketch ’cause I really like the sketch. [Sighs, pat pat] Goodbye babe. So the next step is to erase [Eraser rolling on the paper] I just want this to turn out well, I feel invested Put this at the bottom There’s our gradient. So in our little concept here, I used a yellow for the face, but since I’m using yellow for the hair I think I’m going to just start with the light green. Our Kiwi color. Oh this feels wrong! Oh hey, that’s nice but this just don’t feel right. Let’s mix it with water first Maybe we can blend into the darker at the bottom just till I’m – I’m ready, you know. See that’s plenty dark. Especially for like a first layer. I might add a little bit yellow though at the top Just to start that gradient. Okay now I think I’m gonna go ahead for the skin. Start being a little bit more assertive with it. Okay, let’s this one arm on the right. Get a feel for it. Clean up the edges. Blend it out. I think I made it more colors. Oh, it’s probably ’cause I started on green. Instead of yellow. So the hands actually ended up being blue instead of green. Definitely want to add more green here. It’s too light It looks kind of cool. In contrast to where I blended it out more. I’m wondering when it dries if I’ll be able to like kind of go over it again. I’m kind of glad I can still see a decent amount of the sketch after this first pass I wanted there to be like lace at the bottom of this top. So that like the color kind of pokes through but
I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to get detailed enough, especially since I don’t quite know what I want the lace to look like. Going with kind of scallops. Well, we’ll just avoid these scallops and then inside there maybe later with the paintbrush, I can do some little dots and such. ♪ Then we need the aqua green. Try and blend those out! ♪ And maybe do some fine detail work there. I don’t even know what color’s on my paintbrush at this point, but it looks like it works well enough. [Laughs] Gotta make sure I follow these lines pretty well because I put a lot of effort into figuring out where these lines are gonna be. So then from this color, it’s gonna start turning into a more blue. So we can have a little bit of this. Right on the edge of the skirt. Aqua green down lower on this leg So that they’re not in the same seam. And then, so this one will start being blue. ♪ That kinda separated! Try our best to blend this out. Gonna start with this leg, our blue leg. I
suppose we could have had her colors kind of change up That would have been kind of fun. Maybe like one leg was blue one leg was green. Fade almost into a white foot. Kind of like the face got lighter. I’ll have the feet get lighter, too That way there’s contrast between the ankle there and the foot. We’ll see how that looks when it dries Now, let’s try blend this one out Ooh, I kinda went outside the line! Ee, Whoo, that’s not so bad, little crunchy around the edges still. I’m wondering if I did do another pass, if it would eliminate some of that or.. If I’m stuck with it! ‘Cause there’s still a decent amount going on there Let’s start adding in some of the hair. So like this section. While that’s drying and I’ll try my best not to put my hand in it. I think I’m gonna need to do some shading here To kind of keep those shapes that I made. Maybe mixing with purple? Although purple and yellow are complementary colors So that’s gonna make a gray anyway. Maybe just the most subtle amount of green, ’cause then it kind of fits it into our blue/green color scheme anyway, just do what I’m able for now, I guess. We’ll figure it out! Hair looks like cheese right there. Maybe if I really blend ‘er out there. Meh, me, me. [Laughs] I don’t know. I also want to like work on the face some more, but I just want to get like the first pass done and let that dry. Most of it is dry because it’s taking so long Don’t I get too close to the arms either or we might lift some of that green. When we don’t want it yet. Definitely don’t to put too much green up here Even though that’s where it needs the most shading just because the face is so green, you know. Do you want it to blend. I really want to clean up the legs. They look real messy Layering more crayon, maybe we can get like a smooth texture That actually looks so cool. I never did that in our little like practice bits. Layering the crayon on top of what we’ve already – Oh, that’s so much smoother. Then we can just blend those out together without water. Hey! Me likey, but then we’ll just need to blend it out with some water near the foot. Okay, I think I’m figuring these out. I don’t know if we add water on top of this… If that’ll be too much. That’s way smoother than it was before. I should do that for the top half too. There’s actually a third color in there, but I can make it With just these two by blending them out. Wow, that looks so much better! Ah! I’m kind of amazed. See if it fixes this over here. Obviously, I can’t get the crisp edges, so we’ll have to go over it with water eventually, but we have a much flatter, more appealing color to me. Blend out the edge. Love it. Now, what do I do with the face though? [Paintbrush tapping] I might just have to darken it up. Just kind of slowly build up the color I think I added enough where it doesn’t look like it’s separate from the rest of the body. So that’s a plus. Oops, that was the wrong green Oh shoot, and I didn’t even get it in right spot. Mix this. Right, we’ll leave that be, see if I can fix it later. Could do a second layer over the hair! See if we can clean that up, too. ♪ Well, that looks so much nicer. it’s so smooth! It looks less like you know a childhood crayon and more like a professional art supply. I can’t say this – mm-hmm design on this looks all that professional but it’s fine, we’re not here to