44 thoughts on “MY LULU COLLECTION!!

  1. Aligns haven’t been around forever , grooves and wunder unders were their first. 🇨🇦

  2. the first sports bra (coral) is the invigorate

  3. so i was watching this video and i decided to go on a search and rescue mission for my favorite lulus. i lost them for about 2 months and i was so sad when the rest of my lulus were in the wash haha. i found them during this video!!! thanks for the good luck

  4. I got a pair last week, they’re called daily lineup, but I don’t know a lot about them.. are they made for cardio?

  5. Nice collection! I wish they would bring back the flow and go tanks.

  6. I have had aligns for less than a month and they are pilling so bad. Does anyone have any tips to making them last longer than a month. I wash them by hand !!!!!!

  7. Whats the difference between Original Aligns and the 2's?

  8. I need glasses to see your squares you could not saw them on the big screen

  9. Beautiful😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  10. As soon as I graduate I’m making my way over to lulu to apply! The stores are so far away and I wouldn’t be able to make it to the store in time for a reasonable shift on weekdays haha… only 6 more months. One thing I’ve always been curious about is how INSISTENT workers are on knowing your size. I wore 6’s forever buying them online until I went in the store and everyone was very persuasive into switching me to a size 2. Talk about a jump! I settled for compromising with a 4. Is this something you guys are encouraged to do?

  11. What size do you ware in sports bra? Just bought my first LULU items and I’m hooked. 😍

  12. Yager Bomb I doubt anyone gets the reference

  13. I have have the aligns, wunder under and their newish everlux material- in movement leggings and I LOVE my new everlux ones they’re they’re kinda soft cool to touch and feel good but they also have compression like a wunder under but in a more breathable way… I juts wish the waistband was more like the align waist band cause it kinda digs into me a bit

  14. the knitted wunder unders close up kind of look like a bunch of people doing yoga 🤷🏻‍♀️ just me? ok…

  15. I LOVE Lululemon!! I’ve been getting it since elementary school!! I love you’re haul and I’m so jealous! I do have a lot but not enough😂😂 I’m going to buy their new collection stuff!

  16. Do you have a poshmark account?

  17. Omg I have a capsule wardrobe so 15 of that first legging is almost half my whole wardrobe!!

  18. When I’m over here like, I only own one pair and they were the majority of my Christmas presents this year 😂

  19. I had a black lulu jacket (similar to the one ur wearing throughout the vid) and I left it at my high school. I missed my bus to get the jacket, but before I knew it, someone had stolen it because it wasn’t in the same spot I left it. AND THEN I HAD TO WALK HOME 3 MILES BECAUSE I DIDNT HAVE A RIDE. anyways, that’s a short story for ya 😂😭

  20. ughh i wish i had this much stuff from lulu!

  21. I just did a lulu collection and was like “wow I have more than I thought” then I watched this and I was like “wow I want it ALL”

  22. Oh no. I don't see the Yogi Racerback on their website anymore!

  23. Girl we love high neck top because hello shoulders they look so much better with this cut AND for me when doing kickbacks i don’t want my boobs to show in the mirror since i am bending down 😏

  24. If someone could buy me something that’d be great😁😔

  25. these are so cute! one of the patterns you have is one i was going to buy, but they’re sold out. do you know how often lulu restocks items?

  26. i have a lulu obsession aswell, you're not alone😂

  27. what shade was the very first pair of leggings u tried on?

  28. I can’t even bye one pair of these leggings because “their to expensive” my mom says

  29. she’s basically bragging this is awful

  30. gets fabletics ad

  31. how much do u get paid and how much do u get discounted? not trying to be rude at all

  32. Where is your purple jacket you were wearing in the video from?

  33. i earn nome-

  34. Hey I have a question! One of the four thin straps in the back of my free to be wild sports bra broke I was wonder would they do a free exchange

  35. omg im pretty sure this together is more than $3000!!

  36. just straight up goals omggg this is what i want when i’m older

  37. Just curious.. What discounts do you get by working there?! Love this video!❤️

  38. your collection is goals!!
    also whats your mercari??

  39. Love this vid!! Instead of selling these clothes you should do giveaways to your subscribers because I’m sure lots of us would love to have it!!💓💓

  40. I am 11 and I have like how much you have

  41. I only have 4 leggings, a shirt, joggers, and shorts like can I have some

  42. Hi Kelly, Thanks for the video. Just curious if you have ever considered giving some of your lulu collection away to some of your subscribers, or to those less fortunate than yourself?

  43. How tall are you and what length do you get your all the right places legging??

  44. This ran past the idea of obsession and zoomed straight to “the lululemon lifestyle” like this is more than love

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