MY PRETTIEST BIG BARBIE DOLL REPAINT / How To Draw Realistic Doll Face, Eyes, Lips, Teeth, Smile

MY PRETTIEST BIG BARBIE DOLL REPAINT / How To Draw Realistic Doll Face, Eyes, Lips, Teeth, Smile

Hello, everyone and welcome to my new dolly repaint video? Some weeks ago i re-painted, my first, big doll head and it was so much fun for me and for you guys too That today i have decided to continue my Experiment with, big dolls and my model of the week will be such a Barbie like doll from the brand, dream girl let’s open, the box and take a closer look at the doll I think she looks already very cute i really, like her skin color and her sweet face with such a soft Expression and because of her neck she can look kinda up and down if she looks to the right or to the left Her top is of course seriously too high the same like the top From the previous doll but i think i will be able to help Very cute pearl, necklace so but for now i’ll need to remove it and i will keep the beads safe in an empty box Then i take pure acetone and remove her face let’s hope, i will be able to make her even cuter And now i need to protect, those hair from the sealant that i will use for my repairing So when meanwhile i’ve sealed the face with, three layers of mr. Super clear sealant and now i need to sketch her eyes with My, watercolor pencils and i use my college fiber castel albrecht durer pencils You can, see that her lips are still a little bit orange it happens sometimes with Cheaper, dolls that the paint that, was used for their lips or eyebrows leave, some stains But in our case it’s not really problem it will be completely covered with. Pastels and pencils afterwards With the same, brown, pencil i draw her nostrils i know, many of you find this Step quite funny but it’s very important first of all it’s always very very dark inside of our nose and they have to show it on her face as, well and Secondly, like this i can, shape her nose you see now the sides look, quite thick and because of these the Whole nose looks more massive but If you, make the sides of your nose thinner the whole face looks immediately much more elegant if you can, say so For the eyebrows i use like always, soft pastels i’m gonna shave them with an eraser and now i take soft pastels and start contouring her face First of all i make darker the eye crease the sides of the nose The area around her mouth and then i go under her cheekbones and to the hairline And here it’s very important to blend everything very good And i also brush her, body it should match the face color of course The, makers skin tone more life, i had to convey, some indian red, and pink pastels And now i finally take, my pencils again, and start working on her eyes The, main advice here is to keep all your pencils very sharp Otherwise instead of a pretty face you will get something very messy and dirty I will show. You again just how i’m darwing one i because the second one is made exactly the same Between the layers of my repaint, i use mr. Super clear sealant to save my work After drawing the irises i start working on the white of the eyes and in my previous Videos i have already told that it’s not actually very white and to show The, eyes real, shape i’m using a lot of gray pencil, while working on the white of the doll eyes You can, see that lately i experiment a lot with different kinds of dolls and i also want to? Ask, you what kinds of doll repaints you would like to see on my channel Which dolls i should repaint or what looks and images i should give to my monster high dolls and which characters from films and movies for example i just cannot forget i Promise i will read every comment under this video and the best ideas for those customizing You, will see very soon on my channel For those eyebrows i always use a couple of different shades of brown and red pencils to create Some extra dimension Then i want to work, some more on her eye crease and to make it a little bit deeper and more realistic Her lips i first color completely with Soft pastels and later after a layer of sealant i will have details with pencils With a very very sharp, black pencil i draw a reflection of lashes in her eyes I’m using a special blending tool to blend the colors together but, regular, q-tips would work as, well? The last time i didn’t dare to draw the realty from a big barbed Face but this time i’m going to do it and first i just block the whole smiling right And then with the gray pencil i draw the tea What is the most important here? And what is the most popular mistake as, well the outline of the teeth cannot be black This is how, many people draw tea? They, make a black outline, and the teeth inside of this outline. They Keep just pure white and it looks just terrible The same like with the white of the eyes the teeth are more gray with White accents and no outline just shadows and highlights with a very sharp, black pencil i draw the bottom eyelashes Then i had some lighter here to her eyebrows And then with the same light pencil i highlight the light spots on the face and then i blend the pencil very good Then i take, white acrylic paint and add all kinds of accents and highlights to her eyes now let’s remove the protection, from her hair and then remove a thin, line of sealant, from her hair i Make, your two very elegant french braids and i think now she looks like, some princess on her wedding, day Now i want to attach the false lashes, and i’m apply gloss acrylic. Varnish to her eyes and lips And now i just need to add some details with the piece of the white lace i make a dog, for the dog They’ll, repair her beautiful pearl necklace And they complete her look with a pair of pearl earrings And finally, we can see the end result i can, tell you honestly i’m just in love with This doll she looks so elegant but at the same time she stays very sweet And i think, my experiment with things, was pretty successful what Do you, think don’t forget to let me know in a comment under this video and of course please Don’t forget to put your likes and then subscribe my channel if you, don’t want to, miss my, new Dory paints every, week friday and i will see already very, soon tomorrow in my new, video bye you

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