Musical Instruments on the Violin

Musical Instruments on the Violin

Hey guys! Today we are going to play another game of Violin Charades! You know how it goes. It’s a game of charades where you can’t talk, no body language, only violin playing to convey the message. Now, today’s topic is “Musical Instruments.” Scissors, paper, rock! I want to… Play first. Alright. First one is… Oh, LOL! Are you serious? Violin? Yeah. What the hell? Good way to start! What was that? So dumb… Alright, second one. Cello! Nice. Cello! Ohh, okay, here we go. The gong? Yeah! Yeah yeah yeah! Yes! Okay. Mahler… What instrument plays that part? Oboe! No? *tries to play jazz* French horn? Double bass. – Yeah.
– Double bass, of course. – Of course. So dumb. Oh my god.
– Start pizzing jazz. Oh oh! Ba- Oh oh! Clarinet! Bass clarinet! Yeah. Nice. Uh, trombone. Trumpet. Trump- uh, French horn? Oh no, wait… *plays in lower key* A higher version of… And jazz? Saxophone, oh… Bassoon! Oh piccolo! Violin! Clarinet! Bass clarinet? Baritone! Oh tuba! Bro, bass trombone. Ohhhh… I gave up on that one. Brett: Argh… I forgot they existed. Ooooh! Alright, um, um… What’s that piece again? Oh no!! Are you serious? Yeah, okay. Alright. Piccolo. Yup. Ding! One. Next one. Viola. Is it the viola? That would be funny. Tuba. Yep. Okay, hahahaha. *mumbles* Next one. Oh, what the hell? Okay. French horn? Trumpet? Trombone! Yeah! Eddy: So dumb… This is not shuffled! Freaking hell! Alright, here we go. Oh oh oh! What is that- Marimba? Xylophone? Oh, castanets! Oh oh oh! – Voice, voice, singing!
– Yes. Yep. Recorder? Céline Dion. Sing… Titanic? Oboe? Flute? Yes! There you go. Next one. Killing it! Eddy: Killing it! Bro! Isn’t that Ravel Tzigane? Harp? Yep! Ohhh!! Ah, yeah yeah. Violin? Baroque? Organ? Harpsichord. Yeah. Hahahahaha… Timpani? Viola. Oh! Nah. Wait wait wait! Saxophone! Nah. Oh! Vibraphone! Brett: No! Triangle! Bass drum! Yes! Oh! *laughs* That’s it. Alright guys, thanks for watching. Hit like, subscribe. Wait what? – Bonus challenge, what?
– Oh my god. Oh my god. Didn’t see that one coming. Yeah. Ah. Yeah, so original! What a plot twist. You didn’t expect that at all! Viola? *plays out-of-tune My Hearts Will Go On* Oh, recorder! Yeah. *Ravel – Bolero* Ah, timpani. Ah! Bass drum. The drums. Oh oh! Violas? Bro! Xylophone. Harps- uh… Glockenspiel. Oh, what is that instrument? Strings. You don’t know what it’s called, hey? Xylophone, glockenspiel, nah. Snare drum. Oh. Piano! Yeah. Oh, what- No no no. *plays Careless Whisper* Saxophone! Yeah yeah yeah. Yes, yeah! That’s better. Oh, what the hell? Viola! Wind machine! Bassoon? Bass- oh! whatever – Contrabassoon.
– Contrabassoon, yeah yeah. I’ll count that, I’ll count that. I don’t care. Yeah. Triangle. Yeah, nice! Oh what- Opera. Singer. Ringtone, Nokia! What? Chinese. Can you guess that base on that? Just… Viola! Nah. It was a… Vibra-phone. – Viola!
– Yeah. Hahahahaha! *Ed Sheeran – Shape of You* Vibraphone? Xylophone? Fidget spinner? What is fidget spinner? Do you guys know? Do you guys know? Cuz I don’t know. I lost the tune in my head. There’s a tune. Castanets. Oh! Xylophone. Marimba. Yes, marimba! Oh… oh my god… I was supposed to play the iPhone tune, but I forgot it. Oh… what the hell? *plays My Heart Will Go on* Chinese flute? Chinese recorder? Asian Titanic? Yeah, Chinese flute. What is it? Bamboo flute! Pan flute? *Lalo – Symphonie espagnole* Spanish… flute. Spanish recorder. Spanish… Chinese… The silk road. Genghis Khan? – Conquering the world.
– Nah, I’m skipping that one. What was it? The lute. WHAT??? Evidently not. Isn’t it Chinese? NO!! Ohh… sh- Guys, thank you so much for the support and watch. Please… Please uh… Subscribe.

100 thoughts on “Musical Instruments on the Violin

  1. Why do you keep guessing stuff that isn’t instruments? This is hilarious

  2. Viola is the best instrument! More respect for my instrument, please!!!! Kkkk

  3. 3:21
    *triggered bass trombone noises*

  4. v i o l i n



  5. why are they on the wrong sides? brett is usually on the right and eddy is on the left.

  6. My Harp Edward is very pleased

  7. Bruh the viola jokes… I wish I had chosen any other instrument to be free from this torment.

  8. 8:11 my favorite

  9. Eddy plays really high note
    Brett: BaSsOoN!!
    Me a bassoonist: Good God I thought the stratosphere was hard.

  10. I play the viola…

  11. As someone who plays Bass Clarinet I greatly appreciate 2:06

  12. violas: exist

    TwoSetViolin: is this garbage?


