New music video for Majulah Singapura

New music video for Majulah Singapura

Come, fellow Singaporeans Let us progress towards happiness together May our noble aspiration bring Singapore success Come, let us unite in a new spirit Let our voices soar as one Onward Singapore Onward Singapore Come, let us unite in a new spirit Let our voices soar as one Onward Singapore Onward Singapore

100 thoughts on “New music video for Majulah Singapura

  1. no standard

  2. in line with 0.1 month… we present to you… this…

  3. Nice. Reflects the current state of Sinkapore now. Hopelessness and Despair.

  4. Knn if I play this at the cemetery confirm all the dead rise up from the ground

  5. Knn you think you rock steward ah?? Lmao. The kids in school can sing your style?? Knn brainless.

  6. Still prefer the original version

  7. 0_o

  8. Legit like funeral song

  9. This song predicts the demise of the Singaporean soul and spirit. Slowly but surely, as long as we keep going in the current trajectory.

  10. now i have a easy way of explaining "if it ain't broke, dont fix it"

  11. You should stay in the cage

  12. 不伦不类。nice as a pop song, failure as a national.anthem. there goes our national pride

  13. RIP singapore. May u rest in peace….

  14. Cannot anyhow

  15. shouldn't our national anthem be explosive with force to show the birth of our country?
    This version is like singing to the demise of our country at a funeral service
    Can we simply scrap this disgraceful version?

  16. Who died? Bang, ini bukan lagu slo-rock

  17. Who died ah?

  18. Multiracial version… love it.

    Erhu – Chinese
    Tabla – Indian
    Guitar – Eurasian
    Accordian – Malay

    Nice and Good Idea…. Majulah Singapura.

  19. Who here came to the comments to see what people reaction is?

  20. Hancur. Kau sudah merosakkan dan memalukan lagu kebangsaan singapura. Zubir said tetap zubir said. Kau tak akan boleh ubah sejarah.

  21. Too soleum like in a funeral… Aiyo

  22. Sounds like death of a nation. RIP!

  23. worse than slaughtering chickens

  24. Funeral song is it ? Wha Lao eh.

  25. More like a Funeral Song.

  26. The fcuk? It's like singing our national anthem for the last time as Singaporeans. No way am i going to sing this way.

  27. Err, do you guys not understand the sentiment of our national anthem? Late Encik Zubir wrote this in hopes to "echo the enduring hope and spirit of Singaporeans for progress", and while I love the inclusivity shown in the MV, I don't see this as anywhere more encouraging than a songka(funeral), the theatres are empty, as if foreboding something, the last of Singaporeans? Hahaha

  28. 0:12 uncle shake his head with so much feels!

  29. trust the majority of singaporeans to have a dire lack of appreciation for anything of artistic value or nature.

  30. I hate this!!! Who died ???!!!
    Wasting our $$$$ yet again !!!

  31. Sounds like a dirge. Horrible.

  32. Are we mourning for somebody or the country ? I don't feel any Majulah here.

  33. Wtf is this? Did someone just pass away? Someone important from PAP? So black and dull.. 🤦‍♂️

  34. Folks, this is just a music video for the NDP rendition.
    The actual re-recording version is here =>

  35. could this be a fake rendition, bring out the real stuff please

  36. Please remove this video

  37. after reading everything here i think we should just focus on making dislikes 3 times more than actual likes

  38. did someone die? WTF!

  39. I nvr Thumb down on any YouTube before. This is a first for me.

  40. Sounded as sad as our future

  41. Horrid!

  42. They should have at least turn the video into color by the second verse ….

  43. Please go to toilet 1st before singing. Don't constipate & sing.

  44. Are we attend funeral service National Day our national anthem have been. destroyed..

  45. It's already 2019, PAP please stop trying to curry support and buy votes with this kind of sappy "nostalgic" bullshit. As you can see, it is majorly backfiring.

  46. Nice!!! Its actually quite good. Perfect for funerals!!!

  47. This version is just depressing….

  48. Which leader died today?

  49. wow how come sounds so sad and emotional? miss the glorious rhythm from the original one. if it aint broke, dont fix it.

