Nancy Ruth – A World of Music

Nancy Ruth –  A World of Music

♪ Breathing in Indigo ♪ – [Nancy] Hi, my name is Nancy Ruth. I’m a singer, songwriter and composer. I was born in Canada, and then followed my musical muse to Spain nearly 20 years ago. Since then I’ve had the
incredible opportunity to tour around the world playing my music. Working with great musicians and experiencing contrasting
cultures is what drives me. There’s always so much more to explore, so many ways of understanding the world, and so much more music to give life to. I hope you’ll join me.

6 thoughts on “Nancy Ruth – A World of Music

  1. Music So Special Words Do Not do it Justice! Pure Magic!

  2. I highly recommend that everyone check out Nancy Ruth's music, for a unique and exciting adventure in musical and emotional colours performed by some of the best musicians around.

  3. 'I Wish I Could' (Peabo Bryson song) buy you a string section for your next level & curious to know if you are Libra or Taurus from ianGsadler Montréal

  4. Great Video Nancy

  5. Merci Nancy, My input on your strings is that I would attempt to answer any questions you might have, but I am not a string player. I could write a string orchestration for one of your songs, but I don't do deadlines anymore hence I don't charge any fees, only accept voluntary donations afterwards if everything works successfully. On that basis, if you wish to send details on one of your songs, then I can give you my mailing address, and it would likely take me circa 6 months to return to you score/parts. Capricorn !? I am stunned & shocked ! Which day ? Bonne journée, ian

  6. Fantastic, Nancy! I loved this introduction and can see, hear and feel your zest for music. i make and share music too though I'm more of a media artist not a live performer. I'm excited that i found you and look forward to supporting you however I can. 🌻

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