  14. I’m a bass trombonist…

  15. Did anybody realise that the contrabassoon was upside down😨
    As a contrabassoonist I was shocked when I saw it😂

  16. No Patrick Celine Dion isn't an instrument.

    A fidget spinner isn't an instrument either

  17. The contrabassoon was upside down

  18. Why are you hating on violas ;-;

  19. stop with the viola jokes

  20. For the guitar one, why didn’t you just hold the violin like a guitar and pluck it.

  21. they forgot the viol, violone, cello da spalla, viola da gamba, and the viola d'amore ;3

  22. Brett and Eddy: does originally planned challenge too fast under camera recording pressure
    Timer behind the camera that hasn't hit 10 minutes yet: "Do a bonus challenge or don't get paid by ads"

  23. 6:35

    brett: tries to make a bass drum sound

    eddy: saxophone!

    me: a saxophonist eXCUSE ME?!?!!

  24. 8:20

    eddy: shows saxophone

    me: proud


    eddy: plays careless whisper

    me: triggered in classical saxophone

  25. Lol bass bassoon

  26. Does anyone still remember Brett' son Kachikawawa

  27. The silk road is my favorite instrument

  28. How did genghis khan idk how to spell getbinto this lmao

  29. “Bro do u know what the lute is? Evidently not”

  30. Viola

  31. 9:56
    Me, a viola player, I-

  32. You should give credit to the kid who did this originally.

  33. Guitar: Nokia ringtone.

  34. Sorry but isn't rhapsody in blue played on a soprano clarinet? Isn't it like impossible to play it on a bass bc of the keys? Am I bass and sop clarinet player? Yes

  35. 2:58 server windows error

  36. TwoSet: Picks bass
    (I play bass)
    Two set: picks violin
    Me:oh no

  37. Spat my orangejuice at 5:41 🤣

  38. Oh yes, my favorite ad to see before a TwoSet video: SimplyPiano

  39. Eddy: *makes terrible sound
    Brett: Viola!
    Me: *Practicing viola
    Me also: The life of a viola player.

  40. Why does the video end right at my instrument?!? I wanna hear what their version of an oboe is

  41. 9:20Ringtone, Nokia!

    I have been searching for years, searching up words like Chinese recorder China flute meme pls help

  43. For the guitar, you could have just played Remember Me from Coco.

  44. I waited the whole video for the oboe, and in the last second it decided to show up!

  45. I waited the whole video for the oboe, and in the last second it decided to show up!

  46. Celine Dion is an instrument now

  47. 4:34 dear French people, c'est notre chanson

  48. Intonation.


  50. I live how Brett guessed baritone for bass trombone…. He noticed my instrument. That's rare.

  51. I was waiting for oboe! Whyyyyy

  52. When i see concet and marching band instruments: HELL YEAH MY BAND FAMILY <3

  53. Why you bully me. I play Viola…

  54. What's the piece in 3:26?

  55. You forgot Bass Trombone existed?! It's only the best fucking instrument ever built and a mainstay of Wind Band, Orchestra, Jazz, and Brass Band. C'mon!!

  56. Yes, the best instrument. The fidget spinner

  57. 11:12 Eddy: Spanish- Chinese- THE SILK ROAD. GENGHIS KHAN.

    Me: Ah yes, my favorite instrument GeNghis KhAn

  58. No love for the French Horn 😔

  59. STOP!!!!!

    With the viola memes

  60. Just do a video where you try to play a glass harmonica lol basically a lazy viola

  61. Why do you hate violas?

  62. eddy: does spicatto with the stick of the bow
    brett: vIOLA?

  63. Come on… Those who say Viola is terrible are absolutely ignorant and fools. I think there is no difference between viola and violin other than sound and size. On the contrary, it is absolutely ignorant or stupid.

  64. Nooooooo!!!!! OBOE!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Dislike if you play oboe

  65. 9:28 Hmm… Yes, Chinese is 100% an instrument.

  66. what is the song for the saxophone one called

  67. Brett: doesn't know what a lute is
    Me: cries in medieval

  68. This is really true to life
    Oboe always gets cut off

  69. kinda funny that for the lute they didnt even put a lute as the picture

  70. The s i l k r o a d

  71. I’m kinda bitter there was no timpani resignation

  72. Bassoonists died with bAsS bAsSoOn lmaoo

  73. Eddy: Fidget spinner
    Bret: What is fidget spinner

  74. As a piccolo player that’s completely accurate

  75. K but where's mayonnaise

  76. 3:28?

  77. Anything that they play horribly is a VIOLA HAHAHAHA 😂
    I can relate.

  78. Brett forgot I existed 🙁

  79. I love the editor 😭

  80. Where my viola players at?

  81. I Have Trouble Making My Violin Sound Like A Violin

  82. Ah yes my favorite instrument definitely has to be C h i n e s e

  83. whacks volin

  84. That laugh though ahaha 6:06

  85. As a bass trombonist Im offended

  86. Me when Brett keeps making all the viola jokes I'm holding my viola and said, they wont hurt you no more covering there tuning pegs.

  87. For guitar he could’ve just plucked the strings

  88. Ah yes… the FIDGET SPINNER

  89. eddy: plucks at 3:15
    me a bass trombone player: how do you pluck a slide instrument pffft-
    literally falls on my face and dies laughing

  90. Bro how did you not get the snare drum 😂

  91. fidget spinner??? ahahahaha

  92. For guitar should have played concieto de aranjuez melody lol

  93. hears something slightly ear piercing

    Brett and Eddy: VIOLA

  94. Where all my Violas at?😂😂😂😂

  95. as an oboe player i am very offended

  96. did he play anastasia for guitar or am i losing my mind?

  97. 11:38
    That facepalm was so greatly timed with the music.

  98. There is no balalaika. KGB on their way Blyat oink oink you capitalist pig

  99. 9:02
    bass bassoon

  100. How come I have never heard of some these instruments? Does anyone here play a fidget spinner, or a Nokia? If so, please tell me if you think I should learn it

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