  50. Now I understand why the uproar.

    Straits Times, king of MISLEADING news.

  51. Found the perfect music for my funeral next time.

  52. OMG I can only tahan 30 seconds of this…

  53. This should be our national anthem

  54. Lol chill peeps this one jus mv nia la. The actual song you sing every morning is almost the same as previous. Honestly this rendition is not bad. Dont like ndp say touching touching thn now they have an mv for it say not nice -.-

  55. People that are commenting negative thoughts on this video feels that the way on how it's being delivered(Sang) is much more important than the meaning of the song . The Point of this Song is to understand the meaning of it and apply to our daliy singaporean lifes . I know all of you have your own opinion about this Video. Please keep your opinion to yourself.

  56. Oh boy! Sounded like the first day a kid learning to play the violin! Come on!!!!!

  57. Best rendition!

  58. Everyone, please don't get confused….this is not our new National Anthem. The new one is just a better version of the symphony thats all

  59. The song like saying goodbye to the pap la..

  60. It sounds terrible and funny at the same time. Disrespect to the country

  61. guys this is not the re recorded version la

  62. Singaporeans in the comments are fucking dumb. But i blame the straits times for misleading all the dumb koteks in the comments.

  63. Sounds like funeral sound with this mtv

  64. Why made it sounds so sad?

  65. This guy is turning Singapore National Anthem into a National Mourning Song.

  66. Worst Rock star Ever.

  67. nope

  68. Wow just wow

  69. wow… this version shag sial.. thanks but no thanks.. no need for our students to sing towards singapore's funeral everyday..

  70. the abc song and now this

  71. Should have play it during LKY's hearse. Suayyyyyy….choy…choy..choyyyy

  72. Should have played this when lee kuan yew died, not now. Sounds so sad when everything good is happening

  73. Why fixed when its not broken.

  74. Why :(((((

  75. I reserved my comment. Turning off the video after 30 secs.

  76. facepalm x 100000

  77. This rendition is really bad.

    Why the MV only show a bunch of people in black and white?

    Why focus on the performers instead of focusing on Singapore's identity and the different culture and ethnicity?

    Why the singer need to sing our anthem with such sorrow? We should be in a sedia position singing it loudly and proudly.

    Why the song focuses on the voice of the singer instead of the sound of our anthem?

    I can never be proud singing this rendition.

  78. Wat da fug is this sheet

  79. I like this song I actually think it's great

  80. Wtf is this shit?

  81. this is not helping ge. thank you.

  82. Terrible

  83. I like it

  84. I think increasing the playback speed to more than 1.5x makes it sound better. Lol

  85. This music video rendition of our National Anthem should be played right after 'Let's Celebrate 2020' Countdown Show Live on Channel 5 and all Mediacorp TV Stations.

  86. bfore u all want to comment ah

  87. hardstyle remix incoming

  88. I prefer the old one. This is bad.

  89. This is Matilah Singapura… not Majulah

  90. Low grade singing, immediately feeling down after 2 seconds upon first hearing (without even reading others comment)

  91. It is just a national anthem so why u gotta be so butthurt about it honestly? Just sing with pride.

  92. Whoever made this should just die

  93. Who died? I thought it's a funeral

  94. This song really needs an Ok boomer.

    Ok boomer

  95. Why are we changing the tempo to our National Anthem. It sounds simply HORRIBLE!! The countries in the world do not change the tempo to their National Anthem, why then Singapore! Whose idea was this? Sorry, but it’s not a good idea at all.

  96. damn yall some haters, its a national anthem not some song to play at the club 🥴🥴🙄

  97. Whats wrong with a new version.. there are tons of creative versions of anthems everywhere. Take it as an ode, a creative tribute and a new perspective guys.. chill

  98. This rendition of our national anthem is just horrible. Bad singing and bad instrumentation, just like "rojak". Zubir Said would have turned in his grave hearing this. Sorry, this is my honest opinion.

  99. Are we going to have another state funeral?

  100. The traditional instrument used doesnt fit the song! The government should stop forcefitting the idea of '4 races' in anything and everything. It justs reinforces that there are 4 races in Singapore and not accepting citizens as 'Singaporeans'

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