judge. It just comes naturally A million times, yes so much better. Eurgh! Green, I’m gonna do the same thing with the green that I did with the black, just a little bit of water. Just so I can shape this hair a little bit more easily without having to draw directly on it and creating those harsh lines I didn’t love. Ooh, look at that. Wow! It’s working! It’s working! It is not quite blending with the color underneath of it feels waxy, but they’re both waxy, So it shouldn’t be a problem, should it? Blend that out. We can also go over that with the yellow crayon again Given up trying to say crayon. Takes too much brain power. I’m actually really pleasantly surprised with the way the art’s turning out. It’s kinda fun just like taking my time and experimenting with it. I still think it has a bit of a childlike appearance, but the more I polish it, the better it’s lookin’. We add a little bit of blue, to this darker section. [Crayon rolling on the desk] Gah, Shh, shh! Be quite, you’re annoying me. It’s turning out well! [Claps, excited squeal] Okay, what’s next step? I think I should wait for it to completely dry and then try to do a little bit of a line art. With our purple and black I wonder if we can add like fun purple shapes, use what’s left add a little shading Here. Oh, we’re gonna have to fill that in too, Well, now I think I definitely have to wait. Oh, the hardest part of art, waiting for things to dry. Okay, let’s try and make the line art here. What’s the recipe? You’ll need a little bit of purple, actually a lot of purple and then some black just to really deepen that color Then add just a smidge of water and mix it all up. Oh, but when I try to do fine points. Where do I start? I honestly don’t really want that much line art on this I kind of like the texture of it but for the face, I’ll make an exception if I get up and close here We’ve got some eyelashes. Okay. Okay. Okay. So get this a little more saturated with pigment. Oh what she doesn’t even have eyebrows. I might just draw them in with this color. I think it’s too late to make them yellow. Need a pupil in there This is where I’m struggling because I feel like I need a lot of detail in here. Then we got the visor. Do I want to do any shading in the white section? Guess so ’cause I started doing it. [Laughs] I wonder if I can clean up this edge here. That sounded like I said Ed Sheeran. [Laughs] The edge here. It’s a little difficult to add like shading and stuff Because her skin is a gradient. [Chuckles] Do we want any other purple anywhere? It’s like the only color we haven’t used. That might just be overkill I
think that might be the max of detail I can get in the face I keep saying that but then I add a little bit more. This isn’t from the box, so it’s technically cheating. Actually, I don’t think it’s cheating to add – No, actually. Yeah, I don’t know. [Laughs] I just want to add like speckles. Magic particles. It’s just a preference of mine. I think it just always makes art look more interesting. You know what? I’m going to add the purple. Screw it. There we go. Find the pointiest edge on this. So I can get them right where I want them. I’m thinking one right here, and then we’ll layer that again. It was better with the crayon. Getting a perfect circle. Just make them look a little bit random but purposeful. it kind of looks like they’re drifting off into the distance Mmm, it’s
kind of hard to have them interact with the body at all. Just ’cause I can’t get any sort of detail. We could do it here. There’s a pretty straight line to deal with. Hey I kind of like that. What if I put one right… Here. Let’s try and smooth these guys out, follow that same… principle. [Blows] There’s a lot of like dusty waxy bits. [Blows the dusty bits away] Ah yes, that is just so much nicer! I don’t know if you can tell the difference on screen but it just gets so much smoother Trying to cut corners while drawing my circles. Okay, I think we did too, too many circles Now it’s a little busy. Why do I keep adding more? It’s not helping. [Laughs] I just want it more concentrated on this side, but it’s hard with the hair in the way! Uuh! No, okay. Best I can do! Gonna do go ahead and remove the tape. That’s the fun part. Right? I think this was the last one I did. Ooh! Hey, not too bad. Some areas it did get underneath. There it didn’t. Nice! Look at that edge! [Tape peeling from paper] Yay! I didn’t rip the paper. I probably should have colored in like a light wash of purple before I removed the tape that way there’d be a difference between the border. This is what I came up with with the watercolor crayons Those are, those are some tricky art supplies, but I feel like – I don’t know. I’ve done the best I’ve ever done with anything that’s like sort of pastel like, crayon like, you know, here’s where I was experimenting with them. I definitely like them better than Crayola Crayons [Laughs] Just because you can mix them with water and you can get smaller details with a paintbrush I wonder if I could just… Ooh, It exploded on me. No! Just a big smile Ok well. [Laughs] I’ll fix that later. But this is basically what it’ll look like. I think my only like real big regret is just leaving the background white. So I guess all that’s left to do is to thank you guys for watching and also send a big thank you to Paletteful Packs for sending me this box. If you’re looking for more information on Paletteful Packs, I’ll have a link in the description. Thanks again for watching. I’ll see you guys all next week, and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles. Bye! ♪

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    Crayola: brush and bullet
    Waffles, try them! (Like if u Agree) ps. I 💗💗💗💗 u and ur art waffles

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