My Anime Loving Art Teacher

My Anime Loving Art Teacher

you know what's really common when art teachers in either junior high or high school for whatever reason have this absolute burning hate for anime style art I have met so many art teachers throughout my teenage years that would always go really snobby like it's not even real art err old Thanks thank you for that and whenever I heard this as a young and developing kid who was interested in art whose primary inspiration was anime that was just discouraging why would you be in our teacher if you're going to do that I know right as a medium of entertainment anime has always been one of my Holy Grails it can be either funny or inspiring heartfelt or relatable but regardless at its core it's just downright entertaining and in a lot of cases has even helped me connect with others and make a lot of new friends so you already know I gotta represent my boy anime I couldn't just let some random art teacher talk that smack about my favorite thing now unfortunately I couldn't just talk back to these teachers the way that I wanted to because that would probably get me multiple detentions please stop but luckily in my senior year of high school this continuous streak of close minded teachers finally came to an end I got two new art teachers one who encouraged me to draw anime while also developing my technical skills and the other was just a straight-up weed which was fantastic now they both had really similar hard to pronounce European last names that start with D so my classmates and I called them because of their height difference Big D and little D probably two of the most ridiculous names I've ever had for teachers in high school on an everyday basis you would probably hear something like this um yo a little D is it cool if I paint with acrylics today dude yeah sick however before I actually got to know my cool new teachers on a personal level at first I was very skeptical so one day I was working on a drawing in class and it was of my boy truffle girl ah from one piece and little D is walking around the classroom and I noticed she then makes eye contact with my drawing and I was like oh boy here we go she's gonna walk over here and look at my drawing to be like anime isn't real art girl uni make real art but no surprisingly that didn't happen she walks over to my desk and goes hey that's really good and really familiar actually it sort of looks like it's from one piece wait you're you're cool with this yeah art teacher that recognizes anime that likes and respects anime and most surprisingly she's not totally on my genuine interest in wants to encourage me as a young artist amazing my perspective was totally flipped but then I thought at that point oh wait maybe she just has a younger brother or something that's into anime she just knows about it it's no big deal but luckily I was wrong again it turns out that little D was a huge fan of anime in comics so every day I'd walk into class with the new anime drawing and every time little D would be like on manga I want peace oh my god I love one piece I didn't watch up to this part yet but you know what this guy looks sick oh my god I love Naruto oh my god okay okay Sasuke you know kind of cool kind of looks like a giant bit attack on Titan right yeah have you watched it all right dude you read that scene their life ends in the air and stuff and doing flips and cutting up times really fast Merle Irons yelling because was being Halle by showing there his epping me scene I was like little D was such an encouraging person and those moments to me as a young artist were so important it just made me excited to keep on creating new art not to mention I got free candy and we get to skip class because I was cool with my teacher I mean who said that overall little D was definitely an mvp-type woman in the encouragement Department every day you would see her going around the classroom talking to the other students in a hyperactive supportive fashion dude are you painting today painting is sick what watercolor yeah more like no little D no water no painting today when I meant supportive I meant corny jokes too but same thing right what are you painting I'm so funny and she would also do this thing where whenever she saw a student drawing anything anime or comic related she would go over to the desk and be like hey nice drawing nerd the joke being of course that she also too was a huge nerd anyways another day we were playing music on the speakers in class like usual regular popular radio stuff pretty cool then little D gets this look in her eyes and she says uh y'all mind if I play something a little different and I was very curious maybe a little concern to you as to what her definition of what a little different was so of course she then looks at me from her desk and a few seconds of silence and then so for all my non anime Watchers she would basically played the opening theme songs for animes on the speakers which I thought was hilarious she also occasionally played nightcore which is basically just taking a song and making it like twice as fast so that the singer sounds like a high-pitched anime girl and people think it sounds good don't worry I I don't I don't get it either sounds like this guy's guess what I'm about to play oh my god please no not again up until that day never thought I'd get to listen to anime openings during class out in the open and at school whenever someone asked me about my interest I'd always say I like I like TV shows yeah TV shows in order to disguise my weeaboo life struggle but that topic will be reserved for its own entirely different video so yeah the attack on time music was playing and this is also funny because all the people in class who didn't watch anime were like good God little deal was 10 out of 10 cool we would talk about anime and comics sometimes we would share music videos and stupid pictures with each other I shared more music she would show me Shia LaBeouf memes because it's 2015 and one of the coolest things that she enjoyed talking about the anime and comic convention she would always attend she would show me a bunch of different pictures and I would just sit there stunned dude do you want to see my Captain America shield dude do you want to see the whip that I made for my Catwoman cosplay umm the latex is really tight but you want to see the whip dude you want to see me my friend's dress up as the Avengers oh my god my friend looks so good as water oh man she's so tall oh my god teachers can be cool at one point she even gifted me a few posters and an art book when she was at another comic convention in another city and that was so unexpected little D in my head was already of legendary status but after that she basically became a trip triple cool double double legendary basically I only have good things to say about little D wrapping things up here semi moral the story you make or appreciate whatever art makes you happy don't let anyone tell you that a certain style or genre is of less value than another if it makes you happy then that is all that really matters and if they disrespect anime that's when you pull out your katana and you in another video I'll talk about my other art teacher Big D who was equally cool and terrifying in her own ways but until then thank you so much for watching and I hope you see you in the next video I am cheering you on and whatever you're doing at this point in life and yeah

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  1. For the past 6 months I haven't been able to work on EroldStory full time, which resulted in very infrequent uploads.
    But from this point forward I'll be working on EroldStory FULL TIME!
    Please look forward to more consistent uplodads in the future.

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  4. Bro i wish my teachers played NARUTO OPENINGS AND SASEGEYO

  5. So you’re telling me people take the SAO crossing fields intro and make it even higher pitched?

  6. If I was an art teacher when you were in school at that time, we would've been best friends

  7. I respect Little D.

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  13. Lil D isn't a weeb, but an otaku. You're welcome.

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    Ernold: OhMagOD!!!

  19. It's not. . . a real. . . art?

    Me: . . . . hehehehehehehahaha HAHAHA HAHAHA! HA HAH HA HA! AHAHAHA

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  21. Anime sucks :V

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  24. And if they disrespect ANIME that's when you get your blades and go SASAGEYO

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    What all the girls are like when they find out you're gay


  27. This is soooo me…my art teacher hates anime and I always talk about my hero academia and my other anime shows and she freaks out even if I draw anime she gets mad one time she threw it away….I miss that drawing 😭

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  30. That moment when a person calls you a weeb for watching anime and you reversed psychology the shit out of them so what I mean is that the word anime is the Japanese word for Animation so in that case it means by watching animation channels the viewers are weebs.

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