NiKO Learns HIDE N SEEK!! Adley shows baby brother our favorite family game and date night routine!

NiKO Learns HIDE N SEEK!! Adley shows baby brother our favorite family game and date night routine!

77 thoughts on “NiKO Learns HIDE N SEEK!! Adley shows baby brother our favorite family game and date night routine!

  1. Awesome, btw first

  2. Hiii I love your videos!!!!! Who ever is the first dislike should be ashamed 😛

  3. First

  4. First,never mind😭

  5. Love you guys 💗💗

  6. First ❤️❤️

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  8. I am your number 1 fan can you pin me

  9. Hi there

  10. Second

  11. 🥰

  12. Best family ever !!!!love u guys nikos getting so so big adley u got us I thought it was serious but I'm serious u guys rock…. it number one irish fans …. We love hide and seek ….

  13. I’m so excited to see Adley and Niko grow up more. But I want the. To stay small!!!!

  14. When it’s says 1 min ago ☺️

  15. I am so happy for you guys. You are like super close to 2 million. Love the vlogs. Would love to see some updates on the space station

  16. What a good big sister you are, Adley ❤️

  17. a litle early but not bad

  18. Wow I like this family and doing fun game of hide and seek ☺️

  19. That's not how you count🤦🏼‍♂️

  20. Soooo cute I like how she counts. She's good!🤣🤣🤣

  21. I remember when the oldest was born bruh I haven't watched a video in so long

  22. I love life updates 💗

  23. shout out to Koopa & Olive

  24. If you're coming to Europe, you should come to Portugal, it's so close to Spain and so worth it!

  25. Glad to see you had a nice date night,and your paintings came out great!!❤️🎨😊

  26. I worked at a paint and wine place, saw too many people ruin nice clothes with acrylic paint and my favorite thing was watching them deviate from the instructions 👍 nice job to both of you

  27. Jenny your hair is amazing!!! 😍

  28. 30th Comment tonight! We love playing hide and seek! ❤️ Adley has great hiding spots! Niko 🐻 is just so adorable! A bundle of Joy! Love the entire Family and Space station crew! Keep your Vlogs coming! 👍 Oh and Jenny you Rock! Favorite Mom ever!! 🙂
    God Bless you all!

  29. rrrrriiiiiiiiiilllllleeeeeeeeeeyyyy good

  30. The last video I watched was best day ever #200 I think

  31. My first video was the Best Video Game Ever video

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  33. Such a sweetheart! We love your family! Our family just put up our decorations for Christmas! Kiara had a blast hanging her ornaments on the tree! She says" Love you Adley, Merry Christmas. Be good for Santa🎅🎅🎄🎄💕

  34. 11-teen is my favorite number

  35. 12:50 I know what you mean, we have one of those by my house called Painting With A Twist

  36. I feel the same about my 2 dogs

  37. this was great but i couldnt find the spooky photos you taken on instagram

  38. L

  39. adleyAdleyyuftdd

  40. Very fun stuff. Super fun to watch. Just all in all fun. Jenny & You & the kids are great. #lifegoals. Best day & Best wishes to you & yours.

  41. Pass along the message to Jenny that her hair look bomb!!! 😍

  42. Daisy

  43. Love shon and his family even if I don't spell his name right

  44. do a video of dog hide and seek!!

  45. Textbooks. 🍎🍌🍌🍉🍇🍓❄️🍋🍊🍐🌽🍗🍔🍟🌊🌭🍕🍝🍔🌮🍣🌯🍡🍢🍧🍬🍦🍰🎂🍫🍴🍽🎨🎨🎪🎯✈️🎡🗼🌈🗽🏟🏩

  46. That apron though 😁 I just had to crack up at him putting it on sideways 😂😂😂

  47. I love yall

  48. IPhone hoćeš Aj

  49. Lucky Patcher hoću igricu Macu hej

  50. wtsiu

  51. 🥤🇨🇦

  52. 🧣🧤🧥💙💙👍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧

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  56. Make this blue if u love shonduras I’m gifting next 10 loyalty subscribers

  57. Eleven-teen? 😂

  58. No

  59. qqq

  60. My brother said hi Nico and I love your videos I AddelyAdley you have the best videos and I love your videos I wish you were my BFF and Nico is so cute and I want to say how do you space station and you guys are the best people so I hope I can meet you guys one day

  61. OK talk to you soon oh and I want to say hi and leave

  62. I. Love. Adlley

  63. That's not how you count

  64. I wonder what was Niko's first word

  65. My 7 year old daughter Sonya absolutely loves you guys. She's watched almost all your videos and knows all your usual video members (even the dogs) you're definitely her favorite people 💜

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  67. Where is your elf

  68. Wow

  69. Im really sick and this made me smile so much

  70. Wee

  71. Niko in 10 years. “Dad why did you call me a happy accident? What is that?” Shon is never going to live this down lol.

  72. Shonduras you really are a legend. Ive been watching since best day ever 112. You are absolutely amazing.

  73. Bob Duross

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