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Hii….. Hey Motu, my brother, what is all this? Big brother, this is meals on wheels! Means a moving food stall, wherever you ask, whatever you ask, we will serve you hot and fresh. Oh lord, quickly give us something to eat and please don’t ask for any money. Ok right away, how can we ask money from friends? Hey, Patlu, what happened? I don’t know why the gas is not getting ignited; I think the lighter is not working. Hey what have you done? We had asked for some food instead you burnt our facess. Hey, why did you do this Motu…hey Big brother, we are not in the mood of getting beatenup, we are going, and you people take care of yourselves I dont whose face did i see in the morning after waking up.. I am sure you saw your face.. and because of you my day was like hell.. Hey, don’t you know how to ride a cycle properly? Big brother, it is you who is driving the car in full speed and putting the blame on us. Hey, don’t you teach me. I am the headmaster of the school where you are studying. And listen, you have a lot of food items for eating, give me something to eat quickly, I am very hungry. Ok, what do you want to eat? Do one thing; prepare Aloo Parathas quickly. Ok, Right now. Hey good, this means the parathas are so good that you are dancing with joy, take some more, right now. Patlu, I think the boxer did not like the taste of the aloo parathas. Yes, I think there was more chilli powder in the parathas. Boxer brother, we will prepare something else for you to eat. Ok, prepare sarson ka saag (Indian vegetable curry) and corn bread. Ok, right now. What happened, boxer brother? What happened! Do you know how to make food or not? Don’t worry boxer brother; we will prepare something else for you to eat. Ok, prepare some Chole-Bhatoore (pulses and Indian deep fried bread) for me to eat. What happened now, big brother? Didn’t you understand from the punch or shall I explain you one more time. No, no, no leave it, wise men can understand easily from the gestures. Then make something else for me. When we are going to be beaten up again, then let’s get beaten up without preparing or serving food. Oh god Motu, what is this? Chingam sir, this is meals on wheels wherever you ask, whatever you ask, we will serve you hot and fresh. Very good Motu Patlu very good, your new business is very good, give me some Dosa to eat. Which one, paper dosa, rava dosa, masala dosa, paneer dosa, veg dosa, maysoori dosa.. Stop, stop, in the name of law, stop, Patlu stop, I am very happy to know that you can prepare so many types of dosas, now you prepare one paper dosa for me. Oh god what happened, the dosa has flown away. Hey Sir, paper dosa is very light in weight; it will fly away in the wind. Hera singh you drive the motorcycle, I will catch the Dosa..hey dosa.. The name is Chingam, it is impossible to get away from Chingam’s web, means impossible, Stop, in the name of law, swear you on your motherland, swear you on your country. Chingam sir reach out a little more, this is a question of the honour of your law. Shall I give you some sauce, shall I, take this. Good, Chingam Sir, good, you have a done fantastic job, say what else will you eat? I will prepare some Idlis for you. Oh god, I don’t want to eat your Idlis, just now I ate your paper Dosa and became like a paper, if I eat the idlis, don’t know what I will become? Hera singh drive the motor cycle and run from here. What new drama is Motu carrying along with him? Brother, this is their new business, Meals on Wheels. Very good, then I too should taste some of it. Motu Patlu, Give me some tasty food of my choice. No, we will not serve you. Why not? I am a customer, you have to serve. Ok, John the don, say, what do you want to eat? I want to eat Crabs. We don’t have Crabs, take something else. How can I eat anything else, I want to eat Crabs only. But we do not have Crabs, then how can we serve you Crabs? You do not have or you don’t know how to prepare Crabs? Hey, we do know how to prepare everything, all the recipes of the world Ok, then I will bring the Crabs right now. Boss, boss, what have you brought, these are karate Crabs. Hey you stale pickle, fool, and good for nothing, flowers without any smell, dust from the road, bittergourd climbed on a neem tree, These are infact karate crabs and they will teach Motu-patlu how to prepare food, understood? Now see Motu-Patlu’s acts. Hey, hey what is this, why are you clinging onto my nose? Motu are you not ashamed? Instead of helping me with work, you are dancing. I am not dancing, one crab has gone inside Then do something, Motu. My brain does not work on an empty stomach, you only do something. Idea Now it is my turn. I am sending your leader with you, take good care of him, and don’t give him any opportunity to shout at you. Hey number 1, number 2, save meeeee……. Boss how many times have I told you, do whatever you want but don’t mess with Motu-Patlu.

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