Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon |The danger man | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon |The danger man | Wow Kidz

Patlu, in life if there are samosas and a good friend like you than what more do I want? Motu, don’t be so much happy this can also be the last samosa of your life. Because the danger man is lurking in Furfuri town. I have heard he hits with a cricket ball and turns people into animals. Motu, there is nothing like that, all of this is a story. Patlu I am telling the truth and since morning I have been getting calls from people. And they say that they have seen a man hitting cricket ball and turning people into animals. Tea vendor brother quickly serve us some samosas and I will pay for it. You will not get any samosas brother, danger man has come to town. Whoever he hits with a ball that person turns into an animal. I am also closing the shop and going home, you also get out from here. What nonsense are you talking tea vendor brother? Is this danger man so strong that he will dare to fight against me? I am danger man,I had told everyone not to come out then too you people came out. Now stand where you are and do not move. Hey! What is this drama? Can anyone not eat samosas in the tea shop? Now see the result of not listening to my talks. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, quickly turn into a doggy my friend. Boss! What has happened to you? Danger man please make my boss normal again. No one will turn normal, all of you will turn into animals one after another. Now let’s see whose number is next? Now Motu Patlu and all other people now believe that the danger man can turn anyone into an animal. It will be fun now, nobody will come out due to this. And I will rob everyone and all the places. John will be Don, now give me the dress, I will wear the dress and bring my high heel shoes. Now nobody will come before me, let’s go, it’s time to rob Furfuri town. Citizens of Furfuri town do not come out of the houses at night, there is a lot of danger of the danger man. Chingam sir, Motu Patlu please turn our boss normal again. And , catch that danger man and put him into prison. What will we do without our boss? No one can turn the animal into normal again. I will turn this city into zoo, all of you stand in one line, I will hit everyone one after the other. Motu my friend, my brother how is this possible? This surely is someone’s trick, nobody can turn anyone into an animal just by hitting him with a cricket ball. Dr. Jhatka, I also am sure that someone is making a fool out of us and looting all the places at night. But the robber John had turned into a doggy in front of us. Who shall we blame? My brain does not work on a empty stomach, you only think of something. Idea! We will have to catch the danger man before he hits the ball and will have to find out who he is? Attention! Stay where you are, I will take the shot from here, let’s see who gets hit first, don’t move. Oh my lord! To move is not recommended, if I move than I will turn into an animal. And if I don’t move than too I will turn into an animal, I am running from here mummy, help. Run! I very well like to hit a running target. May all medicines goes in your mouth, he turned Ghasitaram into a goat. Hey Ghasitey stop my brother, my friend. Where are you running away? I still have to hit many shots, let’s see who gets hit? Hey I don’t know where my Ghasitaram has run away, where shall I search for him? I think all this drama that is happening is being done by John only. He has not turned into any doggy, he is just making this as news, so people will not come out of their houses. What are you saying Patlu brother? I myself saw him coming out as a doggy from behind the tree. That is it, the doggy came out from behind the tree. In the same way as the goat came out from behind the house. Neither did John turn into a doggy in front of us nor did Ghasitaram turn into a goat in front of our eyes. Something is fishy, we will have to make a proper plan. Idea! It’s time for us to become donkeys. Hey Motu-Patlu take this dress of donkey, both of you wear these dresses. And kick the danger man and teach him a lesson. Danger man help, we got hit from your ball and turned into donkeys please help. Help danger man, please turn us into normal persons. Who are you both? I don’t know you. Ok! Wait we will tell you, who we are? You only have turned us into donkeys by your shots and turned our friend Ghasitaram into a goat. Now we will not leave you. I have not turned you into donkeys, doggy and goat, please forgive me. Donkeys do not bite, they just kick, what type of donkeys are you? Don’t bite me please. Leave me please donkey sir sorry I have not turned you into donkeys. There is something fishy, might be a real danger man must have come, I am John the Don. You are telling lies, John has also turned into a doggy and he might be roaming around somewhere here. Look here I am not a doggy, I am John and Ghasitaram is in our custody. He has not turned into a goat, number one release Ghasitaram. We are also not donkeys but Motu and Patlu. Chingam sir help! I am going to the police station, we will meet there, come quickly, please arrest me.

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